bump to baby (a before & after)

we took a few shots during out maternity shoot with an idea to copy cat that very pose later, when “Boy S” came along. well, the outfit we chose fit a lot quicker than i had imagined. in fact it’s getting pretty snug. so we hurried along to our favourite place to shoot in our town; Old Town FoCo.

before (37 weeks pregnant) and after (Shailo, 2 months old)

this photo is a personal fave of the bunch because of his adorable little smirk, but as you can see it didn’t really copy cat the before picture ;)


i should be posting a 3rd photo we did here, however …

as you can read on his face; DISTRACTED. so we never did capture that exact shot. What, might you ask, could possibly be distracting him from such a fun photo shoot (note the sarcasm, I mean, he’s 2)?!

say cheese! a camera, of course! We noticed his interest in Ted’s camera and this year spotted this amazing “kid’s tough” digital camera and knew this would be the perfect christmas gift for Chasey-boy.

and oh. my. word. does he love it.

i’ll be posting his photos soon! i’m planning to do a little series as he photographs!

Shailo’s 2 month photos coming soon too!

p.s. check out this amazing photo Ted took which captured the colour of Shai’s eyes!