The Beautiful Party for Eisley.

On Saturday we celebrated Eisley’s life with dear friends and family.

We were so touched by how many people came and recognized our daughter’s life and felt the loss of her , even though they had never personally met her.

We had our friend Darren do a medley of  ‘You Are My Sunshine’ and a piece of a song by Manchester Orchestra. I will post the lyrics, the meaning to us and the song itself soon. (They actually recorded it for us so we can have it forever)

(We had this photo stretched onto canvas and will put it up in whatever place we call home)

Ted shared the meaning of the songs in the medley. I read a letter I wrote to Eisley. Our friend Katherine read a short story we asked our friend Nate to write, about the life and storyof Eisley. And then we ended with ‘Hallelujah’ and ‘How Great is Our God’ as we released pink balloons her honour. Everything combined was as we hoped it would be. It was difficult and tearful and painful, but beautiful.

 One of the most memorable, beautiful things was the balloon release.

  Eisley, you are so loved.

  I can’t explain with words just how much it meant to us to have everyone celebrating her life with us and those of you who celebrated her life from around the world (pictures of balloons release from around the world soon.)

Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.

It was an especially emotional day. We felt everything from grieving the loss of dreams we had for her as we watched the balloons float high above us to the next second feeling inexplicable peace and joy when we remembered Who she was with. We celebrated her life and mourned her loss at all once. It was beautiful and painful. I can’t even find the words to express exactly how is was for us, but it was everything we hoped.


(I almost didn’t add this, but to be honest, I really feel I should be raw. We need prayer. When everyone left the party for Eisley and we went home, the weight of everything began to hit us again. I told a friend that I didn’t want the memorial service to end because I was afraid people would forget her life and legacy. We’re also afraid to feel alone in this. We have no idea “how to handle” loss other than feeling what we need to feel, but even then?…I think I will write a bit more about this later, but please pray for Ted and I.)

4 thoughts on “The Beautiful Party for Eisley.

  1. Dani D says:

    I am sending you both prayers! I cannot imagine the emotional rollercoaster you are on right now. I know that now that the service is in the past, you have to go home and deal with her loss as a couple….hang in there! You have a lot of people praying for you! (((hugs)))


  2. shjandemaar says:

    Ive been meaning to write you, but have had no internet since we moved.
    Since the Day i found out Little Eisley was with her Father, I kept hearing the song by Jason Upton, i think the song is Sons and Daughters (i amy be wrong), but every time i think of you. The lines from the song that are so deeply put on my heart for her and you all are,

    ‘Everyone one comes down from heaven,
    and not go back up,
    till they have succeeded,
    in what He sent em to do’

    It seems in the time you enjoyed her, she really did do what He sent her to do. She has (in her very short time) left a huge impression on so many, and united SO many in Prayer. I think its amazing! :)
    One more quick bit that also has been put on my heart to share with you, well its not a revelation or anything, but always good to hear (especially in a time like this). The quote that i remember from a sermon i heard was this,
    “Most, of the prophetic promises and hope we have been given through out our lives will not come to pass until the end of this age and we live in the New Jerusalem. Now thats HOPE my friends.” Where your heart and mind may not connect now, dont let out the reality (which i know you arent) that this is only a fragment of eternity. We have forever to watch and live out all the Lord has given us, and that includes all the things He has promised over little Eisley and your family. :)

    Anyways I hope you are doing better and better by day, and embracing everything with peace and grace that has been set in-front of you. Blessings and Peace!


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