Encouraging success stories of mothers of IUGR babies.

I was encouraged to join a premie message board on babycenter.com to find other mothers who have had a baby with IUGR (Intrauterine growth restriction). The thought of potentially more frightening or bad news made me hesitant, but I finally decided to go for it.

There’s a fine line between “preparing myself” and just being plain stupid. For example, do not google IUGR. I did, I regret it big time. I feel like I found a great place with great resources (those who’ve actually gone through this) and I wanted to share that with you. I wrote a post here explaining this pregnancy and there are many mothers who’ve shared their success stories with me. If you want to understand a bit more or if you’re my friends or family who I know have done your own research, STOP “researching” (because it scares us more than anything) and read what mothers who’ve walked through pregnancy with IUGR babies have shared :)

I am so very encouraged. I am still believing for the best outcome but I feel like I am more prepared that the “best” in my mind might be different in what is best for Eisley. Does that make sense? The best thing for her might be to be born early and in NICU nourishing. I did noticed that most IUGR babies are born earlier than 37 weeks, making most of them premature. However, after educating myself more, premature is not necessarily a bad thing in this pregnancy of IUGR babies.

I have had aching muscles the past 3 days straight, and I am not just talking about my left shoulder and neck muscles or my back from lying on my left side all day… I am talking about aching TUMMY muscles and I do feel like my uterus had grown! I am holding on to hope that Eisley is growing. I know she is not caught up, just from looking at my tummy, but I do feel like she is growing which is really good news.

Oh and I do see our ob tomorrow for a quick peak at Eisley’s heart rate and her beautiful face, as well as a glucose test (nasty drink too, ICK) but NO major measurements of Eisley herself. Dr. Daye, our specialist will do all of that (monday aug. 23). I will have my belly measured tomorrow morning, from the outside, but honestly, that doesn’t tell much.

This is much longer than intended. Thanks for reading, caring and praying!!

5 thoughts on “Encouraging success stories of mothers of IUGR babies.

  1. Erin says:

    Hi there,just thought i would let you know i have had to IUGR babies one at 36 weeks (3lb 5 oz) and one at 28 weeks (1lb 10 oz) while it is a scary thing to have such a prem babie (28 wker) the best thing for him was to get him out as the doc said sometimes out is better than in he is now a happy healthy 3 yr old if you ever want to talk or see photos drop me an email i’l be more than happy to talk to you as i know it helped me knowing that there are other mums out there who know how i was feeling.

    (new zealand)


    • colourherhope says:

      Thank you so much for writing me Erin. I am very encouraged to hear another success story, well two! I have an appointment tomorrow afternoon and we will find out more. Anyways, if it looks like we will be delivering early, I will def email you. Thank you for being so willing to share and be there!


      • Erin says:

        hi there

        im not sure if u emailed me its been playing up sorry, i also wanted to say im very sorry about your wee girl, i also lot a baby at 2 months old so i understand as i said before please email me if you need to scream at the world il listen


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