My Downfall.

It’s not food…well it’s that too but… it’s beverages MORE than food. I am feeling discouraged today with my body. I still drink Dr. Pepper all of the time! I am better than before I was prego, yes, but it’s still so awful!

I’m addicted, plain and simple.

Advice? Encouragement? Alternative?
Even the hansen’s natural soda’s aren’t cutting it for me anymore. It’s like when I used to give Chase a binky in the car when he really wanted to eat and he would just glare at me or scream until he could eat.
Terrible analogy, I know.
Pray for me? Haha.
One encouraging thing… my curls are COMING BACK!
You are thinking one of two things;
  1. If you know me you are saying “and you’re excited about this?” Yes! Ted loves them and I actually miss them!
  2. If you know me a lil you are thinking “what are you talking about?” well…I was convinced I was having a girl while prego because my naturally curly hair began to slowly fade into waves and then barely anything!

Last night I decided to try and add curling jell because I thought I saw some waves the other day when I got my hair cut… and sure enough it’s curling again!!

A Beautiful Day.

These are the days that walking is lovely!

These are the days that walking is not so lovely!

It seems like every other day is cold, but I’ve got to keep pressing in to lose the weight. I am doing this all on my own… well, with Ted as my accountability. I do wish we could both always walk together, but that’s close to impossible with Chase, as least right now.

I still haven’t stepped on a scale. Two weeks, I said.
I also still haven’t given up soda completely. Dr.pepper is my weakness, however I am doing better! Also, I’ve started replacing it with Hansen’s.
The new yummy goodness to satisfy my sweet tooth.

Walk, Walk, Walk it Off…

I’ve begun walking and I am l o v i n g it!

Although today snowed, so it’s going to be a bit chiller.
Oh well, I wanna lose the weight, right?
YES. Hopefully I’ll literally freeze my butt off!
Or just my belly- that’s the part I’m waiting to lose more than anything.
We’re still dancing whenever we get the chance too.
That’s about it on the fitness side of things, but I am feeling pretty good about these little steps.
Exciting news… my stretch marks are FADING!!!


Walking in the spirit will actually help me lose this baby weight!

How funny is that? I just realized that after writing this on my such pretty rain blog. ha ha.

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control. Against such there is no law. And those who are Christ’s have crucified the flesh with its passions and desires. If we live in the Spirit, let us also walk in the Spirit. Let us not become conceited, provoking one another, envying one another.

Galatians 5:16-23

Self-control in not eating whatever I want whenever I want.

Dance, Dance.

Chase and I began dancing together a little over two weeks ago. We began dancing every day, but then my bleeding started again (just spotting) and we stopped.

I talked to a friend and researched online and it seems normal. So we began to dance again yesterday!
Here is one of our dance time playlists;
1. Naive – The Kooks (Begin with this song)
2. Let’s Get It Started- Black Eyed Peas (I LOVE working out to this song!)
3. I’ve Gotta Feeling- Black Eyed Peas
4. On Your Own – Green River Ordinance
5. She Is Love- Parachute
6. By Your Side- Tenth Avenue North (our “cool down” song)
I’ve decided not to step back on the scale for 2 weeks because stepping on it lately has been disheartening. I am stuck at the same weight, not losing anything. So, 2 weeks and then we’ll check things out.
I am calming down a bit in regards to my weight. I bought a pair of jeans that fit me for the fall until I fit in my others, so that helps. I’m giving myself 9 months- So 7 1/2 left.
I struggle with insecurity, but I’ve been giving it to God. Last week was rough in my insecurities of weight, being a mother, where I am in life, etc. This week I’m determined to give it all to Him. He’s got me by His side and I’m not gonna fight it this time around.

First things first…

I am giving up soda starting next week. I know we always say “I’ll begin Monday” and I guess this is kind of like that (I have a little bit left in the fridge. What? I can’t waste it! ;) ) But Ted will be helping keep me accountable, he rarely drinks it, so that helps!

Since I came home from the hospital, I started drinking Dr. Pepper again (I lived off of it pre-pregnancy). I was hoping after not having it for so long, that I would dislike it… WRONG. I have a glass or can EVERY day now… sad huh?
I have such an addictive personality, unfortunately! I have a liter of Dr. Pepper left and then I’m done and I’m serious. I might have to wean myself off or maybe it will be easy because I haven’t been drinking it that long.
Why I need to stop drinking soda:
  • I need to learn self control. (oh boy it’s hard!)
  • High fructose corn syrup among other lovely things…
  • I have a son, who in a year or two will want everything mommy has and we don’t want our kids to have sode (that’s the plan anyways).
  • I want to lose the baby weight, not put more on!
How sad? I have to wean myself of DR. PEPPER! Hahaha….
A little off topic but I want to say CONGRATS to my hubby for losing 5 lbs!! He began running two weeks ago and is already losing weight! He too gained baby weight unfortunately!

The Davis (not a diet) Lifestyle Change.

Today I went jean shopping… need I say more?

Well, yes because it’s me. ;)
Jean shopping before I had a baby was awful. I always wanted to be a size smaller. If only I could rewind and be grateful for the size I once was! I’ve never have a good view on my body image and that is my desire!
I bought a pair so I at least have a pair that I like and feel comfortable in for the fall.
I feel a bit more confident with my body than I did even last week.
My first efforts at working out;
Dancing with Chase! I choose 2 songs, each 3 minutes or longer and dance, take a break between songs and dance again! I do this twice daily! Chase loves it and I am feeling it. My thighs muscles are almost non-existant so I really do feel like I’ve worked out!
Ted and I have made a “plan” for me to lose the baby weight. He too is losing weight right now, so that is helping me get motivated. I have an accountability partner!
Our goal is not to diet, count calories or go cold turkey on our favourite foods and drinks. Instead we are slowly cutting things out and we are choosing healthier foods and portions while working out.
It’s the Davis lifestyle change, not a diet!


I have been wearing gauchos for the past few months. Especially the last bit of pregnancy and ever since Chase came.
I haven’t worn jeans since his birth, for two reasons:
  1. I had a fear of trying my jeans on because I knew they wouldn’t fit or if they did they would be super tight.
  2. I was afraid of buttoning jeans over my incision.
This morning I decided to get over both fears and I went for it. I tried on my size 11 jeans and they were loose!! I was so shocked! Since they were loose I decided to just try my size 8 capris and THEY FIT! They buttoned easily!!
Now I look like I have some shape and that I have lost some of the pregnancy weight gain. It’s encouraging!
I am no where near where I want to be but this is progress! I beat myself up so bad about being this big compared to my natural size, but I need to realize that its only been 7 weeks since I had Chase and I haven’t even begun to work out yet and I have already lost quite of bit (more than I thought I would by now).
Now it’s about getting into a healthy lifestyle which will lead up to being fit.
I am encouraged today! For the first time in a while.

My Journey Begins…

7 weeks ago I had a 42 hour labor ending with a C-section to deliver my beautiful (and big) baby boy Chase Journey Davis. Since that day I have been on the road to recovery. Recovering from a C-section has been absolute hell for me. It’s not at all what I dreamed it would be, in fact it is the polar opposite. I always dreamt of having an easy, unmedicated and natural delivery, recovering in a matter of weeks rather than months and a chance to begin working back into my pre-prego body almost immediately.
That didn’t happen, BUT here I am. A hopeful momma on this journey back into being a fit me. I am excited about working out, more than I have ever been in my life. I hope this excitement stays. Here’s to hoping!
This blog is dedicated to my journey of becoming healthy and fit. I will blog about the struggles and the victories as I make my way back down to my natural size. I am determined to become healthy and fit again but most importantly, this time I am determined to learn to love my body throughout this journey. I am determined to have a healthy view of myself and my body image, which is something that I have struggled with even when I was at the unhealthy size 1/2!
I want to have a healthy perspective now more than ever before because I want my son and the children to come to be secure in who they are. Mommy needs to show them this. Oh boy, here we go!
I still have a little less than 3 weeks before I am able to work out. Doctors orders due to some complications my incision has had. I am going to s l o w l y ease into working out and it shall begin with walking! I can’t wait!!
I must say, making a blog about this new journey of losing the baby weight, already makes me feel 10 lbs lighter! Now if only that could be literal. Whatever the case, I am loving it and I am excited to begin this journey!

His First Cold & A Secret Exposed.

Chase’s first cold began yesterday. Poor boy. I noticed he sounded congested yesterday afternoon when we were doing tummy time. Since then it’s gotten worse but thankfully he isn’t running a fever! We got saline drops to help loosen up the mucus, and I am hoping that will be all it takes to beat this thing. I just don’t want him to get a fever! That would frighten me.
Last night I ended up sleeping in the recliner with him, in order to keep him upright. I didn’t get much sleep, but it’s really incredible how your mommy instincts truly kick in and you just do what you’ve got to do in order to keep him safe and secure. He is extra cuddly and clingy today, which I don’t mind at all. I just want him to feel better!

Still smiley as ever though!
Today was my 6 week appointment. I can’t believe it’s been 6 weeks… and I can. I’m serious. Some days I am in awe of how fast it’s flown and some days I feel like I had him months ago!
Okay, so my incision is going to heal on it’s own and it actually looks better. I’ve really been taking care of myself and not lifting things I shouldn’t. It freaked me out enough to teach me a lesson. It’s still going to be a while before I am fully healed, in fact another 4 weeks. That was kind of disappointing, but I’m going to obey this time.
I lost 7 pounds since my check up 4 weeks ago. Not great, not terrible. I’ve ate terribly the first 4 weeks, so I am just glad I didn’t gain any weight. Here is a funny story about the jelly belly…
Today Ted and I went through the drive thru at our bank. Out of habit, I turned the pen over and pushed it against my belly to click it open. My pre-prego belly and my tight prego belly 2 would instantly click it open, this time it just went into my skin and nothing happened! HAHA! Gotta love this jelly belly.
And for looking like this only 6 weeks ago… I should be grateful for where I am today. Seriously, when I saw this prego picture, I started laughing. It’s so crazy how big I got!!

So Jami, just how much weight did you gain?
Here is something I will share NOW because as much as it may embarrass me, I want to be honest AND I also want to look back in 9 months from now and be proud of the weight lost (hopefully). Did you notice how I would update on my weight gain throughout the pregnancy up until the last 3/4 weeks? … :) Yes it is that bad.
Well, the last few weeks, I ate EVERYTHING in my path. I was so anxious and bored. Too very bad combinations. I ate everything I craved.
So how much weight did I put on? 48 pounds!! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? I can’t! Well, I can because it’s still hanging on me ;) So far I’ve lost 32 lbs and I would still love to lost another 20!
Secret exposed.
I’ve learned my lesson for the next pregnancy. Wow, I just gave myself chills saying “next pregnancy”. My goal of 2 children under 2 may have just changed. As of right now, I’m just a tad fearful of going through labor again!