Chaseyboy’s 4th Birthday Parrrrrty!

I’m trying to play some major catch up with our life. Here are photos from Chase’s 4th Birthday!ChaseyboyBirthday4-3

photo 4

“Friend Anthem” helped his momma make Chase this pirate map that we used as decor!


ChaseyboyBirthday4-7Chase4thBirthdayCollage9 I found this free printable from online and cut them to my liking for cupcake use. (I didn’t do all the folds and such, just simply cut around the characters.)ChaseyboyBirthday4-52above: my favourite photo of the day! photo 2photo 3Chase4thBirthdayCollage7Brave little souls, walkin’ the plank, over dolphin shark infested waters.
Chase4thBirthdayCollage2Chase4thBirthdayCollage6 If they made it safely across they got a tattoo.Chase4thBirthdayCollage5

since we are moving, we asked for things like traveling books and activities or itunes cards :)photo 5Chase4thBirthdayCollage4ChaseyboyBirthday4-8Watermelon boat “cake”ChaseyboyBirthday4-17 Chase4thBirthdayCollage3 Cannot believe my first baby is FOUR. What?!Chase4thBirthdayCollage

It was a super fun and adventurous birthday for my firstborn little love, ahem, pirate.

He didn’t want to get a photo with just momma, too many friends and fun things to do and see I suppose :)

But we did get one great one as a family.


Pirate Davis clan :)

Can’t wait for many more years with our sweet Chase Journey!

Disney on ice

We were recently blessed with a fun gift from Ted’s sister. One that Chase will talk about for months, and maybe remember for years.

20130410-122050.jpgDisney on Ice: Treasure Trove!

(excuse the quality – all photos were taken with my phone)20130410-190058.jpg20130410-185653.jpg

(Above photos: Alice and Wonderland and the Little Mermaid)

We had amazing seats and both Chaseyboy AND Shailo sat quietly, in amazement, the entire show. Ted and I weren’t really sure what to expect, but I can tell you this, I never expected it to be as incredible and captivating as it was! I definitely recommend this if it comes near you! (Also, check Groupon and Living Social, that was where his sister found such a deal!)


Above photos: The Lion King. Chase LOVED this one.


Above photos: Snow White – I guess it was the first Disney movie! I didn’t realize that. Chase had never seen Snow White (or really, most of the princess movies besides my favourite: Beauty and the Beast and Brave)

20130410-185246.jpg20130410-185305.jpgAladin, just in case you couldn’t tell ;) I personally loved this one, hehe. I knew the songs word for word. Reminded me of grade school and a creative speech I had to give. I did the scene from when Genie is released from the lamp! HAHA!20130410-114357.jpg

They actually had an intermission and I asked the gal in front of us to snap a shot of us as a fam. Chase wanted to wear his pirate bandana to the show and Shailo joined in as well :)

Of course, Chasey’s favourite part of the night was indeed Peter Pan!




There were others they showed as well but I didn’t snap photos of them all. It was just a really fun filled night :)20130410-114329.jpgThe evening ended with all of the princesses and princes coming out as couples and skating. It was really pretty but to be honest, it also made my heart ache a little bit. Maybe this is a bit heavy for this post, but I couldn’t help but think of our Eisleygirl. As silly as it may seem, I mean we were at a Disney show, I wondered how different this evening would have been with her along with us. Perhaps dressed in a little princess outfit and perhaps we would have known the scenes from Tangled and The Princess and the Frog, etc. Or maybe she’d be dressed as a pirate along with her brothers. :) Ever so often that evening I felt little aches in my heart, but mostly we had a really wonderful time.

20130410-190752.jpgIn the moments like that night, where my heart tends to ache, it also helps to guide my heart towards a deep gratefulness; for the moments I had that night, with my children that are here with me. I am overwhelmed and thankful, for even the silly, fun and goofy nights like this one – to the ones at home where I’m watching and listening to my little ones play.

A fun and wonderful memory as a family!