The power of prayer & spoken words…

I’ve never walked through something like we are walking through right now. I can’t really put into words how we are making it through this season, but I believe it’s the prayers and the foundation in Him that is helping us walk through this.

I have to be honest though, somedays, I am terrified. I lose myself for a bit and sink into fear and depression. I feel like if I sleep, then I don’t feel the fear or sometimes I just lie there for an hour or two trying to feel Eisley move and when she doesn’t I fear the worse and panic. And sometimes when she finally does move, I worry that it wasn’t enough. I wonder if she’s sick or struggling.

Most times when she moves, I feel excitement, relief, hope… I am trying to hold onto those feelings lately. Ted and I’ve talked about prayer and spoken words, and we’ve been praying for her often and speaking things like, “life, nourishment, healing, growth…” over her.  Ted told me the importance of holding onto hope instead of giving it up or stressing or worrying, because of the effects it has on the body and on Eisley. (He took a child development class and we’ve realized the power that the mother’s feelings and emotions can have on her baby and I understand it because of the effect stress has on OUR bodies).

I had a friend give me a picture she got while in worship, of Jesus inside my womb with Eisley, telling her he loved her and calling her beautiful. I believe he is with her, {with my whole heart} and I am holding onto hope that he will heal what needs healed and nourish her and be her strength. I believe in miracles and praying my little Eisley will be a miracle, she already is for making it this far.

I also believe in the power of prayer and I am asking you to please intercede for my sweet Eisley.

Here are specific ways to pray for her:

  • healing in the placenta, so it can nourish her to full term or at least until she is healthy enough to be born.
  • growth for her body and for her to catch up to be right on schedule.
  • speak life, nourishment, healing and growth over her.

We are overwhelmed by those of you who have reached out to us and those of you who are praying. We can feel your prayers. We are so blessed that Eisley is so loved and prayed for already. Thank you!

2 thoughts on “The power of prayer & spoken words…

  1. GGMA says:

    We are praying constantly that baby Eisley will grow. She is a fighter so I belive with all my heart that she will be born strong and healthy. Grow Eisley grow.


  2. erin says:

    i have just started reading your blog and im so soo sorry that your wee girls’ growth is behind,i thought i would share that with you both of my babies growth was behind and both were born early with the youngest bening born at 28 weeks, he is now almost 3 and running around being a typical toddler just abit on the small side for his age,also i found out that if i had taken a low dose asprin once a day it would have help with the baby’s growth? im not sure if it will help with you but maby its something that you could ask your doctor? good luck with the bedrest.

    New Zealand


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