Moments – on living intentionally.

My darling, always-on-the-go Shai has calmed and now sleeps peacefully beside me. His little chest rising and falling softly. His chubby belly peeking out from his shirt. Sleeping in his diaper with no pants, but of course. ;)

20130320-214028.jpgHe is now 16-months-old… I truly feel as though I blinked and here we are. Once again, I’m left stunned at how fast time seems to be flying by!

Which is kind of fitting with what I’ve decided tonight to share tonight. Something that has been on my heart for some time now: time. Even before I became a mother, I have found prioritizing my time difficult. Now…definitely so. I’ve also struggled feeling guilty for doing things that I love and that recharge me, especially with the seemingly endless ‘to do” lists. In reading Organized Simplicity, I’ve found that a lot of these struggles, even my insecurities when it came to do things I that recharge me; like creating, were written out and the author, Tsh, was speaking to my heart;

“Well, here’s the thing – everyone has been allotted the same amount of time. We’re all given twenty-four hours per day. The only difference in time between one person and another is how each person chooses to spend those same hours. Everybody is given the same chance, time-wise, to pursue different things. We each choose to spend those hours in a variety of different ways. And because this means we’ve got finite time to do finite activities, it should be a given that we use that time wisely and intentionally.” – Tsh Oxenreider, Organized Simplicity

Wisely and intentionally.

Each moment of each and every day is valuable. Over the years and on nights like tonight, where I sit stunned that my baby is 16-months-old, I’ve come to realize this more and more.

Every moment is a gift and what we do with this gift is so important.

I have wasted many moments, hours and days even. To even think of what those wasted moments amount to makes my heart sad.

We all have the gift of these moments. We have the choice to use the moments we’ve been given to either give us life and reenergize us or to allow our moments to slip away from us, doing things that may seem like the “right” or appealing thing but in reality they wear us thin, they drain us and over time we realize they are robbing our lives.

How often do we choose to seek after things that aren’t life-giving? How often we let even the mundane steal from us?

They’re robbing us of the precious moments we’ve been given.

Obviously there are things to be done: dishes to wash, clothes to clean, floors to be swept… On top of minds to me nurtured, little knees or hearts to be mended, bodies to be nourished, arguments to be worked through, appointments to go to, jobs to work and bills to be paid…

These moments are our every day. They need to be taken care of, yes.

But what I’m speaking of the moments we’ve been given outside of what needs to be taken care of. You might be thinking, What moments? Who has those? Pause with me for a moment. I know that there are seasons/weeks/days that are overwhelmingly busy and out of our control in some ways. But I think it’s safe to say that each of us has some sort of “down time” or maybe we’ve unknowingly allowed our lives to be so busy when we don’t need them to be.

I have begun to see how powerful it is to say “no” to the things that aren’t truly bringing life to my family and “yes” to the things that are. (Please hear my heart. It is to challenge our way of thinking and to ultimately ENCOURAGE us, you. Please read on, friends.)

“There should be some sort of criteria through which every potential event should pass, and it should only be added to the family calendar when it passes with flying colours.” Tsh Oxenreider, Organized Simplicity

Of course this makes sense. It is just a matter of doing so!

And what about time to be recharged/refreshed/reenergized?

I’ll be the first to admit that it’s hard to find time to do the things the reenergize us. I have to be intentional. And when I am, I rarely regret it (and I only say ‘rarely’ because I get caught up in feeling guilty sometimes.)

For me personally, when I have a “free” moment, I usually chose to create something. It’s just the way I am wired. Just as my momma is wired to organize. She does it effortlessly and often. She maintains a clean home and an organized life. I look at her and wish I had that gene! But also, wonder how she does it because that isn’t my strength, it isn’t my gifting.

We’re each created uniquely – even down to what bring us life and reenergizes us. Organizing does {not} refresh me, usually. Creating, yes!

I often get comments to me, people wondering and asking how do I have time for this sort of thing, you know: creating, decorating, blogging, party planning, DIYs on the blog, ETSY, etc. I think for me personally, this is just a part of who I am. I have to be creating. It’s therapeutic for me, really. It helps bring me life and refreshes me.

Often when I hit publish on a crafty blog or photo post, I always hope that people will be inspired, or understand my heart in sharing. That I won’t be misunderstood. I know that isn’t reality, because the truth is, we all view the things we see and hear through our own filters. Even sometimes through our own insecurities. I’ve come to realize that maybe the comments I’ve heard in regards to ‘how I have time to create or to do the things the refresh me’, maybe it is because we’ve come to a place where we feel that it’s a luxury. A luxury to do the things we love, creating or reading or exercising or whatever refreshes YOU. And that too makes my heart so sad because I know that you can do it. I believe you, too, could do the things you love and that bring you life.

Make it a priority. Set time aside. Plan ahead.

“There’s a big difference between intentional downtime and spacing out, and in a contest, intentional downtime wins hands down. We should recharge our batteries, relax, and get refreshed doing those things we love best.”

I get to make a lot of choices in a day. Choices with what to do with each moment. It’s like what Tsh talks about: intentional downtime or spacing out. The choice is ours to make time and the choice is ours how we spend that time.

I could choose to create, or to write, or to read, or exercise or I could veg out and kill time watching a show or surfing social media sites (I do both, unfortunately more of the social media than I’d like to admit!)

I hope you have “heard my heart” tonight. I hope you know I am by NO MEANS saying, How dare you sit on your bum on the couch and watch a show? Or surf facebook. Or pin on pinterest (um, hello, it’s me talking here). No, no, no.

I just know for myself personally, Setting aside time to do the things you love and that refresh you.


What if we paused and reevaluated our lives and what kinds of things are using up our moments? What are we allowing to fill our days? Are they things that need to be done or perhaps we have things that are robbing precious moments for us? Even the “christiany” things we might do out of habit, take a moment and ask God! Perhaps a quiet time painting or art journaling (okay, that’s totally right up MY alley, but maybe for you that looks different!)

What if we reevaluated in a way that we have allowed time to do the things that bring us life and refresh us? That bring healing to our hearts and minds? I wonder what kinds of things we could accomplish feeling reenergize and refreshed. Feeling healed instead of broken and weary and like we’ve blinked and time is flying by but we can’t exactly say where it’s gone.

why you {should} buy that ugly thrift store decor.

Thrift stores have a ton of wood – all different shapes and sizes. Some with weird quotes or sayings, some with cheesy holiday paintings, etc. But oh the possibilities!


Here are a few reasons and ideas for WHY you should buy that ugly decor…

diys (6 of 9)

Yes, yet another chalkboard project, hehe. I’m obsessed. This gift was for our dear friends who got engaged over Christmastime!

I used a drill and added knobs I bought from Hobby Lobby so this can be used to hang keys or jewelry, etc.

diys (5 of 9)My sister is also getting married this year (August!)

diys (3 of 9)

She used this as decoration at her engagement party :)

photo 2-17

Supplies used (for the above projects):

-thrifted wood

-chalkboard paint (pictured above) -this particular kind I have found is my personal favourite! SO incredibly smooth. It is expensive but you wouldn’t believe how far a little bottle can go. $5/6 Hobby Lobby (probably any hobby store – and use a coupon! :)) and ALWAYS let the chalkboard paint dry for at {least} 24 hours preferably 48 hours before using it.

-stickers for the words – make them yourself or buy. I made mine with a Cricut.


-chalk – you can buy an assortment of coloured or white chalk (boxes) at Hobby Lobby for just $2 (for 48 pieces). You can either give an entire box (12 pieces) or use little baggies like I do with just a few pieces with the gift you’ve made them.

DIY gifts for grandparents (or other possibilities!) 

diys (9 of 9)

supplies used:

-thrifted wood

-mini canvases

-printed photos (wallet size)

-modge podge

– mini hooks (painted then screwed into wood) bag of 8 for $2

-ribbon (used hot glue to attatch them so the canveses to hang)

-stickers (I used my cricut but you could buy them)

diys (4 of 9)

My mom sings this song with Chase often so we thought this would be a cute idea :)diyblog
The above was for my mother-in-law. I am kind of regretting not doing something a little more in the middle – like a cute quote. This was for her office so she could see her grand babies everyday (she lives in AK.)

Supplies used:

-This particular project I actually did {NOT} thrift the wood – here is an example of a time it was cheaper to use a coupon and visit a hobby store (it also came with little hooks to hang it)

– ribbon

-photos printed – wallet size

-little mini frames (that actually had little canvases in them which I used for the above gift for my mom) Hobby Lobby $2.80 a piece but used for 2 gifts.

– little hooks (I just screwed them into the bottom of the wood)

-stickers or Cricut and vinyl

Other thrifted items turned gifts:


Left: Gift for my grandparents for their front yard.  Right Top: Jewelry holder for my sister Abie (knobs from Hobby Lobby) Right Bottom: I found a HUGE beer lid and couldn’t pass it up. Made this for my future brother-in-law.

Some things to look/look out for while sorting through thrift store decor:

-Look for ones with a way to hang the piece. Obviously you wouldn’t want to pay more on a piece of wood from a thrift store than one at a hardware or hobby store. The plus about thrifting it – even if the price may be similar to a blank piece you could buy – most of the time the thrifted piece already has a way you could hang the decor.

– Look out for paintings that aren’t smooth on the wood. Because you would most likely paint or modge podge, etc on the wood you would want to be sure the surface is flat. Sanding is an option too, but a little more work for you.

-Look for deals within the thrift store. After holidays most thrift stores put their holiday decor 50% off and I’ve even seen it 75%! This is a perfect time to search for pieces of wood to repurpose.

(not many tips, but I hope that helps)

Below is a photo to show that I DO indeed fail at things I try to create… I tend to show the things that have worked… well, here ya go ;)…20130123-103231.jpg

My friend Brittany and I attempted to make the Starbucks peppermint cake pops. BAHAHAHAHA.

Thanks for popping by! Hope you are inspired and that you look like you have HORRIBLE taste when you now buy that ugly thrifted decor you once turned away from.