Chase’s first canvas painting.

I was working on my art journal and painting in it, and he kept coming over to watch and then he wanted to join in, so I decided that was the perfect time for him to do his first canvas painting. I ran inside and grabbed a blank canvas. I only had acrylic paint for him to use though. This is definitely not kid friendly paint and probably not good for them numerous times, so I do not recommend using acrylic paint! However… he did have a blast and even though it took a while to get off him, it was well worth it.

Check out his creation and his colourful mess :)

He was pretty much in awe. That’s the best word that describes his reaction.

He got paint everywhere!

This is my favourite of the day.

He kept looking at me like, “Momma, I can do this and you’re not telling me no?!”

Clapping his painted hands, I think he thought it felt weird.

Proof that mommy didn’t help much :) I pushed his hand down to make a print and I showed him how to dip his fingers in the paint. Oh, and I also painted his back, just for fun haha.

Chase’s creation. I love it and whenever we get a place of our own, it’s going in his room :)

5 thoughts on “Chase’s first canvas painting.

  1. canvas wall art says:

    That’s a nice thing to do with kids, teaching them art when they’re still young. It’s really easy to teach them when they’re still at a young age than when they’re old enough. And don’t laugh at children’s artworks because they can be an artist at their own masterpiece!


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