12 Days of Creating: Marble Art

Day 6 is unfortunately a few days late due to sickness here but I still would like to keep this up! Plus, it’s another fun one for kiddos… or adults :)Beautiful Wife (3 of 6)
Supplies used:

Canvas (could use paper too)



Pan to work in

Beautiful Wife (2 of 2)Just place marbles onto the canvas.Beautiful Wife (4 of 6)Beautiful Wife (1 of 1)Shake, shake, shake it side to side.Beautiful Wife (2 of 6)

Chase {really} enjoyed this!
Beautiful Wife (5 of 6)

Beautiful Wife (6 of 6)

He was quite particular too ;)Beautiful Wife (1 of 6)

This particular piece was made for a silent art auction for Art & Justice League, a non-profit we work with. It was pretty fun to see Chase’s artwork up at last nights event!
Beautiful Wife (1 of 3)

The mighty dapper artist and his little brother at last nights silent auction.

art & justice & a vote!

I wanted to hop on before it’s too late and share about an incredibly, beautiful thing that my friends are doing. And share a super simple way you could help!

You see, they’ve entered a contest with Good Magazine and could use your vote. The project with the most votes wins $5,000! They’re shooting for #1 by August 23 and are currently #2 by just THREE votes! (this was written last night so that could have changed, forgot to hit publish on this post :( )

But before I get ahead of myself, here is a peek at what AJL is all about…

I don’t typically share this sort of thing on my blog but my friends have hearts and dreams of gold that I believe would truly change to the world… Would you please take just a few moments to help towards this great cause?! click here  to vote for them?

I figured if even a handful of those of you who follow my blog would help, there is potential for them to reach #1 and help earn them this money to do such incredible things.

Less than 3 hours left!!! Please help!

Thank you so much!