Hipster Easter


Okay, so no… not really a hipster easter. I just HAD to go there. People often comment on how my kids are “hipster” and I have no idea what that really even means?!  Hipster or not, they were stinkin’ cute Easter Sunday! (And, I bought their little ties in the $1 section at Target!)tumblr_mkj717aB3I1s8r54eo1_500

Pre-easter service, we gave the boys little Easter baskets for the first time. Not once ounce of candy in there, mostly because {I} would be the one who’d end up eating it! (I LOVE chocolate) Ted asked Chase what was Easter Sunday all about and Chase proclaimed, “THIS!” and held up his micro-kite. Um… bahahaha- we laughed and shook out heads, then went on. We shared that like mommy and daddy love to bless him, God loves to bless us. And we went on to talk about the gift of Jesus’ life. It was actually very good. Chase asked me things like, “… and bad men hurt him?” “Why did he HAVE to die?” (We kind of over spiritualized the Easter baskets giving a little bit, yes ;) I’m a sucker for holidays; I wanna do easter baskets AND Jesus, what can I say ;)


And then, this happened (again). Shailo ate coffee right before church…


But thankfully the “Caffeine rampage” was over 2 minutes into the drive to church. Had to take a pic, I just LOVE his sleeping baby lips.


OH MY HEART. Perhaps a hipster pose by Chaseyboy or maybe more of an exasperated “MOM, QUIT TAKING MY PICTURE”? ;)


Family photo. I was telling Ted OH how very differently our outfits would look if we had girls only! I mean, I even wore BLUE last Sunday. I sure love it, though. So very blessed to call them my family.20130407-090910.jpg

WE are the cheesy ones. Our kiddos will never ever smile normal because, hello, their momma and daddy can’t hahaha!tumblr_mkk6npgi9H1s8r54eo1_500

We spent the afternoon and evening hanging out with friends.. Chase played for outside for hours, with a group of boys around his age or a year older! He had a BLAST and slept so well that night! :)

20130407-091013.jpgTed and I hung out with friends inside and played games (this particular one they called “the bean game” and I’m not sure the real name. so fun though!) I ate WAY too much cake and candy and had a little wine on the side.

Just a little easter recap. Thanks for popping by!

Hope you’re having a wonderful, relaxing Sunday!

Easter eggs (a family first)

As far as I can remember, this year was our first time dyeing Easter eggs as a family. Ted rarely has Saturdays off, but recently he has been given a few weekends with us. A fun blessing! Saturday, before Easter Sunday, we decided to try our hands at dyeing eggs with the boys. It had been years since either of us had.

It was kind of comical ;)
EasterEggs (1 of 2) We watched the Veggie Tales Easter story and got to work. Chaseyboy took it oh. so. seriously. :)
EasterEggs (2 of 2) Shailo just shoved his hands right in (thankfully this washed off!)20130407-090935.jpg

(photo taken with my phone)EasterEggs (1 of 4)“What’s gunna work? Teeaaam work!” EasterEggs (2 of 4) I love the shots above. He’s getting so big! (He’ll be a 1 1/2 next month!)
EasterEggs (3 of 4) We dyed some and then wrote on some with colourful sharpies.
EasterEggs (4 of 4)

Definitely doing this again next year. Maybe branch out and be a little more creative? Pinterest was EXPLODING with ideas!

So pretty and fun. worth the mess and extra long bath time :)

What kinds of ways did you decorate eggs this year?! I would love to hear!