A Christmas Photoshoot.

Hey friends, I hope your Christmas was truly blessed in whatever way you most hoped it would be. I know this is {super} late but here is our family’s greeting to you this holiday season.

I wasn’t up to doing family Christmas photos this year. I think it makes sense why, but that’s not really why I’m blogging. Well we ended up having a spur-of-the-moment photoshoot today which turned out pretty cute. My “baby” brother (15 years old) took most of the photos. Enjoy a few photos from the today.

Little Christmas Stud.

My boys; a combination of many things, mostly that which is both cute and crazy.

Love him so.

This was seriously our best family photo and honestly, it fits our family {perfectly}. At first I was bummed but its so fitting! We’re pretty different ;)

Handsome boy. Sportin’ a thrifted outfit.

Trying to calm the craziness :)


Rosy red from being outside :)

At some point, when we feel ready and up to it, we’re planning on doing a family photo shoot for Eisley. Hopefully by this spring we will have done one. It’s been on my mind and my heart for the last few months but I want it to be perfect, if that makes sense.

But for now, here is a photo we took and thought of our Eisley girl as we did.

Our family’s feet. <3

Okay, well, Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

{love} Jami

3 thoughts on “A Christmas Photoshoot.

  1. Nutty mom says:

    Have you read the book “Heaven is for real” by Todd Burpo? My mom gave it to me today to borrow, and I read the whole thing I just couldn’t put it down. We lost 2 babies fairly early in pregnancy (12 weeks, and 10 weeks), and this book was the most comforting thing I’ve read.


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