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Moments – on living intentionally.

My darling, always-on-the-go Shai has calmed and now sleeps peacefully beside me. His little chest rising and falling softly. His chubby belly peeking out from his shirt. Sleeping in his diaper with no pants, but of course. ;) He is now 16-months-old… I truly feel as though I blinked and here we are. Once again,… Continue reading Moments – on living intentionally.

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an all-over-the-place post about nights and Chaseyboy

(this post has been in the works for a month now so even as i re-read some of this i can see how much God has really been working in my heart and mind – so very thankful that my eyes have been opened or whatever you want to call it…read on if you dare… Continue reading an all-over-the-place post about nights and Chaseyboy

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mommahood; lies, struggles & finding freedom.

Today was one of those days that I wish I could just rewind, wake afresh, inspired, hopeful, and start again. Today was what I sometimes call a “momma fail”. I’ve decided to do a small series on mommahood. It has been {so} heavy on my heart for a long time now. It’s a collaboration of things that have… Continue reading mommahood; lies, struggles & finding freedom.

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“Backhoe, where the ba-ba go?!”

Chase is 2 years and 2 months. He’s a big boy now and has prided himself of this very fact for some time now. Except there was just one “itty bitty” problem that conflicted with that. Something that I don’t talk about much because, if I’m being honest, I feel kind of embarrassed by it.… Continue reading “Backhoe, where the ba-ba go?!”