My Valentine’s at Mardi Gras.

Ted left for New Orleans early Wednesday morning for Mardi Gras with the school he is working with. They will be doing ministry down south until next friday. I will post an update once I talk with Ted tomorrow!

Because Ted is away for Valentine’s Day, I gave him his gift early;

He really loved it but one of the first things he asked was, “what book did you tear up?!” haha, if you know him, you know he looooves his books. He buys a few each time we thrift shop. No joke!

Remember this post?  Valentine’s Day inspired me to create, Chase played a part in teaching me this valuable lesson and Ted encouraged me to share this on here because I’ve actually never posted my paintings before.

Even though my valentine is away, I still wanted to “celebrate” so I’ve traveled to my family’s place so my mom and sisters and I can create.

Pics to come tomorrow!