painting with trucks.

We started a fun tradition when Chaseyboy was a year old and that was, around each of his birthdays he would do a painting of some sort. This year the painting was especially fun for him! I am sharing way late, as he did this right after his 3rd birthday but here it is (all photos taken with my phone);
This year he painted with trucks (I saw a similar idea with cars on Pinterest!) He helped me choose 4 trucks to go in each of the 4 colours.

Super fun and really easy. What a cool project!!

We also made Thank You cards for his birthday gifts. I just cut copier paper in half, folded them in half and he painted them! Very easy and very fitting with his Cars themed birthday party!

If you have a boy or girl who loves cars/trucks this is the {perfect} craft! And could also make the perfect gift for a grandfather’s garage! ;)

Chasey-boy’s CARS themed birthday party!

Me (months ago): Chase, what kind of birthday party would you like to have?

Chase: A Lightning McQueen party!

From that moment on I began to envision how I would put together a Cars themed birthday party. Don’t get me wrong, I find party planning a joy (hosting it, not so much haha) but when it came to this theme I was lacking in the inspiration department.  How Does She?’s blogpost said it best when she wrote and said, “Commercialized theme parties are hard to pull off without looking,…um,…commercialized.”  My thoughts exactly. At the end of May, Chase really got into Superman (not sure how, he just has a cup and a book, and when he’s a little older I  have for him a (thrifted) DVD that has a variety of Superman cartoons created over the years.) I was telling a friend of mine of how seriously tempted I was to manipulate the situation and do a SUPERHERO birthday instead because, that sounded way more fun to put together. I mean, if you have a pinterest account, you know what I mean… ;)

Anyways, I thought about it briefly but then went with what my sweet boy had initially decided. HE would {love} it and that was the most important thing. So I kind of dug up the inspiration from watching my son play cars- so we brought a cars mat and cars along, colour Lightning McQueen – so we had a little colouring station set up, watching him run around “so fast like Li-keen Mckeen” (as he’s grown up calling him) – so we did cardboard cars, etc. What fun!

Chase was BEYOND excited when he saw his cake. He spent time on Pinterest with me one day and helped me pick out his cake. He wanted a chocolate cake and one with a 3, a road, Lightning McQueen and Mator. I am a pretty lucky momma because my best friend knows how to really decorate a cake! She does the cake and I am able to pour my time and energy into other things, yay! (Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU, Chey!) Um, didn’t she do AWESOME!

We are always on a pretty tight budget and with events like this, it can either super bum you out or super inspire you. I chose the later (mistake I made last year was choosing to be a debby downer about it). Months in advance,  I went with thrifting for Cars themed things like the tires you’ll see below, all the way to a few brand new boxes of Cars themed crayons (a part of the party favors.) I also used free printables for the tables from another Cars party I found! And hit up the $1 store and $1 sections for any deals I could find in his party colours and theme.
He actually sung as everyone else did, hehe. Love this age!
Cupcakes aka Luigi’s Case Della Tires
Happy Birthday, Chasey-boy! Birthday boy wore a 3 (iron on) because I’m cheesy like that ;)

We did a tattoo booth “Ramone’s House of Body Art” and did temporary tattoos of Cars characters and also $1 store packs of pretty ones for the girls. It was a hit!(above photo from my phone)

Even Shai got one :)
(above photo from my phone) You can never go wrong with cars and a cars mat with boys and even girls, as I learned at this party!

(above photo from my phone)

I decided to just go for it when it came to the cars. Chase helped me chose which characters he wanted (we just did Cars 1 movie characters because it seemed more simple and I wasn’t sure how this would go.) I found the idea to do box cars off pinterest and free handed the faces and totally made up the sides/backs haha. Chase LOVED them!The races were a hit. I think we all could have done this for hours. So much fun and SO worth the time of making them. I actually sat painting the cars with my mom (she was a LIFESAVER and painted each of the boxes the solid colours while I did the faces, etc) and I asked her if I was being ridiculous in this party planning and how much I was enjoying it. She replied and told me she was the same way and that she didn’t think I was. I get it from her. My mom threw the BEST, most creative and fun birthday parties for us as we grew up. She’s my inspiration!
This year we asked friends and family for gifts that inspired creativity whether it be puzzles, books, colouring books, paint, playdoh… not going to lie, I am pretty excited about the gifts he got. We’ve had a ton of fun already!
While the kiddos were distracted by Chase opening gifts, the guys took full advantage and raced. HAHA!

Thought it would be fitting to make this shirt for Shailo. Go, Brother, Go! :)
Happy birthday, Chasey-boy! So many things to be said about you and our 3 years with you. Post soon.

DIY yarn wreath with rosettes

Recently I instagram’d a photo of a yarn wreath in progress and there was interest shown in how to make one so the next wreath I did, I decided to photograph and share with you all :)

Foam wreath(sometimes you can get lucky and thrift a foam wreath. Or you can buy one at a hobby store for about $5), yarn (Chasey-boy got ahold of mine, can you tell?), felt, scissors and a hot glue gun – or fabric glue. (also a bowl and pen if you need help making a circle)

First tie a knot around the foam wreath. Then begins the wrapping… and wrapping and wrapping :) Just like in the above photos.

Decide what size you would like your flowers. For the medium flowers I use a medium sized bowl and trace a perfect circle. (for large you can use a large plate, bowl or like me, use a large embroidery hoop ;)) So, trace, cut out your circles and then make a spiral cut.

Your next step is to roll the rosette. I actually clip the smallest tip down a bit because it’s easier to roll that way. Then you roll it inward from the tiny tip to the wider end. Then you glue.

Glue the flowers onto the wreath. I first lay the flowers onto the wreath to decide placement and then carefully glue them on.

Then hang and admire :) (Please note that I didn’t straighten the flowers before photographing this wreath. I only noticed the few small scrunched flowers after the first photogrpahs were taken. You can see the difference between this photo and last photo you’ll see on this post)

So there you have it. A yarn wreath! Hope you’re inspired to create!

(If you don’t have the time or energy to make said wreath, it’s actually up for sale on my Etsy store if you want it ;))

DIY paper bag book

I can’t take credit for this one! At the momma’s group I attend we actually made one of these this past week.  I love to make handmade books like I’ve shared on here before but never before have I used paper bags! I loved it and decided to make a few more of these books and then thought, why not take photos and do a step by step tutorial?!

Not to mention they could make a pretty cute Valentine’s Day gift and they are so simple, you’d still have time :)

I bought a package of 100 paper bags for less than $3 at King Soopers grocery store. (There are quite a bit of paper bag crafting ideas on Pinterest if you’d want to put the rest to good use :)

lay them on top of one another like this so the pockets are in between every other “page”.

you can tie your ribbon, lace or whatever you use however you want. i just chose this way.

and you’ve made a book! See, so simple! I’m sure kids would love to do these as well.

then all you’ll need to do is add content and pretties.

I love the little pockets in them. You could add a few notes or “surprises” in between them.

and then you’re done! Super easy and holds so many possibilities; quiet book, book of quotes/truths/verses, colours or number book for kiddos, valentine’s book, picture album, etc. So fun!

Hope you enjoyed!

{Happy weekend!}

DIY paper heart garland {3}

So now, for an even simpler DIY…

So this picture actually lies… I didn’t end up using a hole punch after all, so scratch that :)

You can buy twine at any hobby store or if you’re brave enough, venture to wal-mart. Wal-mart also carries mini clothes pins for half the price of what a hobby store does. $1.97 a bag here. Not bad!

I just cut out little hearts and hung them on twine with mini clothespins.

I added some black and white photos of our little family as well.

Ta-da :)

Easy peasy cute decor.

Night, world.

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DIY paper heart garland {2}

Hi there! I wanted to hop on tonight and share two quick DIYs! I’m kind of a sap who loves Valentine’s Day – well, this whole month really. I love any excuse to decorate our home, treat and gift fun, love-y things to loved ones and also the emphasis on loving in general. LOVE it ;)

Here’s a super easy DIY that’ll add a cute and cozy touch. Holiday, party or year round decor (if it wasn’t super girly looking, I might actually consider keeping it up longer! :)

Above are all of the I supplies used to make this. I looked through my scrapbook paper and chose grays and pinks for our decor.

I drew a heart, traced it, cut it and hole punch my hearts.

Then lace them (you can use twine or yarn or whatever you can think of as well) and your finished!

(“we’re” on a monster truck kick in this house currently and yes, that is a monster truck tattoo my husb bought for Chasey-boy ;))

Like I said, super simple! Hope you have a wonderful Friday (or Saturday depending on where you’re from ;))!

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DIY fabric scraps to tassel decor.

DIY fabric scraps to tassel decor

This image of a ribbon backdrop I found on Pinterest sparked inspiration. You see, we live in the bottom level of a duplex (just for 2 more months, yay!) and the perimeter walls are {all} solid cement. Makes decorating interesting and room walls somewhat creepy. We recently rearranged out bedroom to fit our family’s needs currently. To maximize the most space for our small room, we ended up needing to put our head of the bed against one of the cement walls. Ugh. I didn’t like it at all.

(Side note: Please excuse the quality of the photos. Most were taken with a phone)
I decided I’d had enough and would do the best I could with what we already had to make something to somehow “pretty” up that wall until we move. (I do have a headboard idea – I bought a wooden privacy screen for $5 and plan to paint it but am not able to do that at the moment due to cold weather and no garage to paint it in) Okay, enough chattin’.

Supplies used:

scissors, twine, fabric

How to DIY:

1. Cut fabric into strips of whatever length and width you’d like.

2. Lay  fabric strips out in a pattern

3. One by one tie then onto the twine.

…and you’re done! It’s that easy!

 You can stop here. I did for a few weeks and then decided to add a bit more…

I decided to add words to our tassel “headboard”.

4. draw letters onto fabric

5. cut letters out

He is my little crafting buddy joined in, of course :) I decided to do ‘You + me’ for two reasons; one, it’s cute and fitting. two, it was the song we danced to for our first dance at our wedding.

6. spray with fabric stiffener (a step i did not do but totally recommend, ours letters are a bit flimsy)

7. pin them to the tassel decor – you could so this for a birthday party and pin a name or word(s) to it as well! All kinds of possibilities!

Call me crazy but this simple decor really does help our room feel more welcoming and cozy!

Let me know if you do this. I always love hearing of others who do the DIYs I post and enjoy seeing pictures of your work too. Thanks for stopping by!

{Happy Sunday} and for some {Happy SuperBowl Sunday} :)

From dress to binder cover {a DIY}

Like many New Year’s Reso fans, I have a goal of getting our life organized this year. Really though, who doesn’t want to be organized? (Husbands… and men/boys in general don’t count ;)) What a serious {task} organizing is! Yikes! At the beginning of the year, I began a project I call “Organize Our Life” because I’m weird like that. And boy, is it a project.

Two pack rats (hubby more than me, not to throw him under the bus or anything, hehe), many temporary living situations, seemingly always on the go, etc, etc, excuse after excuse and boy does it pile up to huge mounds of odds and ends, some sentimental and memoury associated things (mostly my stuff because I save EVERY memorabilia), the we-can’t-throw-that-out-because-we-might-need-it-someday stuff crammed in boxes that aren’t properly labeled, bags and more bags (you know, because we go camping and hiking so much these days :)), my breast pump is somewhere in the pile of boxes we literally haven’t opened and used since we moved into our current temporary home of… ahem, a year.

We’re both at a place where we want to get rid of things, de-clutter, organize and simplify. Oh, that sounds so nice…but easy it is not. Right? So, I put together a binder titled “Organize Our Life” and began…

I was on a roll. So excited and inspired. WOOHOO! And then slowly but surely as each new week came, not so much. I began dreading it. This big ugly beast of a binder wasn’t helping much. I needed a break from the organizing, walked into our craft/office/playroom/pile-everything-in-here-when-guest-come-over room and swiped a binder from Ted’s little collection then headed right towards my crafty stuff and grabbed the following items.

Hot glue gun, sciscors, fabric scraps (in my fav shade of pink), a fabric flower, an old dress with a torn strap that I last wore when I was skinny minny me at 3 months pregnant with Chase and swore I would fix and fit into again someday (I think I now have 3 boxed full of clothes labeled ‘Jami’s skinny clothes’, HA! Someday, maybe. It will be like Christmas!! ;)) What you don’t see pictured here is felt (or just use some kind of fabric you could use for the inside covers).

Now for the ghetto fab DIY :) It’s not perfect but, I {love} it and it’s super simple. You probably have everything you need lying around.

First, I measured both the binder and a few inches to spare on the fabric so I could overlap it. You’ll see in a sec.

Cut the fabric.

Carefully hot glue the fabric on. It’s not pictured but you then cut any extra fabric you may have.

You can buy felt for $.25 a piece at Hobby Lobby. I decided on using felt because I liked the way it looked and I felt like it could hold the fabric down pretty well without me needing to use my sewing machine to make this entire cover.

Add some pretties if ya want. I used the ruffle from the dress and then added my little flare to it.

And, ta-da. This took me no time at all. This DIY will probably seem so weird to some and to others you might totally get why I needed this change. It does help for minds like mine that do not have the gift of organizing naturally :) Add a little creative spunk and perhaps peeking inside each day won’t be so bad. Wishful thinking? I’ll let you know at the end of the year ;)

A few tools that have  helped me IMMENSELY and I personally could not do this whole “Organize Our Life” thing without;

  • printables that other seriously awesome, gifted, organizing-love’n people created… for us… for FREE. You can go here to see some of the free printables I’m using currently. And this amazing site – where most of what I use are currently from. They have a totally free day keeper printable with days of the week and all sort of amazing things.
  • organizing tips and brilliant ideas from Pinterest.

Hope you are {inspired to create} and maybe (dare I say it on my blog? Who am I? :) get organized!!

Gate Entrance Sign… Finished!


I needed a gate entrance sign, since our entrance is set back a little bit. I wanted it to be obvious where we lived, hence the bright colours. I had them match our living room colours, with a bit of a brighter yellow.

My inspiration was this amazing sign on pinterest. I usually don’t like to copy cat something but I am just LOVED this! I am also LOVING the chevron pattern so much plus I had 4 square frames just like the one they had pictured. And my flowers were already made! I did my sign a little bit different. I added chicken wire to hold the words on and for the look. I also added our family name and address number and BRIGHT colours :)

The chevron pattern seriously needs to be PERFECT to look awesome. To look chevron-like :) I painted and re-did this sign not once, not twice, but three times before I got the look I was looking for. I originally thought I would use painters tape but then became over confident in myself (or maybe just lazy) and thought I could use a sponge brush and hand paint this pattern… wrong! The first one was horrible, the second one was okay but I couldn’t live with just okay. I knew that everyday I walked up the path to our home, I would regret and hate the sign. Hah. Why didn’t I just go with my gut and use painters tape right away! So learn from my lesson… USE TAPE for the chevron pattern :)

I know love it!

Flowers add a pretty touch. I weather proofed my entire sign but I’m curious how it will hold up. Hopefully well!The final look! I am so thankful it’s finished and up…I love it! Now maybe the UPS guy will have an easier time finding us ;)




DIY Freezer Paper Stenciling

This is one DIY I think you’ll want to stick around for! The possibilities are endless!

It is a seriously long overdue DIY project I’ve been wanting to share since before Christmas when I did this! And it’s been two weeks since I’ve posted a DIY project anyways… so like I said, long overdue!

Supplies used:
Freezer paper- less than $4 at a Wal-Mart

Xacto knife – this really is a must, scissors won’t work

Paint – I used acrylic but you could use fabric paint too

Picture/design of your choice –You could either make it yourself or go to google images and search for what you’re desiring. The more detail in the image the harder and longer it will be to cut it out.


Canvas bags- you can get bundles or individuals for fairly cheap at Hobby Lobby. (you could also use t-shirts, pillow cases, canvas, etc)

How to DIY:

First, pick out your stencil idea and print it onto the freezer paper onto the NON-shiny side.

Then, use an Xacto knife to cut it out.

Iron it onto whatever your surface is. Make sure you’ve ironed the entire piece down because when you go to paint, you’ll want to be sure that it’s all down for the best outcome.

Carefully paint it. I used acrylic paint but you could use fabric paint and then you would be able to wash it without a problem!

Let it dry and then peel off the freezer paper and ta-da! It’s not perfect, but for my first one, it’s not horrible either. Just ignore the imperfection ;)

I used these canvas bags as a way to “wrap” my mom and sisters Christmas gifts. It took me an evening to do all of them. But it was worth it!

I also added fabric flower pins to my momma’s gift so she could leave them or take them off and wear them. Just another idea to add another little pretty touch! Or you could wait and buy a fabric flower pin or two from my Etsy store soon! ;)

Below are two photos my friend just sent me of the bag I made her. I forgot to take a photo of the final look.

She loves Hello Kitty and the Detroit Pistons and this was one of my favourites because of her reaction. <3

See, the possibilities are {endless}! I want to do designs on pillows, curtains, canvas, some of my boring shirts and some of Chase’s shirts, etc! It’s pretty incredible when it’s finished. The only part that’s hard is the cutting out and knowing where to cut out. But that got easier with each one.

Hope you’re inspired to create!