our new health blog & a small victory

Today I created a new blog called Our journey to health where I will post about our journey as a family to a holisitc approach to health. We’re starting from scratch though and we need your help. If you have advice, please comment on our health blog. Thank you much :)


I also just really wanted to share… remember The Paper Mama Photo Challenge; Fall I entered?! Well my photo was picked as #2 in the top 5!

The Paper Mama

Check it out here and be sure to check out the #1 photo too, it’s so awesome. I was just really excited and had to share with you all :) It actually really was an encouragment to me that day I found out. It brightened my day.

The Paper Mama Photo Challenge: Fall.

I am really enjoying this inspirational- crafty- artsy-momma over here at The Paper Mama. She does photo challenges and I decided I wanted to join in this time around.

The Paper Mama

This weeks challenge is fall, so I chose this one I took just last week;

Chase {loves} his dinosaur outfit. It was originally for halloween but he likes it so much, it’s become apart of his wardrobe. In fact, today he wore it while we ran errands and roared (a friendly roar) at strangers in the line at King Soopers. I feel so blessed to have such a cute little dinosaur :)