“Healing” Fresh Air.

Chase has been extremely sick and lethargic the past few days. He will have his occasional moments of feeling good and like himself, but for the most part has been incredibly clingy and fussy. He is nursing almost hourly and won’t eat a spoonful of baby food.

The daytime sickness is {nothing} in comparison to the nighttime sickness. They say croup gets worse and night and they aren’t kidding. The past 3 nights Chase and I have maybe slept 8 hours combined. Last night was the worst since I brought him home from the hospital. Partly because I could see and hear his labored breathing and it terrified me into checking on him more often than usual.

I would like to say he is getting better but so far I don’t see much improvement. Please pray for him!

One thing did brighten his day and that was {the sunshine and fresh air}.

We’ve been cooped up inside for the past few days, with the exception of picking up daddy from work or running an errand. Today I knew we needed to get out, so we went for a walk and then played in the backyard while daddy and his friends worked on a car in the driveway

This was one of Chase’s first times playing in the grass like this. I am looking forward to spring and summertime with him. He LOVED it… and the grass, which of course he tried. Thankfully he learns the first time and didn’t try eating it anymore :)

It wasn’t long before the fun, silly boy I knew, emerged.

Takin’ a water break.

Refreshed and back to being silly.

My favourite photo of the day. This made me smile, even with nasty ol’ croup, he is such a joy.

Next time we’re having a rough day, we’re headed outside for some “healing” fresh air. It did good for my little guy today. Spring is almost on her way and then summer and fall!! Hooray! Can’t wait.

Pictures coming tomorrow of a masquerade birthday party we attended tonight. Great fun and a lot of beautiful masks :) Stay tuned!


Big Cough, Little Boy.

Chase has croup. It started with a cold, then overnight he had a fever and a horrid cough. Poor buddy, it makes my heart ache to hear him cough so deep and cry from the pain of it. I feel so helpless but we’re doing our best to make him comfortable as he gets better.

What can cheer up a little boy with a big cough?

A laundry basket? Yep! :)

This might seem like torture but he was having a great time. I just loved seeing him smile!

A few drops of eucalyptus oil on his chest does {wonders} (thanks Petra for the advice!), along with warm/hot showers with mom or dad and waaaaay more naps than this boy normally takes. He should be back to his normal, playful, happy self soon!

Croup gets worse at night but I am still hoping for a good night for the boy. Please pray for healing for his little “broken” body!

Going to go “sleep while he sleeps” and may blog more tomorrow. :)

A ‘Girls Only’ Update.

First, an update on my little man. He is still fighting this cold. Poor buddy. He has been sleeping a lot more than normal, sleeping very good at night because of this. He doesn’t wake up to feed and I actually have to wake him, which is not normal for him. I’ve also had to force feed him, because he was too lethargic to eat. He is just not himself and it’s breaking our hearts. Tomorrow I am taking him into the doctors.

If you happen to be a man and you happen to be reading this very blog, I suggest you stop! Just for this one and trust me you’ll want to stop.

Seriously, stop.

Many of you know, especially if you’ve seen me in person, that I am not lacking in the milk department. Not at all. Pre-pregnancy I was a lovely size B, as soon as I became pregnant I moved to a D and now I am DD possibly E. You think I’m kidding, right? I SO wish I was!!!! Since Chase has been eating less since Thursday I’ve been pumping like crazy otherwise I’m in pain.

Side note: I’ve been wanting to put “Jami is pumped!” as my facebook status but wonder if it’s inappropraite. For some reason it cracks me up every time I think about it!
I’m oddly disproportionate now. (5’1 and DD/E??! REALLY?!) As my stomach slowly but surely shrinks, even I look at myself in disbelief. My friends and hubby also always point this out. Not that I need to be reminded! When I wear the sling with Chase’s 11 lbs in it plus the weight I already hold out front, my back is killing! Hahaha….. oh golly. I am thankful though that I am not lacking milk. That would be harder, I think.
Enough about boobs, pumping, milk…
Onto something that is helping me with this life change and transition.
I am at home A LOT more than I ever have been. I love being with my boy, but I need some kind of creative outlet.
My creativity has sparked for the first time since Chase was born. I am feeling inspired to continue in the things in which I am passionate; photography, art, writing, craftiness, projects, etc. SO I am beginning a “weekly” DIY project on my suchprettyrain blog. I hope to keep this up because it truly does inspire me and make me feel a little more like myself.
Alright, I need to go to bed since Chase is sleeping right now! Since he has been sick, we’ve borrowed a baby swing from a friend and WHOA. It’s been such a miracle. Chase goes in, Chase immediately falls asleep! Before he was born we were told we probably would only need a bouncer, no swing…

I could have saved myself so many hours for sleep, cleaning, craftiness, napping, etc if I had just gone with my instincts and bought one! Now we are FOR SURE getting one!

His First Cold & A Secret Exposed.

Chase’s first cold began yesterday. Poor boy. I noticed he sounded congested yesterday afternoon when we were doing tummy time. Since then it’s gotten worse but thankfully he isn’t running a fever! We got saline drops to help loosen up the mucus, and I am hoping that will be all it takes to beat this thing. I just don’t want him to get a fever! That would frighten me.
Last night I ended up sleeping in the recliner with him, in order to keep him upright. I didn’t get much sleep, but it’s really incredible how your mommy instincts truly kick in and you just do what you’ve got to do in order to keep him safe and secure. He is extra cuddly and clingy today, which I don’t mind at all. I just want him to feel better!

Still smiley as ever though!
Today was my 6 week appointment. I can’t believe it’s been 6 weeks… and I can. I’m serious. Some days I am in awe of how fast it’s flown and some days I feel like I had him months ago!
Okay, so my incision is going to heal on it’s own and it actually looks better. I’ve really been taking care of myself and not lifting things I shouldn’t. It freaked me out enough to teach me a lesson. It’s still going to be a while before I am fully healed, in fact another 4 weeks. That was kind of disappointing, but I’m going to obey this time.
I lost 7 pounds since my check up 4 weeks ago. Not great, not terrible. I’ve ate terribly the first 4 weeks, so I am just glad I didn’t gain any weight. Here is a funny story about the jelly belly…
Today Ted and I went through the drive thru at our bank. Out of habit, I turned the pen over and pushed it against my belly to click it open. My pre-prego belly and my tight prego belly 2 would instantly click it open, this time it just went into my skin and nothing happened! HAHA! Gotta love this jelly belly.
And for looking like this only 6 weeks ago… I should be grateful for where I am today. Seriously, when I saw this prego picture, I started laughing. It’s so crazy how big I got!!

So Jami, just how much weight did you gain?
Here is something I will share NOW because as much as it may embarrass me, I want to be honest AND I also want to look back in 9 months from now and be proud of the weight lost (hopefully). Did you notice how I would update on my weight gain throughout the pregnancy up until the last 3/4 weeks? … :) Yes it is that bad.
Well, the last few weeks, I ate EVERYTHING in my path. I was so anxious and bored. Too very bad combinations. I ate everything I craved.
So how much weight did I put on? 48 pounds!! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? I can’t! Well, I can because it’s still hanging on me ;) So far I’ve lost 32 lbs and I would still love to lost another 20!
Secret exposed.
I’ve learned my lesson for the next pregnancy. Wow, I just gave myself chills saying “next pregnancy”. My goal of 2 children under 2 may have just changed. As of right now, I’m just a tad fearful of going through labor again!