Insta-Friday {3}

I hope you had a wonderful week! Here’s a snidbit bit of a week with the Davis fam!

We cheered for the Broncos. My grandma yelled her little heart out, “Throw the ball, Timmy, throw the ball!” (She has a little Timmy Tebow crush. The photo above is of her fridge and there among our family photos is Tim Tebow. Love you, Grandma!) Sad, sad game. I watched only a few games this season and every time I did they lost. It’s not you Denver Broncos, it’s me. ;)

Sunday I was “sicker than a dog”. I stayed home with my little guys because we all had head colds, but by the afternoon I was throwing up (eh, and other tummy troubles…), achy, chills, etc. It lasted less than 24hrs and I was the only one sick with it…whatever “it” was. Above right photo; Chasey-boy and I had a little picnic before I felt horrible.

Left: I accidentally dropped this while moving things around and could not believe it. I couldn’t stop laughing and was especially glad Ted witnessed it. For some reason that made it so much funnier. (what you don’t see here is that I’ve dropped this before, a few years ago, and the guys leg fell off :)) Right: I added the “you + me” above our bed.

It snowed for like one whole day. Then we were back up to the 50s/60s the next. Good ol’ bipolar Colorado. I really do love it though! The warm temps that is. I really, really don’t like winter! (btw- I spy with my little eye…..)

I’ve really tried this year to get my butt in gear with a lot of things that have often or always been on my hopes/goals lists. I may be a little too ambitious with it all but we’ll see. I’m not sharing all my hopes for 2012 aloud (on here and only with Ted and one friend), I decided this year I’d share after they are accomplished (or for some, as I’m accomplishing them) because of this TED talk that my Ted showed me. It inspired me to get moving first, then share (or not). It talks about how we tend to feel a sense of accomplishment/satisfaction in sharing alone. It rang so true to me (not for everyone) that I decided to see what happens if I just do first, then share… and wow.I am hoping to share more and more as the months go by.

This month one of my feats is finally, FINALLY figuring out what works for me and my little family in regards to budget friendly meal planning (2 weeks out), couponing, smart shopping, etc. I feel burdens literally lifting from my shoulders doing this. This week I decided to snap pictures of a bit of my process and share. Yay! Please know, I’m not braggin’ here. Seriously, I’m not claiming super woman here. Seriously, it’s taken me 5 years of being a wife and 3 years of being a momma to figure out what works for us, HA!

Left: I was kind of stunned to see this number pop up after my last post. 646. Just wow. I love it! Since I was a teenage girl, I’ve been journaling and blogging my heart away (on Xanga back in the day. Anybody remember Xanga? Does it still exist?) Right: I’ve begun to blog a bit more as you can see. Like I said in the past few posts, I miss it. Let me just say without saying everything, there is a lot more coming this year. I’m sad to say I’ve said I’d write many blogs regarding this or that and then I never did (um. exactly the point of the TED talk…) I had every intention (intention smention :) without being intentional and actually {doing} them. Enough said…

Got my hair did. By THE cutest stylist ever. heart-throb. ;)

Spent a late night up with this little cutie. Besides the one late night, he’s a phenomenal sleeper. He’s ten times better than my 2.5yo. I was a little nervous at first but now… AMAZING.

Left: We had two dear friends come up to visit us. Upper photos: My friend showing Chase her salsa dance moves and holding baby Shai. Bottom left; Chase and my friend skating in the house in vintage fisher price skates I pulled out of someone’s trash (and cleaned, don’t you worry ;)) Right: We made delicious and healthy homemade pizzas on whole wheat tortillas. Seriously, so good and SO many possibilities.

I had an amazing night of worship, writing and a little bit of my heart healing this week. Ted was out-of-town for the night, it was just me and the boys. We spent the night over at my grandparents and I stumbled across this music that brought me to my knees, in tears.  After everyone went to bed, I laid awake humming it softly and crying. It moved me  so deeply. I felt things that I hadn’t in too long. BAH, I want to blog this very thing right now….

back to insta friday…

Left: Shai’s first time sucking his thumb to sleep! Right: Shailo “chatting” with his great-GREAT-grandmother. My GG. It’s her 88th birthday today. (Speaking of my GG… my grandparents and GG were in a car accident this afternoon. They are all okay, just shaken up. Would you pray for healing to their achy bodies?)

My friday mornings are painful and I’ve found that my afternoons need to be light and freeing. Something therapeutic… so my Friday’s are for sewing. Today I sewed this little baggie with fabric I had just lying around. It’s the catch-all for my purse. I already LOVE it :)

And finally,

{oh my heart}

tattoo artist: daddy (with PERMANENT marker… yes indeed :))

You can find me on instagram: @colourherhope

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