why winter zoo trips rock.

20130202-071545.jpgzoo trips in the summertime are super fun. also, super hot which means some of the animals are a little less likely to wander around. walk up close. etc. fall and winter are my preferred time to go. the animals become very lively under a winter sun! it’s been so much fun to take my littles to the zoo, when it’s not too cold or too hot but just right.

if shailo could talk, he would say this is his favourite animal at the zoo. Chase calls this komodo dragon “shailo’s friend” because this big guy walks right up to Shai. and fearless shai of course roars at him :)


 we joke and call shailo the reptile whisperer. when he touches the cage they come right up to him. it’s hilarious … and also, weird. ;)20130202-071407.jpg

my mom “Mimi” and Chaseyboy20130202-071419.jpg




just a quick blog to say, i highly recommend fall and winter trips to the zoo. that is, unless you live where there is -30 degree weather!

this is my first time blogging from my phone! i absolutely love how easy the wordpress app makes blogging! i have a little bit to learn because i hit publish before even writing a word :) however, i am sold.

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zoo (via phone)

We made a few fun trips to the Zoo in June (Shail0’s first time). Chase’s grandma Anisa was in town visiting from Alaska and we knew a trip to the zoo was a must. Especially because they just opened up a new part to the Denver Zoo called the Elephant Passage. It was pretty fun to explore. Here are some photos (all images taken with my phone) from our trip.

{Chaseyboy & Grandma Anisa}

Grandma Anisa bought Chase (and all of us) a Zoo membership for his (almost) 3rd birthday. We are so excited to use it many times this year! Thankful for the beautiful weather year round here in Colorad0.

zoo (via canon)

Spring has just flown by and now here we are in the middle of summer! Hard to believe, isn’t it? I was sorting through our photos (we both take so many photos, it’s quite a task!) and decided to share some more of them.

With that said, here are some photos of our May and June zoo trips with our “real” camera not just my phone.

Every time without fail, Chaseboy must walk around with a map in hand – sometimes just for the beginning, sometimes the entire time. It’s so cute.

I just had to take a picture of this sign. On our way to the zoo for the first time as a family, Ted told me he had been to two zoos and then continued on to tell me, one in Alaska where he’d grown up and one on a trip we’d taken to visit friends in Kansas City, Missouri. I looked at him in disbelief and said, “You mean… that petting zoo?” I couldn’t believe that he considered that a zoo and told him that the Denver Zoo would seem like a continent compared to that! Hence, this sign. (and he totally agreed once we were there) :)
In the new exhibit called The Elephant Passage there is an actual Tuk Tuk (Thai taxi-like ride) which was really fun to show Chase. We shared with him about our experience in Thailand, riding them and that we hoped to someday take him there. He was excited but he really had no idea what the heck we were talking about, let’s be real. ;)

Okay, yep. I am that mom that jumps right in with the kids. Last night, I was actually telling Ted on the walk back from a park, that if I really over think it and worry about what others think of me running around on the play ground with my kids, I end up just sitting on the sidelines watching (not a bad thing, just not me.) He laughed at me and thankfully he encourages me and guess what? He does it too. Last night I actually had a few teenagers laughing at me when I came down the tube slide with my (almost) 3-year-old. Chaseboy and I were laughing so hard, it’s worth it to me. ;) Anyone else do this? (come on, don’t leave me hangin’)

One of Chase’s favourite parts, you might remember from his first Zoo trip post, is the train. We seem to have a bit of a hard time with that silly Zoo train and this time, as we were sitting on it, about ready to go, it literally started “spitting parts”. We all had to get off in a hurry. Chase was bummed but thankfully this time, handled it like a champ.

I wonder what age he won’t ask me to hold him like this anymore. Going on 3 and still askin’. I love it. Savoring it!

Anything in a tank is Shai’s favourite, but of course!

Thanks for popping by! Most photos courtesy of the rad Ted Davis. :)

a Zoo of a different kind.

Early May we visited a fun, creative, slightly creepy place called Swetsville Zoo (it’s free, donations welcome as the sign says). It’s literally 2 minutes from my parents home and 15 minutes away from our previous home in Fort Collins but we hadn’t had time to stop by as a family until then. It is a place that I vaguely remember going to as a child.
The “zoo” is created from old scrap metal, farm machinery and car parts. The creations reminds me a bit of Tim Burton’s imagination.

Chaseyboy was aprehensive at first because it really is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Once he began to realize there were creations like metal dinosaurs and turtles and a “heavy metal” rock band, he really enjoyed it and ran around checking everything out.

                          It’s a zoo of a different kind but it sure is a lot of fun. I found one man’s creative expression inspiring!

What a fun little trip! If you’re road tripping you should definitely make a stop by the Swetsville Zoo!