Let Me Tell You About Eisley.

(We asked our friend Nathan to write a short story about our Eisley-girl that could be read at her memorial. He wrote this beautiful piece.)

Let me tell you about Eisley . 

            We all waited for her with baited breaths, waiting for the day when we heard the news that all was well, waiting for the day when we could see Jami’s beauty and Ted’s passion in her eyes.  To have her little finger wrap around ours, to hear her laugh at the stupid faces we all make at babies…

Let me tell you about Eisley.

Everyone has a story, no matter how short or long their life, there is always a story, We know from Jeremiah that God knew her before she was formed he knew her story. . In every story there is beauty and every story is a part of an even greater tale. Often stories are filled with questions, some times the questions seem too great and distract us from the story, but we must remember the story, we must find the beauty in it.  Eisley has a story.

There is so much that we do not know about who she is, what she would have been as she grew, who she would have become, but there are things we do know, we know she was a fighter and she was stubborn we know that she was strong, we know the dreams her parents had for her, dreams that she would filled with life, to face the world head on vivaciously, we know the love that was and is had for her from a vast community.

 We mourn the loss of her life, here in our story, but envy the world of perfect, brilliant, beauty that she is now absorbed in.  We miss her dearly, the expectation of seeing her learn to laugh and dance, sing and run, to manipulate her daddy, like we all know she would have, we miss seeing the adoration that would have been in her eyes for her big brother, and in a few years the contempt of his playful picking. We miss the art that would have been created with Jami as they grew as mother and daughter.  We miss that deep-seated hope that everything will be ok. But friends, let me tell you… God is no less holding Eisley and us in his arms now, weeping with us as we mourn and celebrate, as he was every moment for these past months as we worried for her and Jami. I am filled with joy and longing as I picture Eisley walking side by side with our creator, her tiny hand cradled in his, the hand that formed her and all the universe, telling her stories of those who love her,  how proud he is of her parents, and brother, telling her the stories of those one day coming to join her. Telling her how much we and he love her.

Let Me Tell You About Eisley written by Nathan Rowlan

6 thoughts on “Let Me Tell You About Eisley.

  1. Lana says:

    wow, that is beautiful! resonates as perfectly true in my heart, she’s in a beautiful place but I know she’s learning about her family even still and excitedly awaiting your meeting…


  2. rose says:

    Your friend is a wonderful writer. Eisley’s story is beautiful. I am keeping you all in my prayers and check on you every day. Don’t expect too much of yourself. Hug and kiss your son and your husband frequently and let the rest go.


  3. devon says:

    wow, tears in my eyes. that was so beautifully written. i couldn’t help but think of my own baby boys walking with jesus now, right alongside your eisley…

    thinking of you….


  4. pegsfriend says:

    Sometimes makes me think all children should die before they are born. Then they can go straight to glory with our Creator without all the trials and pain of this world. Maybe that would be the best for any of us.


    • CayeDee says:

      I’m sorry but are you kidding me with this?? That is so a ridiculous and inappropriate comment. I am Eisley’s god-mother and I find that so insensitive. Please next time think before you right something. You have no idea the hopes and dreams we had for here let alone the what God had in store for her here. Do you really think this is something jami wants to here after just losing her daughter ?


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