Eisley Antalya · Life

for her.


for eisley.

the visual ways to keep her memory alive really help me right now. Not that we could forget her, we never will, I hope I am making sense. These reminders of her life are so precious and sweet to me.

she is and forevermore will be apart of our family.

she is a treasure we will never ever forget.

missing you baby girl.

x0, momma


11 thoughts on “for her.

  1. so perfect…. and it makes the whole wreath look complete… it was meant to be there… as was she in your family.

  2. So so beautifu! I gasped. You should seriously try to sell wreaths like this on etsy… wow! I really want one. If that’s okay with you. How much would you charge?

  3. my baby bean! i love those little reminders because they make my heart overflow once again with the deep love i have for her. man, she better get ready because i’m going to sqeeze her so tight.

  4. I just have to tell you that I love love this post and idea! I have also lost a baby and I love this idea. little ways for you to remember them….even if others don’t know the reasoning behind it…you do and it means something special! Sooo cute….I may have to copy…but I lost a boy so my flower will be blue. :) I wish you peace and comfort in your life!

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