15 Months.

I’ve enjoyed living without this for over a year. Ladies, you know what I am talking about because you can see the pain in my eyes. Okay, maybe not. ;)

Yes, it’s back, that good ol’ “time of the month”.

And yes, I am writing about this on my blog. I am just kind of in shock because I believed people when they told me this wouldn’t happen while b-feeding! Obviously, that’s a wives tale!

Also, I have to put working out on hold because of the pain of the above and the pain of falling down hardwood stairs at my parents yesterday! I had my arms full, but thankfully not with Chase!!! We don’t think I broke anything, although I do have swelling and bruising in my left shoulder, hand, hip and bum! Please pray for a quick recovery. :)

Can you believe I am whining about pain, having gone through a day of my labor without meds…?! (Birth story part 1 coming soon!)

Yes but this pain is without a purpose! Hahahaha :)


For both Chase and momma.


{Chase’s bottom two teeth have emerged}

I wondered when it would happen. I’ve heard they can teeth for months without getting teeth, so I held onto the hope that he would be one of those baby’s that didn’t get a tooth until one years or older!
And here we are. Chase.
5 1/2. months. old. young.
Too young, in my opinion and not just because I am afraid of being bit while nursing.
Although, that has already been a bummer. Oh man. I thought it was painful when I first began nursing, but this tops that by far. I can’t even express how hard Chase {bites}, already. This makes a girl want to call it quits on breastfeeding! Although it’s hard, I will say… no blood drawn yet. AMEN!
Speaking of “owwwwiiieeees”. Chase has a special way of saying “I love you”. Check it out.

Headbuttin’ Love (1) from Jami Davis on Vimeo.

Headbuttin’ Love (2) from Jami Davis on Vimeo.

Headbuttin’ Love (3) from Jami Davis on Vimeo.

I TRIED to capture it, haha. Coming soon: Pictures of his “teefers”… AND his 5 month photos once I edit them! (I am a slacker, yes)

I’m Pumped! (And I’ve been waiting to say that)

This morning I woke panicked (15 minutes ago) because I had forgotten to pump the night before so I would have an emergency bottle on hand, just in case Chase is hungry right at my appointment begins. I have a family practice appointment to get my asthma checked out. And I could just see Chase screaming as I’m getting a check up ;)

Anyways, woke up panicked, ran to the living room to pump, and in less than 10 minutes pumped 5 oz from one side alone! And somehow I never look like I’ve “deflated”. It must replenish the moment I finish.
I’m thankful for this baby blog to be able to right things like this, haha. It’s a nice outlet for a momma!!

A ‘Girls Only’ Update.

First, an update on my little man. He is still fighting this cold. Poor buddy. He has been sleeping a lot more than normal, sleeping very good at night because of this. He doesn’t wake up to feed and I actually have to wake him, which is not normal for him. I’ve also had to force feed him, because he was too lethargic to eat. He is just not himself and it’s breaking our hearts. Tomorrow I am taking him into the doctors.

If you happen to be a man and you happen to be reading this very blog, I suggest you stop! Just for this one and trust me you’ll want to stop.

Seriously, stop.

Many of you know, especially if you’ve seen me in person, that I am not lacking in the milk department. Not at all. Pre-pregnancy I was a lovely size B, as soon as I became pregnant I moved to a D and now I am DD possibly E. You think I’m kidding, right? I SO wish I was!!!! Since Chase has been eating less since Thursday I’ve been pumping like crazy otherwise I’m in pain.

Side note: I’ve been wanting to put “Jami is pumped!” as my facebook status but wonder if it’s inappropraite. For some reason it cracks me up every time I think about it!
I’m oddly disproportionate now. (5’1 and DD/E??! REALLY?!) As my stomach slowly but surely shrinks, even I look at myself in disbelief. My friends and hubby also always point this out. Not that I need to be reminded! When I wear the sling with Chase’s 11 lbs in it plus the weight I already hold out front, my back is killing! Hahaha….. oh golly. I am thankful though that I am not lacking milk. That would be harder, I think.
Enough about boobs, pumping, milk…
Onto something that is helping me with this life change and transition.
I am at home A LOT more than I ever have been. I love being with my boy, but I need some kind of creative outlet.
My creativity has sparked for the first time since Chase was born. I am feeling inspired to continue in the things in which I am passionate; photography, art, writing, craftiness, projects, etc. SO I am beginning a “weekly” DIY project on my suchprettyrain blog. I hope to keep this up because it truly does inspire me and make me feel a little more like myself.
Alright, I need to go to bed since Chase is sleeping right now! Since he has been sick, we’ve borrowed a baby swing from a friend and WHOA. It’s been such a miracle. Chase goes in, Chase immediately falls asleep! Before he was born we were told we probably would only need a bouncer, no swing…

I could have saved myself so many hours for sleep, cleaning, craftiness, napping, etc if I had just gone with my instincts and bought one! Now we are FOR SURE getting one!

Breast Feeding: Benefits for Baby & Mommy.

Over the past year (since March/April when we began trying for our baby) I have read a lot on baby everything. It’s been great, but lately I’ve realized and wondered, okay so how much of what I am reading is truth and how much is myth or slightly wrong? Anyways, I went through my baby journal and grabbed what I have learned about breast feeding. I have narrowed it down to the most important things that I have found, please let me know if this is truly true :) Also, if you have more advice. Next week I will write more about other information I’ve read on other subjects, that way maybe by the time of our baby’s birth I can be just a little bit prepared!

I also have to add – the more I read about our bodies and how they are able to carry another living being, as well as nurture the baby, deliver, feed, etc. the more I am in awe of how God created our bodies. I mean breast feeding alone if just phenomenal. Our body naturally produces nutrients to keep our baby taken care of, our breasts “drop” milk when we HEAR our babies cry alone, breast feeding helps the healing process for mom, while developing baby’s immune system… and MORE! How incredible!

Benefits of breast feeding:
a. immediate and proper nutrients for baby
b. right amount of nutrients and fat for the baby
c. helps develop the baby’s immune system
d. pre-milk has plenty of nutrients for baby

Important things I have read on breast feeding:
a. Start feeding right away – if possible, within 1-2 hours after delivery
b. make sure baby’s mouth is around the entire nipple – which will make nursing easier
c. if nipple is bleeding; this can mean you aren’t positioning the baby on your nipple correctly
d. 10 minutes of feeding on each side
e. drink water before, after, and during nursing – the more hydrated the easier and faster you will produce milk
f. nurse on demand – signs of hunger before cry baby will be more alert and active putting hands or fist into mouth, begins suckling, making sucking motions with mouth, rooting – turning head in search for nipple, crying is a late sign of hunger
g. feed only breast milk – up to 6 months.
h. delay artificial nipples, such as pacifiers or bottles – wait until baby develops goof suckling habits.
i. breast feed even during the baby’s illness – baby will not want to eat, but feed anyways. Breast milk again has the right nutrients and is a natural antibiotic for baby. Helps prevent dehydration.
j. air dry your nipples after each feeding. (this is incredible, how God created our bodies!) This helps prevent cracking and infection. If infection occurs, coat nipples in breast milk.
k. eat properly & get enough rest

Signs baby is getting enough milk:
a. steady weight gain after 1st week
b. pale yellow urine: not bright orange or yellow
c. sleeping well – yet alert and healthy looking while awake

Keep tabs on soiled diapers throughout each day:
a. first few days after birth 1-2 wet diapers a day
b. after milk increases 5-6 wet diapers a day