What I Wore {1}

I have been inspired by four lovely ladies; Elsie, Rachel, Danielle, and James who do “What I Wore” posts where they do a little photoshoot to capture… what they wore ;) Usually they wear thrifted, vintage and handmade items, so it’s really inspirational! I decided to join in, I was planning on waiting until I lost at least 20 lbs, but with a push from a few friends and family, decided maybe this would be another incentive to losing the weight. I have been really, really, really wanting to join in this!

I have to tell you, this is a {huge} step for me to, first, have my photos taken and second, to post them at my current size! If you know me personally, you’ve seen, I’ve gained a lot of weight. I’m not proud of it, and as much as yes, I had two babies very close together, I can’t keep using that as an excuse because… that’s not why! I’ve put on 16lbs since I’ve been home from the hospital… breaks my heart. WHEW. Anyways, I realize that I shouldn’t let that hold me back, I need to learn to love who I am (which I’ve always had a hard time with, even at my smallest) and I’m trying… Here we go, eeeeeep!

What I (we) Wore shoot;

my outfit;

top, Daytrip, thrifted

jeans, Paris Blues, sale rack at Ross

shoes, Rocketdogs, thrifted

necklace, made by me

his outfit:

top, Circo, thrifted

jeans, Calvin Klien, thrifted (funny story, I thought they were skinny jeans but they are in fact girls jeans! :)I still love the look)

shoes, Converse, sale Nordstrom’s Rack


For those who follow me and don’t know me personally, it’s nice to finally see the face behind the blog, eh? I always like it when I can put a face with the blogs I read!

 Huge thanks to my sister Chels for taking the photos of me! Stay tuned as my sister Abie is about to post her “What I wore” post that I shot yesterday. She is ADORABLE. I will link to her blog once she does!

This was fun and totally challenged my insecurity in a very good way (hitting “publish” was SO hard). I will definitely keep this up! As I loose the weight, my style will (hopefully) be more and more vintage! Ever since I’ve put on the weight, my “style” has evolved but I have yet to buy anything vintage. I’m waiting until I loose the weight. EXCITED!

Stay tuned as I’m working on a Thrifted Treasures post next!