Frequently asked questions

I’ve decided to do a post on questions we get a lot and I hope this is helpful;

How many weeks pregnant are you? As of today, I am 25 weeks.

At Eisley’s last measurement appointment ( August 23rd) what week was Eisley measuring?  According to her weight and size, she was measuring 20 weeks. 

How much does Eisley weigh and how much does she need to weigh in order for her to have a chance outside the womb? On august 23rd, she weighed 9 ounces (new measurement September 7th) and they can deliver her at 16 ounces but they would prefer anything over a pound and a half.

What is the latest on Eisley’s condition? As of yesterday, september 2nd, Eisley’s doppler reading for her blood flow was showing less absence in the flow and more regular diastolic blood flow (very good news!) and her amniotic fluid was up from 9.15 to 10.75. Also, my uterus has finally grown enough to make it to my belly button (it should be far above my belly button but this is improvement none the less)! She will be measured on september 7th which will lead us to the next step.

How can we pray for Eisley? Pray for healing to her placenta. Pray for nourishment and growth. Pray for her to stay inside the womb as long as possible.

(Any more questions on Eisley, please write in comment area and I will do another one of these posts)

How is Chase handling all of the sudden changes?  Last week was pretty rough on Chase. He is obviously too young (13.5 months) to sit and listen as daddy explains why mommy is in the hospital. I mean, he just learned to the word ‘baby’ recently and he still doesn’t understand that the baby is actually in mommy’s tummy :) So, he is confused. He misses me and has rough nights with Ted at home. To top off the confusion and the time away from momma, he is also getting 6 teeth all at once; two being his first year molars.

Since Ted started full-time college the day you were admitted into the hospital, what do you do with Chase? We are so blessed to live with my grandparents (we’re def not moving this fall like talked about ;)) and to live near my family as well. When Ted is in school or doing school, my grandparents or my mom take care of Chase. He also spends a lot more time with his aunties and uncles now too. We are so thankful and so blessed that my family is able to help take care of Chase!

How is Ted handling everything? As rough as it is for Chase, it is just as much for Ted. Full time college along with work, spending time with Chase when he can as well as the long evenings with a teething boy, the drive to see me and to try to be here for the important appointments and then the time to find to do homework?! It’s a lot. (If you’re a friend of him, PLEASE be there for him in this time and encourage him!) He is doing the very best he can and I am so proud of him.

How am I (Jami) doing? I have my hours or days of fear, but for the most part I am trying to take it a day at a time and enjoy Eisley’s movements within as well as her once-a-day heart rate monitoring. I am resting in Him and believing and hoping for the best.

What is required of me? I am to be on my left or my right side at all times which helps the blood flow to the placenta. I even eat in one of these positions. I am allowed a sit down shower daily and one nightly jacuzzi which also helps the blood flow to the placenta. I must drink  lots and lots of water, I drink gallons and I am not kidding, which helps the blood flow too.

Why hospital bedrest instead of being home on bedrest? As you have seen, I am allowed very limited mobility. With a 13.5 month old who is constantly on the run, this was close to impossible, even with help, at home. Now that I have been in the hospital for a week and 5 days I realize just how much I was moving at home, despite being on bedrest. I would get up to get my own water if no one was around, I would go to the kitchen to make a “quick meal”, I would change Chase’s diapers if they needed it, or make him a bottle. I would walk the long walk to the bathroom (long for my current situation), etc. Now that I am here, I understand that I was not on full bedrest at home.

How long will I be in the hospital? As of right now, until Eisley is born. If my placenta heals, then it could be a different story, I could go home. It would take a miracle, but we believe in those!

What am I doing to pass the time? Most of the time, I am alone and it can be pretty difficult, so I sometimes just watch Gilmore Girls to take my mind off of things. This might sound awful, but it really isn’t. I am not “shutting down”, I definitely still feel emotion and everything, but sometimes just watching a show or a movie, helps. I also write Eisley a letter or more a day, draw, journal the words, pictures and verses people get for us and for Eisley. I read books and magazines. I watch tlc or hgtv. I talk with my nurses (they are AWEsome!) I recently started a sewing project for Chase and Eisley. Oh and most evenings I spend with a friend or two (I am so thankful to live nearby friends)! I’ve asked God to give me wisdom in how to take care of Eisley and myself and I really feel like I am doing the very best I can.

What can you do to help? Your prayers for sure, we feel them and appreciate them greatly! We also really need your care and support and encouragement during this time. It’s more difficult than I can express, for all of us. If you live close,  we love visits. If  you want to send a  message or text or a card, we love the encouragement. If you have a verse or a word or a picture for us, please share.

Hope this helps, please write in comment area or message me if you have more questions :)

3 thoughts on “Frequently asked questions

  1. Jess says:

    What a beautiful name: Eisley! <3 You're so lucky to have a pigeon pair! It's my dream to have a boy first (done!) and a girl second.

    I can't believe you're already 25 weeks pregnant with Bub #2! So exciting! We're going to try for Bub#2 next year, straight after our wedding in late Feb. Can't wait. Heehee!

    Jess (


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