12 Days of Creating: The Reasonable and The Practical (DIYs)

Day 11 is a combination: a super reasonable and fun craft for your kiddo and a few practical ideas for yourself.

The Reasonable: Chase and I found little creatures in (you’ll never guess where?! ;)) the $1 section at Target and we picked out 3 to paint for Shailo and him. PaintedToys1 (yes, he is often in just his underwear hahaha) Grab some finger paints or washable paint and let them go for it!PaintedToys2 I was actually pretty impressed with his fishy paintin’ ;)

DIYsupplyholder5The Practical:
DIYsupplyholder3I have a problem with messes all over our counter space. About a month ago, I decided I wanted to get the ironing supplies OFF the counter but I knew I needed them super handy because I iron a lot (Ted’s work clothes and sewing projects mostly). I found this tin “planter” (at a thrift store) and turned it into an ironing supplies basket. This might seem so simple and meaningless but in fact, to me it’s huge! What kinds of little things might you have lying around that could help you clear the clutter? Or maybe make a list and head to the thrift store in search of something to help! Think past the colour you may see and imagine what it could be with a little paint! Like this planter turned ironing supply holder:afterglow

Here are a few other ideas:
DIYsupplyholder6I use the Dollar store often for little baskets to help me organize. Like you see here, to store fruit on the counters (without the baggies) or to store food in our fridge.

I had a friend just recently tell me she turned the hanging IKEA book racks into a type of hanging command center! SO smart! Off the counters that tend to oh-so-easily clutter!

Tonight is a weird, kind of all over the place post but I hope you are inspired!

12 Days of Creating: Simple Holiday Tree Decor

Day 10 is a super simple way to add some Holiday cheer to a mantle :) You may remember a Paper Tree DIY from a few years ago (shown below)… Well, we’re adding a few simple steps to create a new look.

First, follow the steps from this previous post I wrote DIY paper trees – to make the base. (Excuse the quality of all of the below photos – taken with my phone like most of my DIYs of late!)DIYHolidayTrees-1Once you’ve made your paper trees, grab a hot glue gun and begin winding your material around them. I would start from the tippy top. For material – I used leftover beads, gaudy silver garland ($1 Target section) and lace I had.

534079_10151166887361989_954852192_nMy cute little helper!DIYHolidayTrees-3

9658_10151166888256989_1399975745_nTa-da! You’re done :) Chaseyboy even helped a little!DIYHolidayTrees-4Super simple, and they add a fun, festive touch :)

Our “mantle” until we have a real one someday.


<3, Jami

12 Days of Creating: Christmas’y Beverage Gift

Day 9 is a gift idea for your hot-beverage-lovin’-friend or family member :)
12DaysofCreating (14 of 15)

I made a few with hot cocoa and this particular one with cappuccino mix shown below.12DaysofCreating (2 of 15)

Supplies used:

Paint and paint brush

Glass bottle

Cocoa powder or other mix

Hot glue gun

Two different pieces of fabric (scraps, you don’t need much!)
12DaysofCreating (10 of 15)

Step 1: Peel of sticker and scrub sparkly clean 12DaysofCreating (11 of 15) Step 2: While glass is drying, paint the lid. (I painted two coats total)12DaysofCreating (12 of 15) Step 3: (Make sure bottle markings like this expiration date are hidden towards the back) Glue fabric piece onto bottle.12DaysofCreating (13 of 15)

Step 4: Make a pretty bow (more steps here if needed)
12DaysofCreating (4 of 15)

Add powder mix and marshmallows and you’re finished!

Hope this helps for those who (like me) are cramming to get gifts bought/made … finished!

x, Jami

12 Days of Creating: Christmas Party or Holiday Decor

Are you having a Christmas party anytime soon? Or maybe just looking to decorate your home for the holidays? Day 8 (a day late) is just for you :) Easy, cheap Christmas Party or Holiday decor.

Supplies used:

Cardboard box

Frame (I think it’s safe to say that most have frames lying around, unused!… or maybe that’s just frameaholics like me? hehe)

Rotary cutter (could use scissors instead)

Napkin (could use scrapbook paper or even fabric) – I just used on napkin from the pile I had for our party! (In case you are wondering, napkins are from Target!)

Modge podge


12DaysofCreating (6 of 15)Step 1: Measure and cut cardboard to fit tightly into frame.12DaysofCreating (7 of 15)

Step 2: Lay napkin (or paper/fabric) down to see where you’d want to position it.

Step 3: Modge Podge little bits at a time and smooth as you go.12DaysofCreating (1 of 15)Step 4: Ready your stickers… for me this happened while nursing. Haha! That little chubby thing beside my arm is indeed Shai’s leg… no worries ;)

12DaysofCreating (4 of 15)
Step 5: Place stickers on board and you’re done!12DaysofCreating (3 of 3)

As you can see, this particular one was made for a Ugly Sweater Party we had here!12DaysofCreating (1 of 3)

Another one, a funny one I made for our party  – the “ugly” for our sweaters but of course ;)

This also takes no time at all, which is perfect for party planning!

Hope you’re inspired!

12 Days of Creating: Marble Art

Day 6 is unfortunately a few days late due to sickness here but I still would like to keep this up! Plus, it’s another fun one for kiddos… or adults :)Beautiful Wife (3 of 6)
Supplies used:

Canvas (could use paper too)



Pan to work in

Beautiful Wife (2 of 2)Just place marbles onto the canvas.Beautiful Wife (4 of 6)Beautiful Wife (1 of 1)Shake, shake, shake it side to side.Beautiful Wife (2 of 6)

Chase {really} enjoyed this!
Beautiful Wife (5 of 6)

Beautiful Wife (6 of 6)

He was quite particular too ;)Beautiful Wife (1 of 6)

This particular piece was made for a silent art auction for Art & Justice League, a non-profit we work with. It was pretty fun to see Chase’s artwork up at last nights event!
Beautiful Wife (1 of 3)

The mighty dapper artist and his little brother at last nights silent auction.

12 Days of Creating: Felt Nativity Board

Hi! Can you believe it’s already December 5th? Just 20 Days ’til Christmas! Today’s DIY is for the kiddos. Not necessarily the DIY part but the playing-with-afterwards part ;) Today we are making a felt nativity “board”.
DIYNativityandBoard-5I stumbled upon the {cutest} already-made felt nativity people at Hobby Lobby. The price reads $6 but I got it for 50% a few weeks back. But you’re in luck (if you really like this DIY) because I noticed in the ad that all Christmas’y things are still on sale right now!
DIYFeltNativityBoard Supplies used:

– Pre-made felt people (Hobby Lobby $3)


-Velcro (seriously not much at all, I used just 2 of those 4 strips you see here)

-Hot glue gun

-Yarn + 2 thumb tacks to hang it up (you could use whatever you wanted to hang it)

-Felt for backs of people (you can buy this for 4/$1 at Hobby Lobby)

-Felt for the board (I had to iron mine flat with no lines/creases)

-Cardboard for back (Totally optional. I actually decided against it last minute! If you’d like a more sturdy board, I would recommend that.)

DIYNativityandBoard-1This is another SUPER simple DIY:

Step 1: Glue people to felt (colour of your choice. I just used what I had leftover from Shai’s 1st birthday- teal)

Step 2: Cut out people

Side note: How CUTE is that Mary?! I just think that is the {perfect} expression ever for the momma of Jesus. LOVE her!

DIYNativityandBoard-2Step 3: glue small pieces of velcro to backs. A little velcro went a long way here!DIYNativityandBoard-4Step 4: (optional) I braided my hard to make it a little stronger to hold better.

Step 5: Glue back edge of felt over the yarn.DIYNativityandBoard-3

Step 6: Hang it and let the kiddos enjoy it!

Our “board” ended up matching the wall almost perfectly which was kind of a bummer. I just used what I had and it was either the cream or an obnoxiously bright red haha.


The boys absolutely love it and I have found Chase telling Shailo (and then again today, with the little girl I watch) about “baby Jesus” which is super sweet to watch!

The board looks a little sparse at the moment and I was thinking once I could get a piece of brown felt I will make a barn for them to go in! The possibilities are endless ;)

Hope you are inspired!

12 Days of Creating: ‘Days Until’ Chalkboard Sign.

Day 4 is one I’m especially excited to share because it’s one I feel many of you could really enjoy! I found a sign at Hobby Lobby that read “Days Until” but it was around $35 which was a bummer. I looked at the sign and really wanted it but not at that price. I knew I already had chalkboard paint (I’m a little obsessed with my love for chalkboards) and wondered if I could re-create my own! DIYDaysUntilSign-2

Supplies used:

Thrifted piece of wood or probably even a 2 x 4 – I searched the ARC and found this La Toilette sign (it is cute, but not at all my style!) for $1.50.

Chalkboard paint- there is also a spray paint kind but I prefer the can kind. It can be kind of expensive right off the bat ranging from $4-15 but I have used my can for multiple chalkboard project, some of which I will show you here.

Paint brush

Stickers or a cricut and vinyl – I just used what I had leftover from a previous project and it has stuck very well.

9a256c24195311e299e022000a1fb043_7I have already put our sign to good use. I LOVE it! And it’s so simple to make!


Step 1: Paint it. (I put 2 coats on ours)

Step 2: Give it 24 hours to dry (I am not very patient but have learned that this is really important)

Step 3: Add words. You can also have it read “days ’til” or “sleeps until”. After I made it I kind of wished I had done “Sleep until” because that is what we say with Chaseyboy!DIYChalkboardFrame-1

Another use of the chalkboard paint. I decided to find a few pics I had on the computer to show you just how far that little can of chalkboard paint can go.

DIYChalkboardFrame-2See that HUGE chalkboard? Another example of the amazing little can, it even has 2 coats on it! (wall pic is pre- our crazy gallery wall. Hope to blog that soon.)

(chalkboard paint was also used in the little window)

I really hope you enjoyed today’s post! Would make a fun gift or just a great thing to have around for those who love countdowns to fun events/goals/holidays, etc!

xx, Jami

12 Days of Creating: Fridge Organizers (Gift Idea)

Day 3 of 12 Days of Creating is a very simple and reasonable project to inspire organization. Practical and cute! This could be used as a lovely touch to your fridge or as a gift for a list maker (or those who need a little help maybe, like me :)) in your life.

Project 1: Cute Fridge To Do list

DIYFridgeOrganizers-1Supplies used:

-To do list- the $1 section at Target has the CUTEST notepads and to do lists, etc.

-Magnet – I bought a flexible magnetic strip with adhesive for around $3 at Hobby Lobby and there is more than enough for multiple projects!

I absolutely love the cute lists in the $1 section at Target however, the size of the magnetic ones are sometimes not a practical size for me and my not-so-small handwriting, especially with To Do lists/calendars. I found these cute notepads and thought why not make them magnetic for myself and as gifts! DIYFridgeOrganizers-4

And it is possibly the fastest DIY to date. Only 1 step: Add magnet to back!

Project 2: Fridge Chalkboard for the ForgetfulDIYfridgeorganizersCollage2

Supplies used:

-Chalkboard slate – I thrifted mine for 70 cents but I have noticed Walmart and Hobby Lobby both carry chalkboards too if you aren’t able to thrift one!

-Paint and paint brush

One of the most frustrating things I often do is forget what fruits and veggies or leftovers we have in our fridge before they go to waste. I am so upset with myself when I reach in the fridge and realize we have to throw away food. I was originally going to use the chalkboard in our bedroom just to write sweet notes, but I realized although that’s the cutest idea…I’m not sure the chalkboard would really be used much. HAHA! I decided it would be the perfect size and fit for a fridge chalkboard!

Another super simple DIY! 2 steps:

Step 1: Paint it (if you want to)

Step 2: Add magnetsDIYFridgeOrganizers-3

Now all I need is an automatic spell check in my head! Hehe :) Hope you are inspired to create and get organized. I stink at organization, that is a gift I did {not} naturally inherit from my momma unfortunately. So small tools like this really help me! I hope this helps you too!

(Please pray for our family? We’re all starting to feel under the weather. I feel so icky right now but thankfully I was able to take a few minutes to prep this post this morning when I felt much more alive! Anyways, g’night and thanks for popping by :))

12 Days of Creating: Embroidery Hoop Advent Calendar {DIY}

EmbroideryHoopArt (2 of 2)I’m unable to sleep tonight which is a result of my back hurting and me taking a Midol in hope to ease the pain. Well, pretty sure my Midol has caffeine of powerful sorts in it. Or maybe my decaf Carmel Brulee Latte wasn’t a decaf tonight before the Parade of Lights we attended ;) I didn’t think caffeine had this effect on me, but apparently it does! YIKES. Anyways, I thought why not post the blog I had hoped to post yesterday anyways :) This is a step by step tutorial of our embroidery hoop advent calendar!

As today is December 1st, it’s not too late (it really never is!) to create/do an advent calendar.

I love creating a new advent calendar each year and this year I wanted something in our colours and that was really me. I searched my craft supplies. I had a ridiculous amount of embroidery hoops and this is what I came up with. Enjoy and I hope you’re inspired to create! (Tutorial photos are taken with my iPhone and the results with our Canon, so all of you photogs out there, please excuse the colour and quality difference ;))

Supplies used for entire advent calendar:

-Embroidery hoops: Embroidery hoops cost little to nothing at thrift stores here and hopefully wherever you are located! I used a few different sizes and shapes to create our advent calendar.

-Hot glue gun and glue sticks.


-Fabric (this is a perfect time to use those fabric scraps you don’t want to throw away)

-Fabric scissors

-Felt (4/$1 Hobby Lobby)


-Mini clothespins (Walmart or Hobby Lobby – some of mine were from the $1 section in Target)

-Super gaudy/sparkly “garland” (also from the $1 section at Target)

-Foam stickers from Hobby Lobby

HGTV.COM and DESIGN STAR season 4 were on for most of this advent calendar making :) Just a little creative fun to watch while creating!

The Fabric Wrapped Hoop:

Step 1: For this particular hoop I cut my fabric a little less than an inch wide.

Step 2: I dabbed a small amount of hot glue to the hoop and pressed my fabric onto it.

Step 3: (not pictured here) I unscrewed the hoop for easier, quicker wrapping.

Step 4: Wrap, wrap, wrap.

Step 5: Glue end and cut excess material. And you’re done.

EmbroideryHoopArt (1 of 4)
As you can see in the above photo of the red and white stripped wrapped hoop, I added a piece to the middle and for this particular one I left the edges on the material for a fun touch. (sorry for the blur! Unfortunately I realized AFTER I took the photos that I had a smudge on the lens. BAH! ;))

The Yarn Wrapped Hoop.

Step 1: Unscrew hoop.

Step 2: Tie a small knot onto hoop.

Step 3: Wrap, wrap, wrap.

Step 4: Tie or glue end onto hoop.

Step 5: Add a fabric middle, or even a yarn strand, or leave it open.

EmbroideryHoopArt (4 of 7)

The Fabric {and} Yarn Hoop:

For this particular one I wrapped the yarn all around the middle as you can see pictured. Chaseyboy says it looks like a tire :)

EmbroideryHoopArt (1 of 7)

The Sparkly Hoop:

Step 1: Glue

Step 2: Wrap, wrap, wrap.

Step 3: Glue finish.

Step 4: Leave middle piece of hoop out.EmbroideryHoopArt (1 of 1)-2(Optional)

I glued a small piece of twine to the back so to hang the numbers from.EmbroideryHoopArt (3 of 7)

The Lace Wrapped Hoops:

Both the below and above hoops are just wrapped with lace!EmbroideryHoopArt (5 of 7)embroideryhoopDIY-5For the numbers:

Step 1: Trace circle onto felt (make sure they are big enough to hold your numbers first)

Step 2: Cut circles out (probably the most tedious task of this entire advent makin’ ;)

Step 3: Stick foam stickers onto felt. They actually stay SUPER well so you won’t have to worry about them falling off.

After you’ve hung your hoops on the wall…

Step 4: Strategically add the twine to hoops

Final step: Add clips and numbers.

(This particular advent does not have the advent for the day on the back of them. I actually have our family activity advent all planned out on iCal this year and each day we will take down one felt at a time)

EmbroideryHoopArt (1 of 1)-3

And, you’re finished! Even if you aren’t making an advent calendar,  at least now you know how to make some embroidery hoop wall art :)

Hope you are inspired to create this or anything in particular! G’night! (uh, hopefully, hehe)


Simple Fall Decor.

I don’t know about you, but I am just blown away by how fast this fall – this year – has flown by! I mean, it’s Thanksgiving week already?! Whew.

I realize this post is a little bit late in coming, for the DIY-ers out there but maybe this some of this can spark ideas for your Thanksgiving this week or just ideas for next year decor. Here are some simple fall DIYs:

I was asked to make centerpieces for a non-profit event. It was super fun to think of ideas! I went with simple, because of the quantity and picnic-like because of the setting. Mason jars and used cans (washed) wrapped in muslin. Coffee filter flowers. Little candles wrapped with twine. Super simple but cute!

Painted pumpkins, little owl from the $1 section at Target, felt leaves hung from twine and little clothespins. Rug $5 from IKEA and hand painted: so many possibilities!Very simple DIY using nature, a wreath ($1 section at target), fabric scraps to make rolled flowers and a hot glue gun. This is my twist on an idea(found here via Pinterest) making a twig wreath. Chaseyboy even helped with this one.

Super simple and cute! I saw this cinnamon stick wreath idea not long ago on Pinterest that I might have to try out, since I love this one so much and will be sad to take it down!

I am SO anxious to get the ball rolling on Christmas decor! I have already pulled out our boxes of decor from last year and have begun creating new decor to add to this year. Favourite holiday of the year. And it’s even more fun now that Chase is so into helping out.

Anyone else excited about Christmas time?! The season and traditions?! The smells?! Hehe, can’t wait! Putting our decorations up this weekend you can guarantee.