The search for a new diaper bag…

This is my current diaper bag by Vera Bradley, a gift from my dear friend Katherine Cobb. I have LOVED it for a year and a half now, but now it is pretty banged up and dirty, so it’s time to find another one I love!

Here are a few finds that I am considering on. I am planning on asking for a new diaper bag for Christmas, because I would never spend the money on a great bag on my own.

I am in love with the print on this beautiful purse/diaper bag from The Vivi Girl shop.

Pros: easy to clean, foldaway changing pad, 6 compartments inside, two outside.

Cons: Even though I love the pattern, I don’t typically go for this colour palet (It might be too seasonal), pricey,  also, I did recently purchases a super cute & changing pad for the road (from so I don’t know if I need that. Although the compartment would be nice.

(Click to enlarge)

I LOVE the fabric and the size of these beautiful bags by Amy Butler. (It may be fashionably illegal for short girls like me to carry one, but if you know me, you know love big bags!) If I decide on one of these, I think I will ask my momma to make it!

Pros: large enough to hold everything imaginable

Cons: large enough to weigh a ton when I don’t organize it often enough, harder to clean fabric.

I also love this lovely bag by Kelly Moore bags. The colour is one of my favourite things about this bag.

Pros: easy to clean

Cons: maybe too small for a diaper bag, pricey

This cute bag by Ju Ju Be.

Pros: easy to clean, spacious interior with compartments, two insulated bottle pockets.

Cons: pricey

Either one of these diaper bags by Skip Hop Dash. I love cherry blossoms so I find this super cute.

Pros: easy to clean, changing pad, 11 compartments, two outside sippy cup holders, good price

Cons: it might look too much like a diaper bag.

Posts coming soon;

01:: A post with photos of some of the  amazing things my momma has sewn for me. My mom purchased Amy Butlers book Little Stiches for Little Ones when I was pregnant with Chase but wasn’t able to do many of the things because Chase was a boy :) Now that Eisley is on her way, it’s time to create!

02:: a post ‘summer colour week; PINK”. A post dedicated to the colour that’s been on my mind a lot lately.


03:: More cute finds for Eisley… or for other mommas with baby girls!

6 thoughts on “The search for a new diaper bag…

  1. Melissa says:

    Great minds think alike! I have been on the hunt for a new diaper bag too! I have used a huge tote bag (that’s not even really a diaper bag) from Target all year, but I am so ready for something a little sturdier and cuter. That Ju-Ju-Be bag is one of the ones on my list too! I love the first two you found too…. hadn’t seen those yet. I’m considering the SkipHop Studio Bag in Pewter… favorite so far. But I also like the JJ Cole Swag Bag. But they are both $89 and I have NEVER spent that kind of money on a purse/bag or accessory for me. I don’t know if I can justify it. I keep waiting for to have one, but I either miss it or don’t see one! I’d much rather stay under $50.


    • colourherhope says:

      That is so funny! It’s about time for us both though, a year takes a serious toll on a bag! I agree with you on the pricey ones, it’s so hard to justify it! I am asking for Christmas but I can’t even decide which one i like.

      i have yet to see a bag on as well. We must miss those! I bet they go fast. Let me know if you find anything!


  2. Mary says:

    I have that Ju Ju Be diaper bag and we LOVE IT! The only problem I have with it is that my husband wont carry it for me when my hands are full because its got flowers all over it. :) Its very spacious, holds everything and cleans easily.


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