For both Chase and momma.


{Chase’s bottom two teeth have emerged}

I wondered when it would happen. I’ve heard they can teeth for months without getting teeth, so I held onto the hope that he would be one of those baby’s that didn’t get a tooth until one years or older!
And here we are. Chase.
5 1/2. months. old. young.
Too young, in my opinion and not just because I am afraid of being bit while nursing.
Although, that has already been a bummer. Oh man. I thought it was painful when I first began nursing, but this tops that by far. I can’t even express how hard Chase {bites}, already. This makes a girl want to call it quits on breastfeeding! Although it’s hard, I will say… no blood drawn yet. AMEN!
Speaking of “owwwwiiieeees”. Chase has a special way of saying “I love you”. Check it out.

Headbuttin’ Love (1) from Jami Davis on Vimeo.

Headbuttin’ Love (2) from Jami Davis on Vimeo.

Headbuttin’ Love (3) from Jami Davis on Vimeo.

I TRIED to capture it, haha. Coming soon: Pictures of his “teefers”… AND his 5 month photos once I edit them! (I am a slacker, yes)

Even Though We’re Ninjas…

Today, teething kicked our butt.
(and last night and the night before)
Chase’s teething comes with gnawing, chewing, extra cuddling, crying
and screaming and

Wanting to be in mommy’s arms
(sorry dad!)

Rosy red cheeks from the slight fever.

These lil guys are lifesavers…
Snuggly teething elephant.

He loves the cold teething toys the best.

That’s right babe, we’re hoping for peace.
And soon, for his sake.
Poor buddy!
If you are a new mom, pregnant or may become pregnant, don’t worry because I’ve read/heard that not every baby reacts to teething the way Chase does! There is hope! (Haha, this sounds like a commercial.)