Little Baby D’s First Appointment.

Today we saw our little surprise.

He/she wiggled around, heartbeat racing and tears filled my eyes. I felt as excited as I did when I first saw Chase @ 10 weeks old. This is really happening. “Little Baby D” really exists. I had my doubts, even with a missing period, my symptoms and the two pregnancy test! I doubted. I still am in awe. (Unfortunately we do not have a photo scanner, otherwise I would show you our ultrasound photos from today.)

I realized today, this baby is basically the timeline of when we began our big life transition. I really love that. Something about that brings me a lot of hope.

So the facts… (I was right on!) I am 8 weeks prego, due December 17th but I have to have a scheduled c-section one week early, so I will have little baby D December 10th (more on how I feel about another c-section and also, the Dec 10th due date).

I can already tell this pregnancy is different from mine with Chase. So far, here are the differences;

  1. I get random bouts of chills.
  2. I love, love, love, love, love eggs in the morning but hated them with Chase.
  3. I feel faint often!
  4. I have heartburn (only get it when I’m prego) and I didn’t have heartburn the first trimester with Chase.

That’s about it in differences, for now. One thing that is definitely the same are the emotions. It’s like someone turned on the emotional roller coaster in me all over again.

“You know you’re prego when”… you read your friends blog about her daughter and tear up. Or when you watch TLC’s A Baby Story and sob… oh boy, here we go again! POOR TED!

Oh and one more thing, I think this baby is a girl… but remember how wrong I was last time :)

30 Weeks Already?!

Above photos:
My mom, sister and I painted our bedroom/baby room yesterday! Here is a pic of my 30 week belly and a painted face which I did from the top. I couldn’t even see the lips til I looked in a mirror! haha. I also added a lip ring for Ted just for memouries sake. Sneak peak of the colours behind me!

10ish weeks ’til we meet our precious baby!

You know your prego when- you love to touch your growing belly and find your hand on your tummy more often than not!

Baby is about 16 inches long now, and he/she weighs almost 3 pounds. A pint and a half of amniotic fluid surrounds baby, but that volume will decrease as baby gets bigger and takes up more room in my uterus. Baby’s eyesight continues to develop, though it’s not very keen; even after he/she’s born, baby will keep her eyes closed for a good part of the day. When baby does open them, he/she’ll respond to changes in light but will have 20/400 vision — which means he/she can only make out objects a few inches from his/her face. (Normal adult vision is 20/20.) His/her grip is now strong enough to grasp a finger too! Our baby has the hiccups a lot, in fact most of the time it is when the baby is head down. Poor baby! Today he/she had them so hard that my whole tummy was rocking to the rythym. Just like mommy in that way already – I seem to get hiccups a lot.

Growing baby = growing belly. Loving my baby and baby bump. I am getting more achy and it’s been harder to sleep lately, but nothing unbearable yet. I awoke to heartburn one night and had it for 45 min. straight! I was confused because I thought it had to do with indigestion. My swelling is 10x better due to drinking lots of water and going for walks whenever I can, so that’s a blessing. Somedays I do wish I wasn’t naturally petite and 5’1, but that is something I really need to get over and face the reality that I will always be this small, so in pregnancy I will always be this big and almost abnormal looking. Actually… most definetely abnormal looking! Seriously, it’s a miracle my body can stretch this far and carry this baby so far out! Kind of amazing!

I’ve truly enjoyed this experience of being pregnant so much. I realize more and more each week the reality of this and the fact that God’s entrusted us with our baby and he/she will be arriving before we know it! Sometimes it scares me but most times I have this excitement within that I can’t explain.

Ted and I went for a walk around the pond by our work and talked about how much God has really been preparing us, molding us and really challenging us in our integrity and in our walks with Him. All in preparation to being parents. We’ve really grown in this season, the past 30 weeks, in many ways and it excites me so much for what is just around the corner. God has really and truly lovingly challenged me to trust Him completely. For those of you who know me, this part is the hard part. Trusting Him completely means letting go of everything and putting it in His hands. Please pray for me in this, because it is something that I have struggled with for years. I want to bring our baby into this world, letting him or her know how trustworthy God is and how they never need to doubt Him. But it is something I myself kind of need to understand and believe first!

The past month I have also struggled with feeling extremely lonely, which is something I haven’t felt in a long time. I think that it’s some kind of attack on me before becoming a mommy. Please pray for me! I want to bring our baby into this world in joy and peace. Ted has been amazing through this all but this is something we both want to see change. I want to walk in truth of who I am!

Oh and about our maternity photoshoot… we had to reschedule due to something that came up on saturday and we are now doing a 31 week photoshoot. I told our two friends that will be helping us with this, that if I get a stretch mark between now and then, how crazy that would be! I’m hoping for a beautiful day and good memouries to be captured. So look forward to them!

Much love,
Jami & Baby E/C

You Know Your Prego When #3

I am receptionist at YWAM on Thursdays, so… I spend a lot of time either reading about baby or researching things online or writing on our blog. Hence this LONG post.

You know you’re prego when:

*you ask the same question 5 times because you can’t remember the first 4 answers
*you tell your husband in excitement that you just pooped cuz you’ve been constipated for a few days and they kindly respond “Oh, well that’s good babe!” because poop isn’t usually a topic we talk about, um ever.
*you are usually very active and all of a sudden walking up stairs alone makes you want to take a nap.
*you throw your trash in the sink and your plate in the trash
*you get out of the shower, into a towel, look in the mirror and are shocked at how wide you look!
*you try to squeeze by something or someone like you normally would, and instead hit the person or thing with your belly… awkward!
*When something falls on the floor in the car and you watch it roll back and forth b/c you cant reach it to pick it up… (I’m always afraid to hurt baby!)
*the first thing thing you search for in a store or any place is the bathroom, just in case
*you sneeze or cough and sometimes come close to peeing your pants
*you laugh and your stomach becomes the most hilarious shape and your almost outty belly button pops out with each giggle causing you to laugh even more!
*you feel an odd tap on your chest when the baby kicks, and realize that you’re belly has finally caught up with your top half, and your top now rests on your belly!
*you and 5 others around you are pregnant yet since you are the shortest you hear all of the comments of comparrison in size with others… what I’d give to be even 3 inches taller! The comments would cease!(Somedays this makes me super sad!)
*you can’t see your feet because of your growing baby and belly and when you do finally lean over your belly to see your feet, you are thankful you can’t see them everyday because they are swollen beautifully =)
*you can no longer see the underside of your belly and sometimes don’t even know it’s exposed until you see a mirror, or a friend says “Aw, that’s so cute” or your man says, “Babe! Pull your shirt down!”
*When hubby automatically turns the hall light on before bed time, cause he knows how much you get up to pee thorough the night.
*When the cheesy “baby on board” car sticker all of a sudden catches your attention and you want to put in on NOW so maybe then crazy drivers will be more cautious around you and your precious cargo!
*you scream out in pain cuz the little one decides to kick ya in the cervix, and your hubby thinks your going into labor… (I’m learning to handle the reactions better now, poor Ted)
*you are in line at the grocery and strangers begin to give you parenting advice!(No complete stranger has touched my belly …yet)
*you get a coffee and a stranger or co-worker asks you if it’s decaf or not. Kind of annoying!
*you have crazy vivid, colourful dreams, wake up and want to share with with your hubby, then realize you can’t remember any of it.
*flip flops become your everyday shoe attire starting in winter
*you no longer have a favorite side to sleep on, because baby changes position so much! It’s whatever side the baby chooses!
*you wish you were taller than 5’1 more than ever before and would appreciate longer arms for reaching things as well.
*you go to a store or mall and most people just stare. I mean STARE! Like they’ve never seen a prego before! It’s pretty funny!
*you feel like the amazon river couldn’t provide enough water to quench your thirst!Water becomes your new best friend- took me a while, but I can’t go without it now and before I was prego I hated drinking it.
*you get so hot that you stand in the bathroom for a few minutes running ice cold water over your hands and arms and it’s only 60 outside!
*you have a breakdown because one of the guys in the house ate the last of something you are saving.
*you are now used to waking up at 4 am, using the bathroom and chatting with baby ’til they go back to sleep. (Good prep. I think) =)
*you ask to use the hospitality bed or a student’s bed to take a “quick” nap while at work.
*your husband still finds your belly button as the coolest thing ever and must always pokes it.
*your friends also love your growing belly and belly button and refer to it as “aw it’s so cute, you’re little nub”… haha
*the blotchy brown patches on your face make you want to wear foundation for the first time in your life.
*even with every new growth, kick in the ribs, pressure on the bladder or punch in the cervix, you still are in awe of your little one’s movements and wouldn’t trade them in for anything!

Whoa… I wrote so much and I feel like I’m leaving things out. There will be a #4 before long, I guarantee!

Pregnancy Survey.

Pregnant Survey (Just for fun!)

When did you find out your were pregnant? November 2, 08
What was your reaction? shocked by the two pink lines, also extremely shaky but EXCITED!
Who did you tell first about the pregnancy? My Husband – who was also as shocked as I was, making me pee on two more, and then another two a few days later, and then 2 more before we told my family!
Date of Conception? October sometime, or at least that was what we thought
Due Date? July 9 – my mom’s birthday!
Was the pregnancy planned? um Yes and took us forever but this baby is perfect!
How did your parents react? My dad was calm but excited, my mom on the other hand… sat there in shock after we had her unwrap her gift which was a bib saying: grandma’s cutie (and a pregnancy test ted made me use before we arrived there), once it hit my mom she literally bounced up and down and hugged me and screamed. SO great. We’ve caught it on video which I hope to post!
How did your partner’s parents react? They we’re excited! I wish they lived closer so we could have told them face to face though!
Did you go to the doctor yet? Yes, and I had a crazy first experience. I went in, took a test, waited in the room, and the nurse came in and said “Hon, so you think you are 6 weeks pregnant?” and I was like, “Yes I know I am.” (We had just told all of our staff where we work so I’d better be). She then told me I wasn’t pregnant, and I almost passed out until she called me Mary, which I said I was Jami, and she realized she had the wrong chart! PRAISE GOD!
Did you have your first ultrasound? yes too many- at 10 weeks, and another at 18, and 22 but that is all we are doing from here on out because it’s really not safe!
Do you know the sex? Boy or Girl? It will be a surprise for me. Ted knows and has kept it hidden this far. I am almost 99% sure it’s a baby girl – not a word from God or anything. I asked God to keep it a secret from me as well :)
How is the baby’s movement? GREAT & frequent – some days beats me up from the inside! I love it!
How is the baby’s heartbeat? Speedy!
Baby’s name? Secret. JUST figured out our boy’s name too – HOORAY!
Did your husband help pick the name? Our girl’s name I’ve had since 16, originally it was a name of a sound I loved but I thought it would be a adorable girl’s name, Ted did help decide the middle name. And our boys name as well!
Mom to be’s latest cravings? I am ashamed but mcdonald’s sausage egg mcmuffin – mostly salty right now
Mom to be’s latest “pregnant” moment? Two -1: I forgot a best friend’s Feb. birthday!!! 2: I cried last night for no apparent reason other than I just wanted to cry.
What was the first change you noticed in your body? I immediately went from a size B to a D, I mean Immediately, ask anyone around me at the time. BAM!
What was the latest change in your body? My expanding stomach is aching a lot, due to the growth spurt baby e is on! The baby’s movements make it all worth while though.
What is your sleep schedule? Whenever I can, lately we’ve been up later than normal, but I usually go to bed as early as I can.
What is your work schedule? 9 – 5:30 sometimes later or earlier depending on worship or intercession Monday, Wed, Fridays.
What is the last thing you bought for the baby? Surprisingly I haven’t bought anything yet, but I did win a serasoft stuffed animal, an elephant last week for the baby it’s almost the size of a body pillow too! (pics above) IT’S SO ADORABLE!
What was the last thing you bought for yourself? A bagel & cream cheese & caffeine free cream soda!
Planned birth place? At home, hopefully in a tub!
Who will be in the room with you? Still unsure. Def. my midwife, Ted, and my mom.
Are you scared? Not yet.
Are you going to use drugs? No.
How do you think you will react? With many tears.
How do you think your partner will react? I think he’ll fall in love at first sight and cry too :)
Have you started birthing classes? I’ve attended two, but I hope to do more in the 3rd trimester when my schedule is more relaxed.
What is the nursery theme? I recently added the elephant but it’s not really a theme.
Are you going to breastfeed? Yep!
How much weight have you gained? 13 pounds! I feel huge, but it’s mostly in my breasts and belly right now, probably soon to be elsewhere.
What is your favorite thing about being pregnant? our baby inside & all of his or her movements!
What is your least favorite thing about being pregnant? probably the entire first trimester when I was ill often but now it’s the fact that when hunger hits, it hits fast and i need to eat right away or I feel sick!
Biggest pet peeve while pregnant? probably when people compare my growing belly to others speed of things, that’s hard sometimes cause I’m so short and feel huge already!
Favorite drink before pregnancy?Tie: Dr. Pepper or Carmel Macchiatos
Favorite drink while pregnant? grape juice YUM and i enjoy iced water with Lemon more than ever!
What features do you hope the baby gets from you? freckles, my feet (sorry babe!), my mouth.
What features do you hope the baby gets from your husband? DEF. eye colour and eye shape, height, hair colour, and nose!
What week did you start wearing maternity clothes? So far, not yet – I am still in my jeans although they are tighter than before!
What week (if any) did stretch marks appear? Still haven’t yet and IM SHOCKED! I figured with the baby’s growth spurt I’d have them. It’s hereditary so we shall see!
What are 3 things you can’t live without right now? Only 3 huh… st. Ives lotion, ted, bella band
What is your favorite smell or scent while pregnant? I rarely smell good things actually… i still love the smell of coffee, also Ted’s scent too!
What is the worst smell? Friends & family tell me I am always saying it smells like Chili, cat food, or vomit which i won’t deny, I am convinced I smell one of the three everyday. SICK!
What is your favorite pregnancy website?
What is your favorite baby names website? – cause it’s the most fun
What is your favorite kids movie? NEMO! I’m actually a sucker for kids movies! I love almost all of the pixar movies & old school disney movies, also horton hears a who!
What is the first thing you might say to your new baby boy or baby girl? Probably I love you, but I might just be shocked into silence and tears! We’ll see!

The Prego Life of Jami.

You know your pregnant when (#2):

-20 minutes after eating a snack/meal you’re hungry again
-.5 ounces in your bladder inside feels like 30 gallons, and you have to go NOW and often
-you wake up 1-2 times a night because your little one kicks ya, or you have to pee… again
-you begin to grow peach fuzz in the most unattractive places such as; the back of your neck (yep!) and your belly
-you’re nails and hair grow at the speed of lightning – including leg & armpit hair, yikes.
-you wake up from the most vivid, colourful, even life-like dream and immediately forget it
-you find yourself exhausted but can’t sleep when bedtime rolls around
-you feel the baby moving ALL of the time and stop as soon as you say the words “quick, come and feel!” to anyone
-your breasts feel like shot-put balls – each!
-you jog or run suddenly from one place to another, stop and feel like you ran with a bowling ball inside your uterus. OUCH!
-you suddenly stand, twist, or even sneeze and it feels like someone was yanking on the muscles from your lower abdomen to your chest
-your belly button begins to spread with each developing week, looking more and more like a crater with a foreign object inside
-peeing is the best feeling in the world, and you almost always have to sigh
-you go to tie your shoes and because of the pressure below you to tie your shoe laces on the side rather than on top
-every week you stand in from of the mirror thinking, there is no way my body can possibly stretch any farther… and it does, and you quickly realize this is only the beginning
-you feel something inside poke, kick, punch, squirm – recognize it’s your baby, and almost sob with excitement and joy
-girly or tragic movies are out of the question because you’ll just end up using an entire box of tissue & your man’s shoulder
-you now can’t watch the parts of the movies where the woman is giving birth – or even listen to it
-you sleep an entire afternoon and can still fall asleep by 8pm – unless the insomnia decides to kick in that night :)
-your husband find your belly button the most hysterical thing in the world is always saying, “Please, can i poke it?”
-even the little flutters or sudle movements from within never make you yawn or bored
-spelling words like subtle, take you 15 minutes to spell and spell check becomes more and more handy (look at above spelling of subtle, see what I mean?)

more to come, I am sleepy and out of things to write.

Week 10; You know you’re pregnant when.


Above is a picture of how “big” our little one is already! This week his/her tissue and organs are growing rapidly and maturing. He is now swallowing & kicking up a storm (which we saw proof of the kicking part yesterday)! He can also bend his little arms and legs now! Right now he/she is 1 1/4″ long and in the next few weeks our baby will double in size.

I have been INCREDIBLY nauseous, even to the point where I throw up suddenly and on the spot. I’m not sure if it is the fact that our little one is now squirming around a lot more or… just the fact that I am pregnant. Yesterday while having our ultrasound, the nurse said, “See this little guy, this is the reason you’ve been so sick & exhausted.” I looked at him/her moving around, waving and thought, it is ALL worth it. I’m already in love. Oh and yes, another change; my emotions. As I wrote about him/her moving… I got all chocked up. Those pregnancy emotions has arrived. Oh the joy.
“You know you’re prego when”:
  • while driving I hear an add for McDonald’s and immediately get sick to my stomach, empty my purse, and yes throw up into the purse and all over my shirt… (WHILE DRIVING)!
  • holding someone else’s baby makes me more impatient than I have ever been my entire life
  • I have cried while watching commercials & especially the news.
  • I almost CAN’T watch extreme makeover home edition anymore, due to waves of tears
  • I also gag at food commercials
  • Ted lovingly told me that I probably should lay off (my first craving) french fries, and I immediately burst into tears
  • anything can make me gag: Sufjan our hamster, food, talking about food (especially fast food), people passing gas around me, talk of gross subjects, & sometimes even Ted’s cologne!
  • I gave in one day and drank a Dr.pepper, cried about drinking it and then a few minutes later cried about not being able to drink caffeine
  • 75% of the time my coughing triggers my gag reflex causing me to throw up, yet again.
  • looking at my waist freaks me out, expanding as it slowly does… yikes!
  • I love milk for the first time since I can remember
  • I am a little slower, dumber, and more forgetful these days
  • my hair grows faster than it has in a very long time
  • I find myself wanting to be around Ted more and more each day
Thanks for reading my long winded blog!
x Jami & “peanut” as Ted would call him/her