Some good news, mixed news & bad news.

Today we saw the fetal medicine specialist to check on Eisley’s growth, amniotic fluid and the doppler for blood flow.

The good news is that Eisley is still growing and since I’ve been in the hospital (two weeks) she has grown 2 1/2 ounces and is now at 11 1/2 ounces. I am 25 weeks and 5 days but she is still measuring 5 weeks behind. but she is still growing, so that is good. It’s hard to set an exact weight at which see could be born because it depends on so many things. To deliver a baby weighing 16 oz is not ideal in any way and they would prefer at least 1 lb 1/3 but even that is not ideal. So all that to say, we are playing this all by ear, waiting it out to see her weight go up and we will make big decisions then.

The Mixed news;

Her amniotic fluid is now at 7.8 which is not bad but not great (10 – 20 is best, 5-10 is okay).

When being monitored we’ve noticed a change in her heart rate. When I first arrived in the hospital she had many decelerations (her heart would go from 145 to 60 and back up) which is not good and is also further proof that the placenta isn’t working properly. She now has less deceleration but also less variability in her heart period. Meaning, instead of seeing her heart go from 124 beats to 145 to 130 to 150 which is normal and she is staying pretty steadily at one rate or with a few minor variability. They can’t say for sure why this is happening but they think it is due to her being sick in the womb although they tell me she is not uncomfortable or in pain, but her body isn’t getting what it needs and this is further proof (as if we needed it).

The bad news is she is now showing absent diastolic blood flow to and from the placenta to her heart. This isn’t the first time she’s had absent blood flow but last week it was showing normal diastolic blood flow. The problem with the absent blood flow is that it can be lethal. Please pray for this to become normal again, because that will help her stay in the womb longer. The specialist did say that some days the placenta has a bad day and some days a good day, but we don’t want to see this steady with the absence.

So we are basically in the same boat and “waiting this out”. We were encouraged by her weight gain but disheartened by everything else. Our girl is a fighter and He is helping her through this, it’s just a matter of time before we know what the next step will be. As for now we will be taking this a day at a time, praying fervently and hoping for the best.

Some specific prayer requests;

  • Weight gain. She is 11 1/2 ounces and if she can hold on a little longer, we can deliver and begin that wild roller coaster in the NICU.
  • For the blood blow to be complete, whole and healed!
  • Nourishment to Eisley.
  • Heart rate to show variability which is a sign of well-being.
  • Amniotic fluid to stay at a good, safe number.

Thank you for praying!

{Grow, Eisley, Grow!}

5 thoughts on “Some good news, mixed news & bad news.

  1. amanda says:

    You don’t know us, but I have been checking your blog several times a day over the last few weeks. Please know our prayers are with you and that we are in agreement for the life and nourishment of your sweet baby!
    Hugs from Ohio


  2. devon says:

    i know all too well the ups and downs of pregnancy and so my heart goes out to you…praying eisley can hold on for a few more weeks and you can begin your journey in the NICU….((hugs))

    on a funny note, i have friends with a daughter named eisley after the same band!


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