A Onesie (& a Boy) with Character.

Boy Kimino? Yes. Thank you Dwell Studio.

Uh oh, he spotted the camera.

This was an accidentel shot. It’s almost like he’s saying “Who me?”

This is what happens sometimes when he realizes I am photographing him.

I. am. serious. He gets this ornery side from his daddy. ;)

Seconds later, this shot. This boy is quite the character!

Last but not least, my {favourite} shot.

I realized, forgot to write about his 6 month well-baby checkup. He now weighs 18 lbs 2 oz and is 28 3/4 in long. He is 75% in his weight and head, but his height is in the 90%. He obviously doesn’t get that from my 61″. :) He is healthy and that always encourages my heart.

We will be moving onto veggies soon. I am looking forward to that, but I can’t say the same for Chase. The reason I’ve waited so long is because he actually doesn’t really like rice cereal and most days he refuses to eat it and will only eat breastmilk! (And he still refuses to take a bottle)…

Since he is at a healthy weight, I haven’t pushed it too hard, but we are going to try veggies and see what he thinks then! I really don’t mind either way, because right now, this is the one thing I have that helps me feel like my baby boy isn’t growing up too fast. I will not complain about the fact that he only nurses because someday and sooner than I can even imagine, I will be missing those moments when he is in my arms.

Curious, when and what did you first feed your baby after rice cereal?

Well-Baby Check up.

Chase is 4 months old today.

Chase is healthy as can be. Since his last check up (blogged here), he has gained 4oz putting him at 15 lbs 15 oz. He has slowed down in the weight gain and my little arms are ever so grateful. However, he is looong. 28 3/4 inches in fact, which dwarfs me. When I see my friend, who is my height (5’1), I cannot believe just how long he is. He makes me look even shorter than I am, if that’s possible :) And, just in case you’re super-duper curious; his head is measuring 17 inches. Also, f you haven’t already noticed, he has his daddy’s ears :) I think they are already as big as mine. Teheheee.

There was something different about this appointment… ah yes, the opinionated intern. She made my day. They had her do the well-baby check up. That part I didn’t mind, it was her opinions about how I raise my baby that bothered me. First, she asked me a list of questions, one of my answers sparked a lecture from her.
Intern: “When you go to get him from his crib in the morning, has he rolled onto his tummy?”
Me: “He sleeps beside our bed for most of the night and then when he wakes to eat at 4-4:30 am he comes to bed with me.”
Intern: “You know that is a bad idea, don’t you?”
Ted: “What? Sleeping on his back?”
Intern: “No. Sleeping him sleeping in your bed.”
Me: “I’ve heard the arguments but it is what we prefer.”
Intern: (The gist) “…at this age he should learn that he can soothe himself and that he doesn’t need you to comfort him all of the time…let him cry it out… besides, you won’t want him in your bed as 6 years old….” ect.

What?! Isn’t that apart of being a momma? Comforting your child who is 4 months old and does not know how to manipulate and is crying for a reason. Teaching him from early on that this is a safe and secure environment.

I disagreed with almost everything she went on to say, but kept silent. Part of me wanted to tell her the benefits of him sleeping beside or in our bed, but I believe that each parent is different in personality and each child as well and you can’t state that as fact. You shouldn’t tell someone that the way you parent is the way they should, because every child is different, every parent is different. You can share ideas, but you really cannot state it as fact: “this is what works for everyone.” What may work for us, may not work for you and visa versa.

I’ve read both extremes; Attachment Parenting by Dr. Sears and Baby Wise by Dr. Robert Bucknam. We lean more towards Attachment Parenting. I do like some things in Baby Wise but we prefer the AP. And naturally, on our own, so far the things we have implemented into our lives as parents work for us; we have a healthy, happy and super content baby that knows he is loved.

I express the way we do things on my blog because …it’s my blog. I hope that I never make it seem like the way we do things is the end all. The say. It’s not! It’s simply what works for us and what we personally desire!

Okay, enough of that. How about some cute videos?

Cute Lil Roller from Jami Davis on Vimeo.

This Lil Piggy is Yummy! from Jami Davis on Vimeo.

Telling me a story. from Jami Davis on Vimeo.

He does look upset, but he is really not. He is just talking :)
p.s. 4 month photoshoot pics to come

Boys, Boys, BOYS!

This morning our little guy woke up smiling and ready to play, ignorant of what the morning held. SHOTS! We took him to his 2 month checkup for a physical and immunizations. The moment we walked into the office he began to whimper as if he knew what was coming.
I’m totally making this more dramatic than it really was. Good grief.
He got 3 shots today. He screamed, then sobbed and held his breath. I really hate that cry because it breaks my heart. Ted held him and calmed him down, which took a while but he’s fine now. In the moment it seems so intense, ugh! He is totally wiped out from crying and is now napping. Poor guy!
He is now 13 lbs 10 oz (90%) and 23 3/4 inches long (75%). He is healthy and big! Although I just told Ted two days ago that I thought he grew length wise because he seemed thinner. He is still a little chunk for sure, but I could tell he grew.
I’m hoping the weight gain slows down a bit (I think it already is) because as much as I love a chunky baby, hauling him around when he’s 6 months plus is going to be quite the workout! Or maybe that’s a good thing :) Okay, now I’m rambling…
Two of my friends had their baby boys on the same day this week!
September 14th the world welcomed…

Silas Benjamin Lambert
8 lbs 1 oz 22 in

Bodie Benner Shjandemaar
8 lbs 3 oz 19.5 in
Can you believe all of the BOYS that have been born? This is just c r a z y to me! Maybe it is just the people I know, but wow! Here is a list of the babies that have been born within the last year. I only knew two women who gave birth to girls that past year!
August 08- Seth and Samuel Davies (twin boys)
September 08- Olive Scott (girl)
November 08- Ivan Murphy, Atticus Russell, Jadyn Morris (girl)
December 08- Lucas Sotomayor
January 09- Caleb Menna
February 09- Seth Mayo, Ozzi Tempero
March 09- Landen Henkel
May 09- Jereson Lange, Eli Cobb, Zackary Failla
June 09- Asher Alley
July 09- Chase Davis, Josiah Wellington
August 09- Harper Osburn (girl)
September 09- Bodie Shjandemaar, Silas Lambert
October 09- Turpin & Peterson boys due
December 09- Fishlock boy due
3 girls, 20 boys! Boys, boys, boys… I’m loving it!
p.s. Today is the 18th which means Chase is officially 2 months!
Happy 2 months Chase!