(Almost) One years worth of cuddles!

I am a lover of documenting moments in our lives. The beautiful, the messy, the posed, the candid, the hilarious, the teary, etc.

Well. this miniseries of photos wasn’t planned. These are moments that are very much real in our lives. Our bed almost always has one, most of the time two kiddos in it by dawn. When the sun rises, Chaseyboy wakes from his own bed and comes to ours to snuggle. It’s a family ordeal. One that some nights require a lot of patience and less sleep than one should have, however I know this isn’t going to last forever… and to be honest, I love it.

Below are pictures of the last (almost) year of morning cuddles with their sissy. I snapped one recently (the very last photo) and decided to look back because I remembered snapping others similar. I put them together and my heart “burst”.


Chase 4, Everly 1 month, Shailo 2



Chase 4, Everly 4 months, Shailo 2IMG_2977-0Chase 5, Everly 7 months, Shailo 2


Chase 5, Everly 11 months, Shailo 3

And yes, you bet I will make them do a similar pose when they are adults!

bump to baby (a before & after)

we took a few shots during out maternity shoot with an idea to copy cat that very pose later, when “Boy S” came along. well, the outfit we chose fit a lot quicker than i had imagined. in fact it’s getting pretty snug. so we hurried along to our favourite place to shoot in our town; Old Town FoCo.

before (37 weeks pregnant) and after (Shailo, 2 months old)

this photo is a personal fave of the bunch because of his adorable little smirk, but as you can see it didn’t really copy cat the before picture ;)


i should be posting a 3rd photo we did here, however …

as you can read on his face; DISTRACTED. so we never did capture that exact shot. What, might you ask, could possibly be distracting him from such a fun photo shoot (note the sarcasm, I mean, he’s 2)?!

say cheese! a camera, of course! We noticed his interest in Ted’s camera and this year spotted this amazing “kid’s tough” digital camera and knew this would be the perfect christmas gift for Chasey-boy.

and oh. my. word. does he love it.

i’ll be posting his photos soon! i’m planning to do a little series as he photographs!

Shailo’s 2 month photos coming soon too!

p.s. check out this amazing photo Ted took which captured the colour of Shai’s eyes!

30 Day Photo Fun {Week 1}

I’m doing a photo challenge with a few friends and decided to post one blog at the end of each week, with that weeks photos. Enjoy :)

June 01:: Self Portrait 

Me; frizzy hair, makeup less, freckles and all.

(I was a little discouraged to find self-portrait as the first day, however, not only did it challenge me in photography as I rarely do self-portraits, it also challenged me on a personal level which is good I guess ;)

June 02:: Your Favourite Shoes

Roxy sandals/flipflops have been a summer favourite since I was 16. Every spring I get a new pair because I usually wear them out each year. So, favourite shoes currently, these.

June 03:: Hands

Chase’s hand inside an imprint my brother did a few years back.

June 04:: Clouds

June 4th there was not a cloud in the sky until the sun was beginning to set. I texted my friend (who lives in OK) earlier in the day and she too had a cloudless day! Not that we were complaining! How funny :)

June 05:: Breakfast

Mmm. Leftover chicken with hash browns, green chili and eggs.

This week was fun! Excited for the next week. It’s not too late to join in if you want! You can play catch up or just start tomorrow. Here is the list if you’re interested; {30 Day} Photo Fun.

our new health blog & a small victory

Today I created a new blog called Our journey to health where I will post about our journey as a family to a holisitc approach to health. We’re starting from scratch though and we need your help. If you have advice, please comment on our health blog. Thank you much :)


I also just really wanted to share… remember The Paper Mama Photo Challenge; Fall I entered?! Well my photo was picked as #2 in the top 5!

The Paper Mama

Check it out here and be sure to check out the #1 photo too, it’s so awesome. I was just really excited and had to share with you all :) It actually really was an encouragment to me that day I found out. It brightened my day.

The Paper Mama Photo Challenge: Fall.

I am really enjoying this inspirational- crafty- artsy-momma over here at The Paper Mama. She does photo challenges and I decided I wanted to join in this time around.

The Paper Mama

This weeks challenge is fall, so I chose this one I took just last week;

Chase {loves} his dinosaur outfit. It was originally for halloween but he likes it so much, it’s become apart of his wardrobe. In fact, today he wore it while we ran errands and roared (a friendly roar) at strangers in the line at King Soopers. I feel so blessed to have such a cute little dinosaur :)

Fisheye Friday (1)

First, I won’t be able to meet my goal of having a new look on my blog today. I take a lot of photos but none of them are a fit for what I am picturing which means I need to take a photo specifically for the header. I have a little problem when I get a specific idea in my head, I usually have a hard time relenting or compromising what I want. Which is a problem sometimes, like tonight , haha! Hopefully I can by tomorrow, by the latest by Monday!

Second, here are some of the shots from the first roll of film. (100 ISO)

I chose bits and pieces from the bouquets I received when I had Chase, dried them and made this beautiful bouquet!

My very first photo with the fisheye cam.

I am working on learning exposure and lighting, which I stink at!

Photos from the second roll of film. (100 ISO)

The park near our home, where I grew up playing. B e a u t i f u l view.

“Out one day, walking one day. Out one day with you, Hallelujah.”

My favourite of the two rolls. {It brings me a lot of hope}

Please let me know what you think! Comments,  critique, advice, etc.

(This marks the 400th post, PHEW! I was going to blog info, then to random post, and reading some old stuff. I love looking back, seeing how much we’ve grown, how much has changed!)

Eagle Rock.

It snowed last night. There is just something {beautiful} about untouched snow.

This picture reminds me of peace. It is so quiet, calm and peaceful here.

Ted told me a few weeks ago that the (W.I.S.E.) school he is working with, would be spending one week at our mountain campus. He asked if Chase and I would want to come. Of course I said yes to a week in the mountains! We are staying in a cute little cabin themed room, we are able to hang out with friends that are working our mountain campus this quarter (we miss them!) and a huge plus, we see Ted a lot more! We haven’t had the easiest time here though, but that’s for my next post.

See you tomorrow,


Securing Our Photos.

I am going to start adding either colourherhope or teddavisphoto to our photos. This is a test.

I thought adding this would be good for a few reasons, one because  you would know which one of us actually took the photo.

Edit: Ted just told me, he is going to make one for his photos. SO this will look different in the photos to come. :)