Happy birthday to the best man I know! 

Yesterday this amazing guy mentioned he keeps two sticky notes on his computer at his desk (he works at a credit union as an MSR) to help him during a day. I asked what they are and he shared one says ‘Prequel’ to remind him that everyone has a story before they met/spoke to him, reminding him to be gracious and loving despite how they are when they speak to him. And the other is ‘RUA’ (Are You Awake) which reminds him to find God in the now, to remind him we are always connected to God. I just again was struck with how incredible and deep this man is!  I’m so thankful he was born 32 years ago today, that Jesus captured his troubled 16-year-old heart (in a juvenile detention center) and changed the course of his life drastically (you should ask him his story – it’s incredible!), that we met and I’ve now had 11 years of celebrating his life! I love how passionately and deeply he lives every day (even at work).

 Happy birthday Ted!! We love you!