Spring Snow(s).

Our Colorado winter was a little lacking but along came April and so this the snow! I’m not particularly fond of cold weather but enjoyed it because a) my boys (Ted included) love the snow. b) Colorado desperately needed it and c) because I knew the Colorado sun would melt it in no time. Here are some photos of our spring snows:

581795_10151344515076989_421121396_n‘Today’ was just 2 days later. This is Colorado (and I’m sure elsewhere … but from the winters we experienced while living in Wisconsin for 7 years, this is pretty amazing.)
47021_10151333516371989_1557301408_n482275_10151333521511989_1587953762_n20130424-202352.jpgWe build our first ever “snowman” which Chase requested a dinosaur. I was a little intimidated to try making it in front of Chaseyboy the dinosaur lover ;)


But he approved. 20130424-202413.jpg20130424-202454.jpg







Above: Here is Ted running from me like a sissy man ;) after he pummeled me with now. Hehe20130424-202746.jpg

Chaseyboy wanted to help me out by kicking the snow off the car. Sweet boy.20130424-202759.jpg

We had a cancelation but had already left the house, so I took the boys out for a spontaneous date. It was really fun and memorable.20130424-202833.jpg

We enjoyed the temporary weird Colorado spring weather … but I’ve gotta say, we’re thankful for the sunshine’y days now!


first snowfall of the season.

Tuesday night I dimmed the lights, opened the blinds and Chase and I sat on our couch eating a bowl of kix as the snow began to fall. The first snowfall of the season! I can’t say I was super thrilled about it snowing (they put a damper on our weekly trips to Denver to check on Boy S), but Chase helps me see the snow in a different light. Ya know, one of those endless possibilities for a 2-year-old boy. ;) Wednesday morning he awoke asking to see the snow. So at 6:40am we bundled up in our winter coats and boots and ventured out into the white wonderland.

Chasey-boy – super excited. Sporting a hand-me-down coat and thrifted “ka-chow” boots and a hat that looks like one dadddy wears.

 We only stayed out for about 15-20 minutes. After coming back inside a huge branch snapped and fell into our yard, where we’d been standing just minutes before. That was the first of 3 huge branches to fall in our yard. Kind of freaked me out a little bit so we haven’t ventured out into our yard again. However, we did go to “Gg-ma’s” house yesterday and Chase got to play outside there for a bit.

Helping “Gg-ma” shake off the trees.

Yeah, momma should have put mittens on him.

“Gin-Gin”, one of my grandma’s puppies, covered in snow. :)

Just wanted to share pictures of the first snowfall of the season!

{Boy S comes in just 12 days!!}