My-heart-all-over-the-place…(an update of sorts)

(This post was written and edited a month ago, just now found the time … or maybe the courage… and decided to publish it.)

To write or to sleep.

We’ve all heard the saying “Sleep while they’re sleeping.” While most nights I wrestle between journaling or sleeping (it’s not even a fair wrestling match anymore; sleep is like BAM and it’s over)… tonight I’m not even torn between the two. I know my heart and mind are full and I’ve got to pour it out.

I know I also want to post this one publicly.

So here I am… a bit of an update but more than anything my raw heart. Our hearts. Where we are at… the really REAL stuff – like I like it. :) You know me… TMI and “OMG did she really just post that for the whole world to read!” Yep, this is me. Here I go again.

Tonight, on the drive home from dropping Ted’s mom off at the airport… we had it out with our almost 5-year-old which led to hurtful words spat and tears to fall from Ted and I. PARENTING IS NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART, let me tell ya.1540466_10154127599490727_1274122521_o

As we ended the argument conversation with Chase, I watched his red and teary face in the rear view mirror, I felt this all-too-familiar feeling and literally grasped “at my heart”. I remembered the tragic loss a fellow blogging momma had, just a few weeks back. Her bright and bubbly 3-year-old son’s life was suddenly, and tragically taken when we was struck by a passing vehicle. Tonight, as we finished arguing, I remembered their story. And I felt oh so challenged,,, even though these moments of arguing, quite frankly, suck… I want them.

I want all of the moments, not just the fun and easy ones, but the ones that make me struggle as a parent. The ones where my sensitive soul takes over and I cry over the hurtful words that my kid speaks (yes, sometimes I do). I want all of these moments, I was struck tonight at how horrible our drive home felt, we felt defeated and yet as I looked from my seat to his and saw his eyes, I couldn’t help but to be thankful. Reminded that even these moments that feel so ugly and heart wrenching: they are life.


Remembering the couple’s story causes me to revisit my own grief. Time is so fleeting and oh so precious. LIFE is. It takes me back to the hospital room, 7 months pregnant, where I was told our Eisley-girl had passed away within me. I feel this ache in my chest and hot tears in my eyes even now as I type this. It’s grief and it takes me back, again and again and again – to the reminder of how PRECIOUS our time and our life is. And that we need to cherish it and live NOW. Live for the now, not for the “laters” in life.

We have lists – written or imagined – of the “somedays” and the “laters” in our lives…

On our drive home (and after said Family Feud) The Sweetest Name by the United Pursuit Band burst loudly through our speakers.

I will sing of

how you draw me

out of darkness

into Glory

Quite emotional after a) dropping my Mother-In-Law off at the airport and b) the seriously difficult “brawl” with Chaseyboy on the way home… I just felt like sobbing when this part of the song rang through our van.

And I just felt totally rocked with YES, THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT WE WANT FOR OUR LIVES.

After the draining conversation with Chase, we just hit a rock bottom of sorts. Sudden moments like tonight where we’re caused to push aside the “busyness” of our lives and address difficult and painful things. Where suddenly we were forced to FEEL.

When we remember what we value and what we long for. When we remember what we know we are to be doing.

Which leads me to our NOW and what we are doing in the next years to follow…

We’ve been doubting our move and next season in life pretty much since it became real and since we’ve stepped our feet into our home. OUR HOME (still so surreal!). It’s set in stone, it’s happened. We are here and here to stay for a while. Roots, people. The Davis Family has actually landed. I can just hear the gasps :)

But after a night like tonight, where we’ve been forced to set aside our busy life and face emotions (which obviously led to multiple emotions felt, ha!) we feel as though our Maker took this time to remind us of what He’s called us to and to breath a sort of peace into our lives again. We can embark on this new season, new journey, with confidence.


So where?,…you might ask…

Ready for this… after an almost 5 year hiatus, we are jumping back into YWAM (Youth With A Mission)! After A LOT of thought, time, energy and multiple visits to the base (oh, and even a little bit of prayer ;))… we’ve decided to step back into YWAM at the Colorado Springs base in Colorado.

What happened to “We are moving to Thailand fall 2014!!!!!!!!!”

     Simply put (and oh my, this is humbling) we are not prepared. It is currently not practical for us to fly overseas and settle in Thailand- even though it is our ultimate goal. We do not have anything nailed down for our vision yet. We have also decided it is the absolute best thing for our family to stay in one place for at least 3-5 years (maybe more) We would like to spend the next years focusing on getting our family prepared for Thailand. YWAM Colorado Springs is equipped for this very thing.

We actually feel like God’s saying, “Hey, I put this dream and passion into you guys… but let’s spend some more time developing and growing the vision… and honestly, first, take the time to focus on your family. Your ministry and dreams will follow.” 

After a lot of thought and prayer, we feel YWAM Colorado Springs is where we will take the steps necessary to prepare us for our future. (Another cool thing about the base: Thailand is one of their focus nations!)

While in Amsterdam, we felt our eyes were opened to some vision in us in regards to family and a big eye opener was Chaseyboy, who really struggled and has struggled with every move. I know a part of that is age, but we also feel that a large factor is the constant change and inconsistencies. It’s time to plant some roots for the kiddos and to figure out some things in our personal lives (hi, vague!) and to beginning nailing down plans IN Thailand from afar.

Ted will be working mainly in the YWAM Colorado Springs communication department and also still work as a wedding photography with American Wedding Group and his own personal work.

I will still be at home with the kiddos, but will now have my hand in the homeschool co-op they run at YWAM Colorado Springs. I’m taking this summer and fall to decide if there is anything more I feel I should be a part of at the base – there is SO much opportunity there! Right now, I feel like my main “ministry” is my kids and learning how to navigate the parenting waters. So that’s what I’m focusing on currently.

We will be living on 50% our own income and 50% support. .

We feel so very hopeful for this season we’ve now entered. We haven’t shared “HEEEEY, WE’RE GOING BACK TO YWAM” probably due to fear of man. But we are now sharing… because it’s really happening … and you’ll find out soon anyways if you haven’t already … ;)

No really, tonight we are sharing because we are confident. We want to walk forward in confidence on the spirit He’s placed in us to decide THIS IS BEST for our family right now.

There has been an incredible doubt and fear in this step we’ve taken, leaving behind Ted’s very good paying job at the bank to join YWAM again. In some ways, the enemy has tempted us to view this as a step backwards – which it is NOT. I’m declaring it and sharing it :)

Anyways… a wordy blog to share an update and that life is PRECIOUS and time is fleeting.

Let’s push aside the unnecessary busy of our lives and focus on LIVING this precious life to the fullest – whatever that means to you or yours personally.!

Thank you for taking the time to read this novel.

Much love,






The birth story of Everly Selah Davis.

The birth story of Everly Selah Davis.

Though this was my 4th birth, 3rd C-section and 2nd planned C-section… my nerves were still undone just a few hours before the scheduled birth of our precious little girl!

Saying goodbye to my kids, though obviously temporary, is still difficult and very bittersweet. I kissed my little guys and Ted and I headed out. “Next time you see momma, your baby sister will be here!”

I have to mentally prepare myself as best I can before heading into the hospital: the sites, the smells, even some of the same nurses, etc. It is the hospital that I’ve had my best and my worst moments of my life in. The birth of our firstborn son July 18, 2009 and then the death and 3 day labor then birth of our first daughter September 17, 2010. Some have asked why we don’t switch hospitals and find different doctors. But the truth is… I trust our doctor and he’s been through the most difficult pregnancy and birth with us, I couldn’t ask for anyone else to help me deliver my babies.

This time around, I had a lot more peace than I did when I arrived to have Shailo, just 14 months after the loss of Eisley. I felt ready to have Everly. I felt ready to meet our little girl.

I checked in 2 hours prior to my surgery (as required) and soon began the poking and prodding. I was priding myself in the difference between 22-year-old me getting an IV put in when in labor with Chase and how well I was taking it a few years and a few babies later …”taking it like a champ”. However, before I could pat myself on the back too much, the nurse dug and dug around and I almost passed out. My world went gray and cloudy, noises sounded funny and I felt like I could literally hear each beat of my heart. They waved a strong scent in front of my nose and my eye popped open. I could hear my nurses LAUGHING… “That was the LOWEST I’ve ever seen anyone’s blood pressure fall without them passing out!”

Oh, gee, glad I could make you LAUGH. Haha! I came back around, somewhat glad for a temporary distraction to keep me from watching the hand tick on the clock in my hospital room. Has it been 2 hours yet? Ugh, 45 minutes (or so) to go. I haven’t been able to eat OR drink anything since 10pm the night before and I’m thirsty… so they feed me ice chips. Mmm. And then just when I think my throat couldn’t possibly get any more dry… they offer me a shot of the nastiest gunk… ironically to help ease the feelings of nausea that could come with meds and anitheisia they would soon give me.

Everly-0002Dr. Hill and the anesthesiologist gave Ted permission to photograph the birth! And this time they gave him even more free reign!
Everly-0003Everly-0004(when Ted showed me pics of the birth I saw this pic and it made me cry!)Everly-0005Preparing to stick a big ol’ needle in my spine. Everly-0006Everly-0007(THIS is Dr. Hill. He looks intense and has a super dry sense of humor, but let me tell ya, this man rocks. It kind of took me until we walked through pregnancy and bed rest with Eisley to see his heart, but I couldn’t ask for a better guy to deliver our babies!) Everly-0008The room is freezing, though at this point that is the last thing on my mind. Fear GRIPS me as I lay on the table waiting with baited breath, to hear her cry.
Everly-0009I look calm, but inside I’m anything but. Though it’s not painful, I can still feel them pushing and pulling. I literally feel like someone is sitting on my chest, I can’t breath which by now (remember, 3rd c-section!) I know this means Everly is on her way out!Everly-0011And then it happens. I hear her scream.

(I love these moments Ted captured.)

And then I breath and I cry with relief.


Dr. Hill pops her head and body over the blue curtain that separates us, and I get my first peek at the beautiful life I’ve waited to see for months.

Welcome to the world, Sweet Ever!

Everly-0013Ignore the needle (Or perhaps I just pointed it out to you)… take in my face. OH MY HEART. Everly-0014Everly-0015Everly-0017Smaller than her brothers.
They allow skin to skin in the operating room now (awesome, right?!) Although, and I’m still not sure why, I wasn’t able to do that. They sewed me up and I wasn’t able to hold her until I was in the recovery room. I was shaking and falling asleep (due to the meds) so it was probably for the best. When I did get to hold her, she nursed right away and did amazing! I didn’t want her to leave my arms. Everly-0020Proud daddy. Everly-0021We were so thankful they allowed my Mother-in-law Anisa to be in the room. She wasn’t allowed with Shailo and that was a bit devastating for her.
Everly-0022Everly-0023First official bath. The nurses kept commenting on how perfect her colouring was! Pink little lady!Everly-0024Meeting my dad, Grandpa Matt, who is head over heels for her.Everly-0026Meeting her brothers.Everly-0025

Proud brothers! Chase’s told Shailo, “I wish you could have a sister, Brother!” as he held her. Umm, buddy, you’ll be sharing her :)

Everly Selah’s birth day was one filled with excitement, joy and peace.

Words can’t express how thankful I am that our Father allowed another beautiful girl to be apart of the Davis clan. While she doesn’t replace Eisley in any way – they both hold such a special, unique place in this momma-heart of mine – He has already used Ever to help heal areas in my life that I didn’t think possible. We are so grateful for this precious little bundle!


Now we’ve blinked and our sweet girl is 4 months old!

Beautiful Mommahood.

Tonight my heart is overwhelmed.

I constantly feel as though I fall short as a momma (and a wife and just me … But let’s not go there tonight.)

Today was, yet another “one of those days” where I feel like the biggest hypocrite EVER as I yell at my children:


Oh mah Lord, and I’m molding these little ones? Jesus, be with me, please.

Then arrives the pre-bedtime struggles and I feel like I’m about to flip out. Just. Get. In. Bed.

I crawl into my 2.5-year-olds “super cool” jeep bed (while this sounds really sweet like “awwww what a good momma” originally it was more to keep the little Wild One IN. HIS. BED. but now the night time routine has become a time of truly precious moments for my momma-heart.)

I snuggle up with Shailo who quickly asks me for the blessing or “the sunshine song”. Chase reaches down from his (little kid) loft bed and I reach up to hold his hand. I first give them their “blessing” – often their little voices echoing mine “The Lord bless you, and keep you. Make his face shine upon you and give you peace, aaaaaamen.” We then sing You Are My Sunshine until either their little voices fade as they fall asleep or until we begin talking about superheroes and their powers, or (like tonight) Optimus Prime and that “Bumblebee lives in our up home but when we are awake he turns into our vacuum” (because it’s yellow and black :))

They fall asleep. The chaos and busy day ends for them and peace settles over them. And over me. As I lay in Shailo’s bed, I well up with tears. How thankful I am to be their momma! Oh my heart, so overjoyed and overwhelmed. The moment at night and pause and reflect nd and words can’t even express how full my heart is.

I sneak carefully out of Shailo’s bed and head towards the door.

Yes, I stepped on Legos on my way out of their room. And it freakin’ hurt.

But oh what a picture of parenting even that is, right?

It’s going to be a little painful, crazy, chaotic, and messy (I mean today, I literally had Everly’s poop on my phone case – maybe for hours before I noticed) Every day, almost 24/7. There isn’t a paycheck at the end of the week, or even sometimes a pat on the back. But it is the most rewarding and beautiful gift to be their momma.


Tongiht, I am super encouraged. I am by no means Super Mom in my eyes but to my kiddos I am.

An honest post to share a bit of my struggles as a mother.
I’d love to hear your honest stories of motherhood. I started a mini series called Beautiful Mommahood. If you’d like to join in with me in sharing yours as well, I would love this. I have realized in my 5-years as a momma – I want to hear the real stuff. I NEED to hear it. No facade, just the really authentic beautiful junk that needs to be shared and let out.

There is such beauty and freedom in being real.
So here I am – venturing out in an area I haven’t totally been 100% real in.
Join me? :)


Everly Selah: The meaning behind her name.


(one day old)

Long, long ago in the year of 2011… I thought that I made up a beautiful girl’s name. I was wrong, though unique, it definitely wasn’t my original creation according to Google.

Googling Everly I found a few things… 1. the Everly Brothers and 2. Everly – as a baby girl’s name’. While I was disappointed to see their meaning of Everly, I was also a bit relieved that we had our own special meaning – a little more meaningful’ than “a boars meadow”. Today if you were to google Everly you’d likely find the news that celebrity Channing Tatum named his daughter Everly just this summer. When we shared our baby name with my grandparents, my grandma showed me an US magazine that about made me scream haha… how dare you “steal” our name, Channing! ;) Thanks to him, the name might just skyrocket this year and thanks to him, we’ve already been asked if we knew of Channing naming his baby Everly… yes, yes we know and no, we did not name her after a celebrity’s baby. ;)

I think we all probably hear those kind of comments when sharing our baby’s or kiddo’s names with others. ;) With Chase Journey it was “Like after the band Journey?”. um, no. And with Shailo I heard both, “That makes me think of that movie with the dog named Shiloh.” or better yet, “Didn’t Angelina Jolie name her daughter Shiloh?” Oh golly…

I believe names are super powerful and meaningful and I spend a lot of time pondering over them. Never once this pregnancy did I question the name we had for our 2nd daughter. I knew it would be Everly Selah from the moment we became pregnant (if she was a girl, which YAY! she was indeed.)

Right before I became pregnant with Shailo, I came up with this name for a future daughter. It’s hard for me to put into words exactly why, just months after the loss of Eisley, I came up with a name for a future girl. The gist: I remember crying out to Him one evening and journaling my heart out. There was a part of me that felt we would have another daughter, and I decided on that evening her name would be a reflection (of who He is to us, to her and who she is to Him) and a declaration that would mean Forever Amen.


Psalms 145:21

My mouth will speak the praise of the Lord,

and let all flesh bless his holy name forever and EVER.

I knew that I wanted her name to declare that He is forever sovereign, good, loving, caring, worthy, etc, etc, etc… amen. We wanted to declare that even though we’ve walked through the darkest valley (for us)  He is still all of the beautiful things we believed He was. Despite our suffering and loss, He was still good and caring. We were still His and He was still our Father who loved us. I decided I wanted our next girl’s name to mean forever… so I Decided on Ever and added ‘ly’ to fit with our Eisley-girl’s name. Though she ins’t here with us on Earth, I still, very much so, wanted her to be apart of our family. Even when it comes to names. I want all of our kiddos names to “fit” with one another.

And so, Ever with an ‘ly’ was especially perfect! And how awesome that both our girls’ names start with E :) Truly a fitting name all around…

As for her middle name…


photo-3Selah… as you probably know, it’s biblical. It means a few things: to pause and reflect or simply, Amen. I love both meanings. We chose Selah to fit with the meaning of her first name. For us Selah is a part of declaring who He is and how He is forever all the the beautiful things we know of Him… the added ‘amen’ to Forever is so perfect for us and for Evelry.

While I was in Amsterdam I felt like I got even more behind the meaning for her name, I don’t know if it was a prompting from God or just me. I really felt to search throughout the bible and to find specific verses for our little Ever. Verses that would show her what He feels of her as well as what her name means to us.

My favourite verse for her and I can’t wait to share this with her someday, is John 14:16-20;

And I will ask the Father, and he will give you another Helper, to be with you forever, even the Spirit of truth, whom the world cannot receive, because it neither sees him nor knows him. You know him, for he dwells with you and will be in you.“I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you. Yet a little while and the world will see me no more, but you will see me. Because I live, you also will live. In that day you will know that I am in my Father, and you in me, and I in you. 
We will share with her what we’ve walked through in our lifetime thus far and that He is still forever good and loving. (Isaiah 40:8 – The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God will stand forever…)
We will share that she too will likely walk through difficult times in her life and that even still she can forever trust Him. (Isaiah 26:4 – Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord God is an everlasting rock…)
We will share with her that He will forever and ever love her! I hope when she reads the word forever or selah in the bible, she can be reminded even more so …
Everly Selah Davis, I pray that you will forever know He is beautiful and oh so good, even in the valleys. I pray that you will forever believe that He loves and adores you and that He is forever trustworthy. He is with you forever, He dwells in you. He will not leave you as an orphan in spirit, He will come to you. He will live in you, sweet girl. 

Ever’s First Bath

It was a celebration of sorts the day Little Miss Ever’s umbilical cord stump fell off (eww, right? Yes.) The boys were OH SO EXCITED so we made it kind of a family ordeal.

Though her facial expressions share otherwise, we believed she liked it… ;)

EverlysFirstBath-1EverlysFirstBath_Collage .jpgEverlysFirstBath-8EverlysFirstBath-12She reminds me so much of Chaseyboy here. EverlysFirstBath_Collage4 .jpgEverlysFirstBath-14EverlysFirstBath-9CHEEKS.
EverlysFirstBath-16EverlysFirstBath-15Like I said… family ordeal :)

EverlysFirstBath-2I held her hand for comfort because HELLO …bathing with brothers…EverlysFirstBath-18Tradition post bath photo with momma.

EverlysFirstBath_Collage5 .jpgChaseyboy, Shai and Ever.
EverlysFirstBath-19So relaxed. EverlysFirstBath-20EverlysFirstBath-21EverlysFirstBath_Collage2 .jpgGotta have some shots of the boys, but of course. EverlysFirstBath-25

First bath, Everly approved.

Everly’s first week.

I did first week posts for my boys, and now here is one for our little Ever. Here are some photos from the last week.

1897825_10152017599386989_1263327183_nI know I shared this photo in the last post, but I just had to share it again. I absolutely adore this one of her!1779953_10152015058006989_2095522843_n Ever in the hospital, meeting a special lady Lindsey – she was a nurse of mine when I first entered the hospital for Eisley, she also came into work on her day off to meet Eisley and she did her footprints, etc. It was so special to us. When we had Shailo, she was our nurse in the OR room. This time she wasn’t able to be in the OR room because she’s transferred  hospitals, but she still popped by! (And she is currently 18 weeks pregnant!)1613782_10152015064006989_703563091_n


Little ruffle bum. 1900150_10152020638081989_1212514275_n At her first baby checkup. Loving being on her tummy. 1236526_10154048434235727_2105755160_n (Ted took this with his phone) 1146608_10152028019331989_66203753_nAuntie Abba1959845_10152025049606989_1717830747_n1947872_10152019293586989_148072743_n1922512_10152021221051989_2064404429_n

Out and about… I snapped this photo because I couldn’t believe how much she looked like her daddy!1901742_10152021345811989_583403708_n 1926718_10152021805206989_1409722004_n

Ever loves the wee hours of the morning, particularly 1-3am. We’re working on changing that ;) Something that has helped is leaving a lamp on, as she seems to have her nights and days mixed up right now.
1924445_10152021969531989_1205388278_n Big brother Shai introduces her as “MY EVERLY”… oh my heart.
1948126_10152022155481989_763512388_n This is me having waaaaay too much fun having a little girl in the house.
1780728_10152022345066989_1123075007_nShailo was playing with her feet and I couldn’t help but snap this photo. photo 5-11 She snoozes like this often and I’m guessing she did this in the womb a lot. ADORE. photo 4-8 Presh’y girls face up close. Her eye colour is almost exactly what Chase’s was which means maybe just maybe she’ll have her momma’s eye colour: brown-hazel.
photo 3-11 1555310_10152026557021989_564776102_n

Daddy and Ever: words can’t express what this does to my heart.

Another one of my fav photos of Sweet Girl. She definitely has her momma’s wide set eyes!photo 2-17 Chicken legs :)
photo 1-14



During the day I have to wake her to feed her (most times) and at night, she it feels like she doesn’t stop nursing ;) I can’t complain, I seriously ADORE her and am trying to cherish every newborn moment.


They love her so much!! Shailo and Chase did get into a little physical fight (shocking!) around her and Everly ended up getting her first punch in the face by Shai. I cried with her (Can I blame hormones or….?) He felt bad and Chase even teared up! We are learning to be careful around baby sissy over her ;)1623586_10152026247746989_1270802804_n1970847_10152024376651989_1926246125_nI know it’s ridiculous … but yes, yes I did take her on her first thrift store shopping trip! Gotta start her young ;) No, really I just needed to get out of the house so my MIL droves us all to the thrift store. :)1780713_10152024450941989_1525086550_n3 kiddos in the car! SO SURREAL. I love it so much.1898045_10152025062166989_339467061_nHolding her Grandpa Matt’s finger (my dad ADORES her)1964975_10152027692376989_1945651687_n

Bright eyed beauty. Taken just yesterday.


I’m recovering very well this time around. I’m so thankful! I was having a meltdown recently where I stood in the bathroom crying my eyes out (thanks hormones) for all of the wrong reasons: I felt fat, my “mask of pregnancy” still covers my face, and I felt way too emotional. I’ve decided to reflect on all 4 pregnancies and the beautiful gifts that came from them. Today, my body aches, my stomach is hanging to my knees (or at least is feels like it ;)), I weigh way more than on my wedding day, I have wrinkles and bags under my eyes, and I have scars and stretch marks galore, etc… They are worth it all. Every ache, every scar and stretch mark, every sleepless night, every moment where I look like a maniac screaming at my 2-year-old who’s running in the parking lot, every messy room and ruined material item I once treasured, every moment that is no longer just my own… They are truly worth it all and more. My heart is so full, content and thankful. Even for the parts that make me feel less then pretty and young. Chase Journey, Eisley Antalya, Shailo Valour and Everly Selah… You are worth it all and more!!

I am so very thankful, more than words can say.

Happy first week Everly Selah!

The meaning of the name post NEXT.

Introducing “Baby E.S.”

Friday February 28th our family welcomed in another precious bundle.


Meet Everly Selah Davis

Friday February 28th at 8:05AM

7lbs 6oz 19in


(photo taken about 2 hours after surgery.)Image

our first little one that has Ted’s nose.


Big brothers holding sister for the first time. when Shailo first saw Everly, he looked back at me and said’ “Momma, you belly gone!” which we all got a kick out of.


Even the little details seem so girly and dainty!Image

Ted is SMITTEN and I am falling in love all over again. It melts my heart to watch him with a daughter!Image

Daddy helping Shailo hold Ever.

Image ImageImage

Everly “Ever” Selah meaning “Forever Amen” …More on the full meaning behind her name soon.

DIY Jersey Knot Headbands

Decided to try and pop out another quick DIY on the blog, before I “pop out” this baby FRIDAY!!

Here is a quick post to share DIY headbands for yourself or your little one!

photo 1-11

Choose a fabric, I haven’t yet tried cotton but mostly because I really love the jersey materials! They work well with this kind of headband as well. photo.PNGMeasurements: For a baby/toddler I cut 22″ long and a little over 4″ wide (you’ll cut the extra off)
photo 3-9Once you’ve cut… photo 4-6 Fold it and pin the RIGHT side IN!photo 5-9Then sew, sew, 1-12
Once you’re finished, fold it again.
photo 2-15 Cut the corners off, to make the “bow” a little more 3-10Cut the extra off the sides if needed (also, for this tutorial I accidentally used a straight stitch when I usually do a close zigzag stitch)photo 4-7 Turn material right side 5-10 photo-2

Knot the material to your liking!! And you’re done!

photo 2-16

I’ve experimented with this fun project. I’ve done some wider and thinner. I like both but will really decide when I see them on our little Gal! :)

photo 1-13

They are so easy and quick and cute! I hope you enjoy this DIY!

The next time you see me on here, I’ll be introducing our new bundle!!

Pray for us this Friday as we’re having her via C-section around 7:30am MST!

DIY Infinity Scarf Nursing Cover

For Christmas I was gifted a infinity scarf nursing cover! It’s SO cute and really a brilliant idea, especially if – like me – you love infinity scarves.

However, I did not love the price when I heard of it. You can spend a small fortune on one or you could make 5 for the price of 1 you’d buy on Etsy (or elsewhere). I flipped mine inside out and couldn’t believe how easy it would be to make some. This week I ventured to Joann Fabrics and chose 5 prints I loved (currently 30% off!) and began trying my hand at them.

photo 2-13

Step 1: Pick out cute prints that you can wear with your everyday outfits. I recommend buying a yard of each but you read below (step 3) and decide for yourself.

photo 1-10

Step 2: Fold your material inside out so the right side is facing each other and pin along the raw edge.

photo 1-7

photo 2-10

Step 3:

The nursing cover I have measured 30″ wide x 20″ long. It fits and will work for nursing, however I wanted to make mine a little bigger. I made 5 and 3 of them are 30″ x 24″ (because I ended up really liking that size personally. And 2 are 60″ wide x 30″ long, and they too are good, just personally I think a little on the bulky and large side. The choice is yours, really!

(I have extra material to make headbands and hats, etc from the shorter ones)

Step 4: (not pictured) sew the raw edge together.

photo 3-7

Step 5: (Optional depending on the material) I chose to sew the edge of the entire piece on some but you don’t have to. Some jersey fabrics just fold over perfectly so when you’re wearing it you don’t see the raw edge all around. photo 3-8And you’re done! SEW EASY ;)
photo 4-5This one above has a kind of subtle sparkle in it, I love it! It’s my “dressier” one.
photo 3.PNGThis one above is fun because it’s reversible. photo 2-11A simple, pretty print for everyday.
photo 1-8

And pink because…. I wear a lot of black (kind of a bad habit of mine since I was a teenager) so a little colour in my life is a good thing :)

I hope this DIY was helpful and made sense. I’m by NO means a professional or even advanced sewer, but I do enjoy sewing and figuring out how to make things that are pretty.

Thanks for popping by! I hope to post another DIY soon on baby or adult jersey knot headbands!

Amsterdam Maternity Shoot.

We really wanted to do a maternity photoshoot before we left Amsterdam. So literally 2 days before we left, we attempted one. unfortunately both boys fell asleep on our walk into the city and when they woke, they were SO cranky and not loving the cold weather. So here are a few shots of mostly me at 29 weeks pregnant.

AmsterdamMaternity-7The first pair of shoes I ever purchased for her and they are from Amsterdam, even better!
AmsterdamMaternity-2AmsterdamMaternity-4AmsterdamMaternity-5AmsterdamMaternity-8Chase refused to get out of the stroller due to the cold. And Shailo was clearly not a fan either :)
AmsterdamMaternity-9Hilarious one of Shailo :)AmsterdamMaternity_feet

That’s it from our quick maternity shoot in Amsterdam. Kind of makes me laugh, but I sure am thankful we did them! We are taking my “official” maternity photos next week at 37 weeks like I did with Shailo. Even though I am not MUCH bigger than these shown here, I will post them… for memouries sake ;)