His Name Fits!

So I forgot that I said I would post this. I gave you a tiny explanation (click here to read) before he was born but not too much because of that fact that his name is so literal. I was afraid you’d guess ;)

Did you wonder “why Chase Journery”? Well here is our heart behind his name! I’d love to hear what you think, that is unless you hate it. haha.

What is in his name?
So what does his name mean? His name is pretty literal and you may be thinking it is somewhat of a “hippy” name, but here is our reason for naming him Chase Journey.

Choosing a boy’s name was a lot harder than we imagined. It actually took us until I was 6 months pregnant to finally decide what we would want to name a son, if we had one. (By that time, Ted already knew Chase was a boy, I did not.) We had chosen the middle name ‘Journey’ but could not find the perfect, meaningful name for a son.

We chose Journey for a few reasons. For one, Ted and I both had been on such a journey throughout our lives, both having had intense journey’s to get to where we are today. Our journey is unfolding beautifully and that is what we desire for our son. Which leads to our most important reason for the name ‘Journey’. We pray that he would pursue his journey with the utmost integrity, vision, passion and with his whole heart. A journey of becoming a man of integrity amidst the everyday struggles. The journey of humility, vision and of course, adventure. The journey to finding who he is in Christ.

When we came across the name ‘Chase’, I gasped. I asked Ted, “What do you think of Chase? Chase Journey?” He immediately loved it too. We both agreed. It was perfect for why we had chosen Journey. It fit. It was what we desired and it was us.

The definitions we love;
to pursue with intent to capture, to follow in pursuit of (his journey)
-to follow or devote one’s attention to (his journey)

-passage or progress from one stage to another

Chase’s birth was in fact, like his middle name, a Journey! At 9 days overdue, we had a 42 hour labor ending with a c-section and a healthy boy! Chase entered the world July 18th at 2:12am, at 8lbs 15oz 21in. We are so thankful for his safe arrival!

Chase has already captured our hearts and added such a unique dynamic to the Davis’ family. He is full of life and his personality is already shining through. What a joy! Our friends and family instantly fall in love with him and he has already brought us closer together.

Thus, Chase Journey!!!

A Random Scrabbled Blog.

Remember our 31 week maternity photoshoot? Well, we didn’t actually share them all. It would have given our names away! Here is one now.

Ted needs to edit them, because I did it tonight on picnik.com and it rarely turns out that grand. He will make the letters pop so you can actually read them :) Anyways, I just remembered we took these, so I had to share.

I chose this cloud layout for one day during the pregnancy and decided against it because it was too boyish. And now, all along it was just perfect. Let’s see how long it lasts. I am considering making a blog with my gmail account- that way all 3 of our blogs will be in the same log in and I can choose a different link name because we will definitely be having siblings for Chase (someday, a little overwhelming to think about right now, ha), so jami & baby bump doesn’t really apply anymore. Didn’t think that one through when I made this blog ;)
I had a bit of “free time” because Chase actually let me set him down in his bouncer. He’s wanted to be held since his appointment this morning and I have literally held him ALL afternoon and evening. I love his snuggles & his little sighs while sleeping, but I am wondering how tonight is going to go. We might be sleeping in the recliner tonight.
Oh and one more thing… please pray for our car to get finished at the shop so Ted & his mom can get back here. They are 6 hours away in KS and Ted was telling me tonight just how much this is killing him. I’m guessing he will be the one holding Chase all day when he returns. They are hoping to be back by tomorrow late afternoon/evening and are now 2 days late and Chase and I are missing them!
He’s awake, gotta run!!

Our Baby Names (Hints)!

This morning I spent at the base working on the few projects they needed done and then I just chilled with Alanna at my side! I had a lot of fun watching her try and guess our boy’s name.
I absolutely adore our baby names that we have decided.
Our girl’s first name begins with an E and is totally me and it’s also unique. I decided I wanted this name when I was 16 and thankfully Ted really fell in love with it. It means Strong. It only recently made the baby name website and still isn’t on a few of them. Her middle name is a place inside of a country we love and means break of day. Ted and I were searching and as soon as Ted spoke the name, I knew it was perfect. Combined, it’s truly beautiful.
Our boy’s name took a while to find. We like the literal meaning of his first name rather than the meaning they have for it on baby name sites. So scratch that meaning, once you hear “it’s a boy” (if we have a boy). I can’t actually share the meaning of the first name because it would give it away. The middle name is something we’ve had for a while and it’s meaning would give it away as well. The combination of the first and middle name is what makes his name so literal. And very Ted and Jami- if you know us even the littlest bit. Basically, I’ve given close to nothing away about our boy’s name. Sorry, but I don’t know how to describe it without giving it away!
I am bias about our names of course, but sometimes I have this incredible fear of man and what people might say. Then I realize, our names are very Ted and I and they are meaningful to us both. That is what matters. Sometimes when I here a baby’s name, I initially may not like it but when you put a face to the name, or you know the parents well to know it’s totally them, or you hear why they’ve chosen the names and you fall in love!! You can’t be too quick to judge!

Baby Name Sites.

Ted and I have our baby girl name set. I’ve been in love with it since I was 16, and he choose the middle name BUT we still do NOT have a boys name. Just in case we need that ;)

Anyways here are a few baby name sites I’ve had fun with, but let me know if you know of any that might share the most unique names. We are looking for a strong unique boys name with a really good meaning. (I’m actually not asking for NAMES from you but for a site or book).


Please let me know if you know of a good website or book!
I am d e s p e r a t e!