You know your a momma to a boy when…

Remember all of my “you know your prego when…” well, I thought it would be fun to do one of these again, only this time, write about what it’s like for me as a mother to a boy! Some of these may or may not be the case if you have a girl baby too, I might found out soon enough :)

-You know your a momma to a boy when…

-when baby gates become your new best friend-

-and faux hawks are suddenly super adorable-

-when you find yourself constantly saying, “Sit down”, “please stop banging your head on everything”, “don’t bite”, “be gentle”, “What does a dinosaur say?”, “eeeee, don’t eat that”… etc.-

-when you go out to a store or to softball games or coffee shop… or anywhere… and your boy walks around, meeting strangers and making his silly faces at them-

-when a family friend or a stranger wants to hold him and you hold your breath and hope he doesn’t slap them right in the face. Yep, he’s a slapper-

-when pool time becomes a must if it’s nice outside. This boy LOVES the outdoors and can throw a pretty big fit when being brought back inside :/ –

-when “Roar like a Dinosaur Day” excites you because the little man thinks he’s is one-

-when your house looks like this most of the time, you clean and clean and clean only to have it back this way within seconds. I wonder if little girls can do this much damage?! i might know soon!-

-when the boy has such an obsession with cords and that leaves you constantly on guard when indoors-

-when it seems stomach is already an endless pit. Makes me nervous for the teen years!-

-when a diaper is his favourite “outfit” and putting clothes becomes upsetting :)-

-even better… being nakey! This is a daily occurence-

-when you watch him adore his daddy and it almost always warms your heart and you wonder if he will want to be just like him. love it so, so much-

Well that’s all my prego mind can think of right now… MUCH more of these to come I’m sure :)