Christmas Eve 2014

Christmas has become my favorite holiday since we’ve had kiddos.

It just seems so much more magical and joyous seeing Christmas through their eyes.

I also have loved creating traditions as a new and growing family and even carrying on traditions from our own upbringings.

This December I decided to lay aside a few traditions and we did the traditions that felt effortless and fun, but not an ounce overwhelming. In years past, I found myself to caught up and overwhelmed by too many activities. My deciding factor was the moment I found myself upset, even annoyed, with my kids because of an activity advent calendar we set up that wasn’t going as “planned”. And if we didn’t do one days’ activity, I felt like I was failing.

It was ridiculous. I may pick it back up as they grow older, or maybe not.

More than anything, I want the holidays to be filled with joyous memories, not memories of momma flippin’ out (I already do enough of that :))

One of those we did keep this year was our Christmas Eve tradition of new jammies, a new book and a new game. We get dressed, drive around to see christmas lights, and then come back home for our new story, game and hot cocoa! Here are photos from that evening:

Christmas2014Collage_2 What made this Christmas especially exciting was the pink jammy’d girly pictured. Ever’s first Christmas!
Christmas2014Collage_Christmas2014Collage_3Reality struck as quickly as the camera clicks. :) christmasjammiescollage

Looking back over the years… I am in awe of Chase’s lankiness now and how quickly Shailo’s baby-boy look turned big-boy.

And my oh my, please note how {adored} Ev is by her brothers!

bits & pieces: holiday

I have random photos from our Holiday and decided to do a bits + pieces post to share some of them. Just a tad late. Enjoy.


A little Christmas’y cheer in the boys’ room.

untitled (2 of 3)-3

We braved the cold weather and traveled downtown Denver to explore with our family and my in-laws. It was SO cold but we had a fun, memorable time. Shailo made us laugh when we rode up and down an elevator… he would get this look of shock and then smile really big like pictured above :) We also took the boys on their first bus ride! Chase LOVED it! Brings it up every once and while, even still. B O Y.untitled (3 of 3)-3

untitled (1 of 3)-2
Ted’s mom and sister came in from Alaska and we took Auntie Nikki to visit the aquarium for the first time. untitled (6 of 20)We drove a TON over the holiday – with relatives visiting from Alaska where they live in igloos and there isn’t much ;) I kid, of course. but seriously, they don’t have many of the places we do, so we ventured out and explored :) I got my very OWN camera lens to go with my very own camera (I already owned the camera- a hand-me-down from Ted)! woot! I no longer need to borrow Ted’s or be without when he is gone and using his cameras and lenses. this photo as well as the next few below, are taken with my 50mm.untitled (7 of 20) untitled (8 of 20) untitled (9 of 20) Chase got a ipad-like thing called a Nabi (pictured above) for Christmas from his Grandma Anisa. He took it with on one of our long days out and it read books to him. SO cool!
untitled (13 of 20) A trip to the aquarium.untitled (1 of 20) Peek-a-boo and “honk honk” untitled (2 of 20) untitled (3 of 20) untitled (4 of 20) untitled (5 of 20) Chase learned to really roll his eyes over the holiday. I am probably the worst mom ever for thinking this is kinda cute – because as of right now does it and says, “I’m just joking, mom!” bits+pieces_christmas5Left: Chase requested we all wear our snow boots out. We did even though people probably thought we were crazy. The snow is the one behind the times, not us ;) Right: my boys and Addi Christmas craftin’ with our friends, Anthem and Seth.bits+pieces_christmas4Above: photos of our trip to Pearl St. in Boulder, Colorado. We just HAD to give Ted’s mom and sister the experience of BOULDER. haha …I personally love it and the boys enjoyed seeing the different street performers.
bits+pieces_christmas3 A trip to IKEA but of course ;) Left: Chase shocking me by saying, “I… K… E… A… IKEA!” Right: An AWESOME display in IKEA that I’d love to copycat someday!bits+pieces_christmas2 Just bits + pieces of our christmas. paradeoflights2
Parade of Lights, downtown Denver. Above taken with my iphone.ParadeofLightsCollageMore Parade of Lights. Taken by Ted with his Canon.

Well, that’s about it for late holiday posts ;)

As you may have noticed, I am redesigning my blog. Still a work in progress, but I’d love to hear your thoughts! what do ya think?

snow globes & gingerbread trains.

This post, like a few more to come, is a little late in the game as it’s already the 8th of January! This December we made snow globes with our dear friends, the Maxwells and a gingerbread train with Mimi (my mom.) Here are some collages of our creations.SnowGlobesCollage
Chase really loved his! We let him have his in his room. My friend Brittany had a great idea to do a few a year and have this amazing collection over a few years! This is definitely one that’s added to Christmas’y traditions! gingerbreadtrain2

We had a blast going a gingerbread train! Mimi had a wonderful idea to go to our local ice cream and candy shop Scrumptious and pick out the candy we would want. Chase had fun picking out different types of candy, of course! We watched St. Nicholas by Veggie Tales while we worked on our train.gingerbreadtrain3

So much fun! Two new things we enjoyed this past Christmas! Did you and your family add  a new traditions  or do anything new this Christmas?


The perks of being married to a photographer and having a love for photography myself: we documents pretty much everything. But on mornings like Christmas morning where I prefer not to be behind a camera, Ted LOVES it, so that is the bonus of a photographer hubby :)

Here is a snitbit of our Christmas eve and morning with the boys. This year was especially fun for a few reasons: 1. Ted’s mom and sister spent Christmas with us for the first time ever. And, 2. Chase was way more involved this year than ever before. Everything Christmas’y he loved. And then there was Shailo who only wants to follow directly in “bru-ber’s” footsteps and also made this year a blast!521786_10151207487226989_575463337_nChristmas eve tradition: open our stockings, change into our newly opened jammies and drive around to see Christmas lights in the city. This year I had desired to make matching flannel jammies for the boys and totally didn’t end up with enough time. I crammed way too much into December, unfortunately. (I have some MAJOR resolutions this year regarding the busyness of life) I was {thrilled} to stumble upon these matching (yes, I’m a sucker for the matchy-matchy) Jake and the Neverland Pirates jammies for the boys! Anything pirates is Chaseyboy’s current obsession which I love, especially because it’s not CARS. ;) And it’s SUPER cute to have my little ones running around saying, “Har har” and (Chase) saying “Hoist the sails, Matey.” Bahaha, sure love these boys.


Christmas eve it snowed! We actually had a White Christmas!

Chase and Shailo, like most little kiddos, LOVED Christmas lights. Chase wants to sing “Jingle Bells” and “Away in the Manger” when he sees lights because we started that last year. So he associates Christmas lights with singing, so cute! Shailo was crackin’ us up this year with his little “WOW!” until our driving around lulled him to sleep.

Christmas mornin’ …ChristmasDay12 (1 of 10)Ted woke us ALL up early, early. He was as excited for Christmas morning as Chaseyboy was. Hehe. We began our Christmas morning with a tradition and that is reading the story of Jesus’ birth, from my personal favourite: Song of the Stars. It is such a beautiful book with stunning illustrations. Makes me tear up every time. (Definitely recommend!) ChristmasDay12 (1 of 3)What a fun year! I loved watching their reactions. Best. ever. (I am kind of “that” momma whose kiddos will either grow up thrifty too, or want everything BRAND NEW haha, I thrifted this little doctors set. And also, wooden blocks for Shai)

Shailo even opened a few family members’ gifts before we knew it! Hehe :)ChristmasDay12 (2 of 3)ChristmasDay12 (3 of 3)Fun morning and then. Ted surprised me with a date out annnnnd to see…. 407773_10151208349481989_1029556456_nLes Mis (which I love, the old and new)!! AMAZING, btw.



Hope you had a wonderful Holiday!

zoo lights.

This year we bundled up and took a trip to our local zoo at night to see the their zoo lights! I totally recommend saving up money or setting some aside just for this trip each winter. It’s a m a z i n g. And from what I’ve heard, most zoos participate in it!
Family (2 of 28)-2

Family (4 of 28)-2

Chase was “so essited!”  The chocolate around his mouth was from hot cocoa we had beforehand. Hehe.Family (5 of 28)-2

Family (7 of 28)-2

Family (8 of 28)-2

Family (9 of 28)-2

Family (10 of 28)-2

Family (11 of 28)-2

Family (12 of 28)-2

Family (15 of 28)-2

Family (19 of 28)-2

Family (17 of 28)-2

Family (18 of 28)-2

Family (13 of 28)-2

He doesn’t look thrilled but he really loved this!
Family (22 of 28)-2

Family (23 of 28)-2

Chase and his friend Anthem checking out a decorated rhino.Family (24 of 28)-2

This was my personal fave of the night. These lanterns remind me of Thailand. S t u n n i n g.Family (20 of 28)-2

Family (25 of 28)-2What a fun, memorable night!

And I’m thinking, a new tradition for our family.

Definitely recommend zoo lights!

Ugly Sweater Christmas Party ’12

12DaysofCreating (3 of 3)I’ve always wanted to throw a hot cocoa/christmas’y treats and ugly sweater party, so this year I combined the two and invited a small group of mutual friends. It was a blast!uglysweatersparty (3 of 5)Wouldn’t be a Davis’ party without a photoshoot ;) I had planned on the photo booth banner reading “merry & bright” but my hubby put it up before I could tell him. I kind of loved it, hehe.
12DaysofCreating (2 of 3)uglysweatersparty (4 of 5)The boys… How. stinkin’.cute!
12DaysofCreating (8 of 15)uglysweatersparty (5 of 5)Just way too much fun and a whole lot of goofy.uglysweatersparty (2 of 5)

I couldn’t stop laughing (during the photoshoot too hehe) when Ted showed me the photos of the night. HILARIOUS.

I kind of want to do a silly, lighthearted party like this one, every year! What sort of Christmas parties do you enjoy? Any fun ideas or games to share?

a belated Christmas post

This post is waaaaay overdue but I’ve regretted not posting some of our Christmas-y things. I used to be so on top of taking pictures, editing them and posting them almost right away and now… oh wait, I had a baby! ;) But I really don’t want that to become my excuse. You find time to do the very things you love and blogging just happens to be on my list of things that I love! So I really hope to pursue one of my passions again. I miss it so much.

whoa, I digress. Here some photos of our holiday.

This was Chase’s first year helping decorate the tree. He really took tree decorating very seriously ;)

This particular holiday seemed very special and perhaps it is because Chase really joined in with me in decorating and creating. I really, really loved that part. Oh my heart! What joy he brings.

Chase and I’s handywork this year. Simple, beautiful, fun.

 Above left: “Let every heart prepare Him room” banner. Right: our activity advent calendar.

Quite possibly my favourite Christmas tradition, or maybe just my sweet tooth talking ;)…

Sugar (& other) Christmas cookie baking day!  Look at his eyes when he realized I was watching him (above right) ;)

what’s a cookie without sprinkles, sprinkles …

…and more sprinkles?!

This was Chase’s first year to enjoy in this yummy tradition.

Last year we began a tradition of opening jammies Christmas Eve, a tradition passed on from my own family. This year we added a new tradition, our own, of heading to town to see the pretty Christmas lights. Ted and I try to sing Christmas songs and Chase, sweet boy, would cut us off with, “Wonder Pets, Wonder Pets, we’re on our way…” and then wait for us to join in with {him} in finishing the Wonder Pets entire theme song. What a fun memory! :)

Ya know us, we just had to do photoshoot of the jammies before heading to see lights. Oh how I love these photos. So precious!

Little smirks. (I call this his little old man face)

(I just had to post this photo of Shailo’s facial expression when Chase first sat down with him. :) It’s like he’s saying, “Seriously mom and dad, a flashlight for big brother. REALLY?! Ahh! Get him away! “)

This year was especially fun because it was Chase’s first year he thoroughly enjoyed Christmas; the tree, lights, music (particular fond of, well Wonder Pets, but also Away in the Manger – which we changed to say “the little baby Jesus lay down his sweet head” I tried to video him but to no avail ;)) , stories of baby Jesus, presents, etc. He {loved} this year.

Our Christmas photo was another story…

({my handsome boys} opposite colouring as of now. I {love} it!)

Our Christmas photo was a challenge. You might think being married to a photographer, we’d have it set. WRONG. It was horrible. Chase was extremely wound tight, Shailo was fussy and I didn’t feel well at all.  The picture below is one of maybe 2 he actually sat for.

 However, I love the one we ended up with because it’s actually rather candid. I didn’t ask him to kiss his brother, he just did. So cute! 
Ted and I play around with bokeh and the Christmas tree lights. (what we’d hoped to do with our Christmas card but didn’t factor in a crazy-hyper 2 year old BOY! ;))
Christams-y Instagrams
Well, enough talk about Christmas in January. I hope to blog soon with some things that are heavy on my heart. Hope the holidays treated you well and you were able to enter the New Year refreshed and with a sense of hope!