9 Random Things In Our Home
(09.09.09 gave me a reason to blog)

::01:: oldschool lamp.

::02:: thailand memouries.

::03:: baby einstein.

::04:: potpourrii.

::05:: my current DIY project. (Coming soon)

::06:: candle.

::07:: baby books.

::08:: antique dresser w/lion knobs.

::09:: baby vans.

‘Starry Night’ Inspired Room.

These are the ‘before‘ and ‘after‘ shots of our bedroom/babyroom! We bought paint at walmart for incredibly cheap and look at the difference a little colour can do! We wake up early in the mornings now because it’s brighter and well, because we don’t have a curtain yet.

We are planning on being thrifty in decorating because we really can’t afford anything extravagant. You can do simple and still make things look incredible. We found a GREAT deal on curtain rods for our living room and bedroom. $3.25 each and they are black and beautiful. We will be using some of the leftover material used to make our black bridesmaids dresses for fabric for curtains and if we don’t have enough, we will be heading to thrift stores on the weekends ’til we find what we need.

After our maternity photoshoot coming up this weekend, we will frame a few pictures in simple black frame and hang them in the room as well. Plus we will add photos of our little one as soon as he or she arrives. Knowing it’s momma and daddy– there will be A LOT of pictures of him/her. Poor baby =)

As you can see, I didn’t post pics of the entire room yet. Well it’s painted, but the cabinets in the corner I am still working on painting black. All but one is finished and then we can hang them. We are also taking down our closet doors (which notoriously fall off the track) and replacing them with a black curtain as well.

Super inexpensive and I am now LOVING our room. Our friends gave us a beautiful crib which we have at home, lying in pieces. A few important pieces were lost in storage so Ted is heading back soon to look for them. The crib will be up soon I hope! Our living room… we are about to tackle. Every weekend in May has something in it, but we are hoping to paint the rest of everything Memorial Day weekend. And from there, it’s just baby showers and purchasing things for Baby E/C and then awaiting his/her arrival! 9 weeks out- WHOA!

Prayer Request.

So you may be wondering...”What ever happened with the home situation?”

Long story as short as I can make it… we did end up getting the best possible option for Ted and I and our needs, wants, & even desires!
It’s a funny thing really. As much as we are thrilled that God has provided us with a home that we love, we are also slightly worried because for two months while on outreach we will be paying for two rents.
We did have two guys set up to live in our apartment since February or so we thought. Well that fell through last week, and now we are left with paying two rents.
We’ve asked around trying to find someone to live in one or even people for both homes. If you guys know of anyone (if you live close) that needs a place, please let us know!!
Ted and I spent two days praying and seeking God in this decision and He led us to commit to our new home. So we are stepping out! Here we go!
We had to start paying now for our new home in order to have a place called home when we come back from outreach, otherwise many other people were looking at taking it.
We will be living with three of Ted’s friends, all YWAM Denver staff. They will have the upstairs rooms and the basement if ours! It is such a great deal and $100 cheaper than our rent now.
We were looking for another place because our lease at our apartment it up August 10, 2 days after we get back from Thailand.
Please pray for:
  • People to commit to living in our apartment before we leave, even if it is just one of our homes.
  • Ted and I to get our apartment cleaned out completely and moved into our new home before outreach without stress.
  • Our rent at the apartment not to be high (unfortunately this always fluctuates which should be illegal, but somehow it always happens.)
  • We will trust God.

Home Sweet… Help!

Hey Friends and Family!

We are in need of your prayer again. I’ll try to make this short, simple, and sweet!
Ted and I are renting a one bedroom apartment as of right now. Our lease is up August 1st which is exciting for us, because it is too high in price a month plus we really want to live with YWAMers or a family. So we have been weighing our options, praying and trying to decide which place would be best between two choices we have.
The most reasonable place for us is with a group of YWAM staff in a home (which is what we prayed God would give us). We would get the entire basement to ourselves and it would be around $100 – $200 cheaper than where we are now. A blessing!
We would move in the home now, but we have a dilemma
The two guys who were going to rent our place until the lease was up, well, it’s no longer looking like this will be happening. All up in the air as of right now. So we would be stuck this summer paying two rents, and actually being on outreach in Thailand and not living in either of the places.
My prayer request is this… please pray, not for more support, but for people who want to rent our apartment until the lease is through.
Thank you SO much for your prayers. Your prayer support is what helps us in urgent, sometimes overwhelming times like these.
Love you guys!
Jami & Ted