Now on…

Hi friends,

Don’t worry, this is a much (much, much, MUCH) lighter post than the last one!

I wanted to let you all know that I have opened up a facebook page for my blog;

‘Like’ me on facebook here if ya want :) or just click the facebook link over ——–>there.

And one for my Etsy store also called ‘Colour Her {Hope}’;

Click here to see visit my Etsy store

One of my dearest friends has a pretty rad husband who designed my Etsy store banner for me!! You should check out his designs here or click the little button Stack Imaging ——> over there.

My store officially opens up on March 16, 2011! Stay tuned. More about the store, my main hope/reason behind the store and the meaning of the name, soon! I am SO excited to share everything with you!!

I also joined Bloglovin’ today. If you read more then a few blogs, then I definitely recommend this site! (Ted lovingly informed me that this is “so 5 years ago” because of rss feeds ;) haha, well BLOGLOVIN’ is a new treasure to me.) Check it out and follow me here if you want!

{love}, Jami

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