Our Little Love (has my nose).

Today we had an ultrasound to check the baby’s anatomy, as well as the placenta. It went super well! I always enjoy the ultrasound technician, I think she enjoys our reactions too as we see our little one squirm!

Great news – the placenta has a little lake of blood, but nothing to worry about! The loop or whatever it was, didn’t show up in this ultrasound, so it’s GONE! Which means, I can have a safe home birth! Praise God, He knew our heart’s desire!

Our baby is adorable, I’m so in love! He or she was facing up so we could see it’s cute little mouth opening and closing, we saw it’s little tongue sticking out, and it’s cute little nose (I think it looks like mine, but really have no idea)! Ted and I were in awe when we witnessed that. It was so clear this morning and we were thankful because we can’t afford the 3D ultrasound. The baby’s anatomy is great as well, it’s little heart beats so fast!

They say I am measuring a week ahead of schedule, but that could be just for now, we shall see. I am hoping for the baby to be born on my mom’s bday, but of course if the baby comes early I’m not complaining! Baby is 1 pound!!

One thing I probably should share… I did not and I am not finding out the sex of our baby, although I am still think this little love is a girl. Ted however… he found out! Stinker, I know! He can’t handle the wait and surprise of it all, which I finally came to understand and he spent time praying and felt like he could do it and keep his mouth zipped. The midwife and ultrasound gal thought that we were pretty funny for doing this. I still can’t believe he knows. It’s crazy, but I’m praying that I won’t find out!

This probably means he is going to mess with me a lot the next few months. He did tell my mother-in-law, but I trust her completely!!

Notice how our little ones arms cover the face. SO CUTE! (click to enlarge if you’d like)
Jami & our little Love

Week 19: Poking Love.

BEFORE you see these pictures…We decided to take pics of me trying to get the baby to kick. It doesn’t usually kick on demand :) SO I poke it sometimes… not too hard though! I know, it’s weird, but here are some pics. Also some of our 18 week ultrasound. We go back for another checkup March 3rd to check the placenta and the baby’s anatomy. Hopefully next time baby will sit still!