Amsterdam {Week 4}

Our 4th week in Amsterdam was by far our most intense! Ted left for a photo trip to Uganda while Ted’s mom arrived to watch the boys. I had a very long and intense week of lectures and ministry time. Holy moly! By the time the weekend came along, I felt emotionally and physically exhausted. I used to pride myself for being an adaptable person ;) but I am so not adaptable when pregnant. Not. at. all. 1375687_10151757958021989_265795777_n

This week was super intense emotionally. God did something in me and then decided to blow me away through a student here. She felt to give me these flowers. When I saw the bouquet, I couldn’t believe it. Pink Gerber daisies. They always make me think of our Eisley-girl. They were the exact flowers I was given on the day of her birth. They are so special to us. This past September on her birthday I wasn’t able to find any pink Gerber daisies. Came to Amsterdam and there they are!


Monday mornings we have community worship (wednesdays and fridays we have worship as a class.) The past few weeks the base has been thriving with people!


Chaseyboy (the blur behind) and Shailo have had a blast playing with new friends here!


My shortness is magnified here ;)1391491_10151753525276989_1465824023_n

Monday – Wednesday our class watched and participated in ministry. It was SO incredible, but also exhausting. photo above: some classmates.


Thursday and Friday we had long lecture days (12 hours each day). My newfound friend Kayla and I did the healthy thing and survived by eating sugar throughout it ;)


How we get groceries here in Amsterdam :)


I missed seeing Loren Cunningham when he came through YWAM Denver, but a surprise visit to Amsterdam and I got an opportunity to hear him speak. Pretty inspiring!!

I didn’t take many photos during week 4, but I hope I did well keeping ya’ll up to date!

Week 5 coming soon. (We are almost in week 6 now, what?!)

Amsterdam {Week 1}

Well, we did it! We crammed our things into 5 suitcases, 2 carry ons, 1 camera bag and 1 guitar case and made it to Amsterdam! It’s hard to believe tomorrow it’s been one week since we arrived! Here are some photos from the week and our trip thus far.

photo 4

We arrived at the Denver International Airport a few hours early to give ourselves plenty of time. I was feeling a little worried as this (above photo) was the beginning of our trip; the boys zonkin’ right when we arrived.
photo 3-3When Ted and I would share with others about our trip, some would ask if we were at all worried about anything. Our biggest worry was Shailo on 10.5 hours of flying. Before we left we asked our church and others to be praying for a peaceful trip with them ;)
photo 1-4The first flight, which was our longest, went fairly well considering 7.5 hours is the longest the boys have ever flown. The boys traded off and on sleeping. I felt a little restless, being pregnant and not able to sleep (I have the hardest time sleeping on flights.)photo 5

When we arrived in Reykjavik, Iceland things took a turn for the worse for us all. The boys were confused, we thought Ted’s wallet was missing so he had to make a trip back on the airplane, Shailo was hanging out in one of Iceland Airport’s cool buggies (pictured above) when he decided to stand and wiped out backwards in it – hurt his belly and chest enough to make him cry for the entire hour we waited… By the time we boarded the airplane, I was weak and wiped out. Ted was exahausted. Chase was becoming really mouthy and Shailo was bawling. I just sat in my seat holding Shai and crying silently myself haha, MAJOR breakdown. The 3 hour flight felt longer than the first 7.5 hours (okay, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration)

photo 3When we arrived in Amsterdam, we had to wake our sleeping boys which immediately started the drama :) We didn’t think our strollers would actually end up in Amsterdam because after we boarded our first flight, we realized we didn’t put ANY tags on our strollers whatsoever and had an entirely separate flight to capture in Iceland. We were sure they were lost. When we arrived at the baggage area I was so worried about how we were going to get our boys to WALK while Ted and I pushed our luggage out! To our surprise, our strollers DID arrive! Immediate relief for everyone. ;) photo 2-4

We arrived to YWAM Amsterdam’s base De Poort around 3:30 their time, exhausted and with two sleeping little ones. The staff took us to our room and then brought us their own food to eat! So sweet. We ate a little bit and then let the boys crash for a few hours before dinner time.
photo 4-2The first few nights we AWFUL. Our boys’ jet lag was exhausting for us all! They would go to sleep early and then wake around 11/midnight and stay awake til about 4am. We managed and now they are doing pretty good, they stay up late and sleep from around 11/midnight – 8/9am! So I can’t really complain :)photo 3-1The view around us!
photo-1Our home for the next 3 months. We have pretty small living quarters but that was expected. We also share a kitchen (just for breakfast, because every other meal is provided!) and showers. The boys aren’t crazy about showers (especially Chase) but it’s just for a season. An “adventure” right? photo 5-1photo 2-1Where we eat our breakfasts and meals on weekends.
photo 1-2We live on the “2nd floor” which is actually the 3rd floor and is way more stairs than I’m used to. I am hoping that the walking will help me not gain weight with all of the European chocolate I’ve already consumed! ;)photo 2-3The YWAM Amsterdam base has a really large and fun play room for the kiddos which is amazing. While I’m in class, Ted can take the boys here any time. It’s just in the basement of the place we’re living.
photo 1-3They also have a courtyard in the middle of the base which is also incredible for the boys!photo 4-1We’ve already traveled around the city quite a bit this weekend. It was a lot of fun and we kind of overdid it, so much to see! Amsterdam is beautiful. Unlike any place I’ve ever 2-2photo 5-2Today we walked to a park nearby and the boys had fun watching boats pass by on the canal.
photo 1-1

Our first week in Amsterdam has been a good one. We are excited to be here and honestly, just so blown away that we ARE here. I spent the week in class with introduction to our class this quarter and also a lot of getting to know the other 18 students here. There are 19 students total and 8 staff representing 15 countries and only 3 of us are from America. So it’s super diverse. I already know I am going to love this season. I feel like we are meant to be here. God knew, He made a way and here we are! Next week begins our first week of teaching. I’m anxious to jump in.

A few prayer requests:

– I fall asleep easily, I’ve found. Not sure if it’s the combination of jet lag and being pregnant or if this is a glimpse into what I’m like in school pregnant haha. Please pray that I can focus and be awake and alert. I truly want to get everything I can out of this season!

-Our sweet Chaseyboy has REALLY been struggling. This transition – all of it – with the garage sales and selling things of his and ours, packing, going to grandparent’s the last week so Ted and I could get our place cleaned out, moving overseas, a new “home” that he doesn’t like (our room I mean)… he is just SUPER struggling. He is so defiant, angry, mouthy, even physical with us. Please pray for peace and calm in him. He is so sweet and this is breaking our hearts.

-For Ted and this transition from working full time and going to school to being basically a “stay at home” daddy. He’s amazing, but I know it will be a struggle too.

Well, that’s it for now. My goal is to write a blog each Sunday (I hope!) So see you next week!