Chase’s first canvas painting.

I was working on my art journal and painting in it, and he kept coming over to watch and then he wanted to join in, so I decided that was the perfect time for him to do his first canvas painting. I ran inside and grabbed a blank canvas. I only had acrylic paint for him to use though. This is definitely not kid friendly paint and probably not good for them numerous times, so I do not recommend using acrylic paint! However… he did have a blast and even though it took a while to get off him, it was well worth it.

Check out his creation and his colourful mess :)

He was pretty much in awe. That’s the best word that describes his reaction.

He got paint everywhere!

This is my favourite of the day.

He kept looking at me like, “Momma, I can do this and you’re not telling me no?!”

Clapping his painted hands, I think he thought it felt weird.

Proof that mommy didn’t help much :) I pushed his hand down to make a print and I showed him how to dip his fingers in the paint. Oh, and I also painted his back, just for fun haha.

Chase’s creation. I love it and whenever we get a place of our own, it’s going in his room :)

‘Starry Night’ Inspired Room.

These are the ‘before‘ and ‘after‘ shots of our bedroom/babyroom! We bought paint at walmart for incredibly cheap and look at the difference a little colour can do! We wake up early in the mornings now because it’s brighter and well, because we don’t have a curtain yet.

We are planning on being thrifty in decorating because we really can’t afford anything extravagant. You can do simple and still make things look incredible. We found a GREAT deal on curtain rods for our living room and bedroom. $3.25 each and they are black and beautiful. We will be using some of the leftover material used to make our black bridesmaids dresses for fabric for curtains and if we don’t have enough, we will be heading to thrift stores on the weekends ’til we find what we need.

After our maternity photoshoot coming up this weekend, we will frame a few pictures in simple black frame and hang them in the room as well. Plus we will add photos of our little one as soon as he or she arrives. Knowing it’s momma and daddy– there will be A LOT of pictures of him/her. Poor baby =)

As you can see, I didn’t post pics of the entire room yet. Well it’s painted, but the cabinets in the corner I am still working on painting black. All but one is finished and then we can hang them. We are also taking down our closet doors (which notoriously fall off the track) and replacing them with a black curtain as well.

Super inexpensive and I am now LOVING our room. Our friends gave us a beautiful crib which we have at home, lying in pieces. A few important pieces were lost in storage so Ted is heading back soon to look for them. The crib will be up soon I hope! Our living room… we are about to tackle. Every weekend in May has something in it, but we are hoping to paint the rest of everything Memorial Day weekend. And from there, it’s just baby showers and purchasing things for Baby E/C and then awaiting his/her arrival! 9 weeks out- WHOA!