Mardi Gras Reflections

Hello Everyone sorry it has been so long since our last post! I wanted to write up a though I had on my trip to Mardi Gras. (Ted)

The streets of New Orleans were just as everyone described; Rich architecture, Good food, and Beautiful music. As I wandered around I found myself people watching. Not the tourist who come to drink the nights away in a crowded street with chaotic music bumping away. but of the locals who call this unique place home.
There was this man who was set up on a bench. He had a cheap little amp and a fairly cheap classical guitar. You could here him playing at the back part of Jackson Square in front of the church. As I walked up to spectate his show I found myself some what lost in the music. He played many well known Classical hits, but he played them with a conviction that was mesmerizing. It seemed as though the music brought stimulation to all 5 senses.
After a time he put the guitar down. Grabbed for a bottle of whiskey and drank. I was shocked to find that he was drunk. I felt sad as i realized how I had forgotten that humanity has the finger print of God on it. This man was not a shallow drunken hobo with no soul, No he was a human who has an understanding that there is beauty. Now I don’t know What he believes, but I do know that he was expressing something beautiful to the world. I believe that God is Beautiful, and as we show beautiful things we bring a greater understanding to the Beauty that he is. Just as we love one another we bring greater understanding of how He is Love.
I wonder how many times do I keep the beautiful things that I see inside…….When there is a hurting world that desires to see beauty, because it brings hope. I want to express the beauty inside of me because I want to express God.
Let’s take time to express the beauty we see around us!

Las Vegas. Mardi Gras.

It’s hard to believe we are now entering week 6 of this quarter! Time is flying, and soon the Boarders DTS students will be on their way to one of three locations; Panama, Thailand (!), and Mexico. The WISE school will be graduating in 6 weeks, and either heading home, staying here for another school, or heading on outreach with the DTS (which is an option).

I’m writing to share some of the exciting things coming up. In fact, the next few weeks will be crammed! Ted was asked a few months back, to teach in the YWAM Las Vegas DTS on Grace. Ted is super excited about this opportunity to teach on this, for God has really given Him a lot of revelation about Identity, who we are in Christ, and Grace! They also decided to bless us with a ticket for Ted AND a ticket for me to fly out as well! So, Saturday (Valentines Day) Ted and I are flying out to Las Vegas until Tuesday evening. Ted will only be teaching two days due to the fact that he will be leaving for a WISE school outreach to Mardi Gras that Wednesday (Feb. 18).
Ted and the entire WISE school & staff will be heading to Mardi Gras February 18 – February 26. Originally they told me that I would have to take vacation time to travel with them, so Ted and I were super bummed that I would have to stay back. My vacation times are very limited, in fact after the trip to Las Vegas I will only have 1!
After finding out I could not go to Mardi Gras, a family here on staff which some of you may know from our wedding, the Murphy Fam, asked me to watch their three oldest Isaac 6, Jada 4, and Emily 2 for about a week! I LOVE these kids a whole lot, and that brightened that week for me, seeing originally I would have been alone. My mom will be coming for a few days to spend with the kids and I as well, which is a blessing too because I will still need to work on my intercession and website jobs throughout the week.
I actually found out a few weeks ago, that I could go to Mardi Gras and help run the food side of things, but I declined because I already made a commitment to the Murphy’s, not only that but I had already prepared myself for not going, and was looking forward to the time with the Murphy Kids. Plus, being prego and traveling hours in a van with 14 other people, then getting to Mardi Gras and being mixed in with all of the smells… too much I would think!
Anyways, please remember to pray for the Ted’s teaching in Las Vegas, for Ted and the WISE school as they head out to show the love of God among Mardi Gras, and for me as I become somewhat of a “mom” for a week-ish! P.S. I don’t have to take vacation time to watch the Murphy kids because John & Bethany are traveling to Hawaii for a YWAM conference with the directors of our base. Another blessing!