Such Great Heights.

Here we are back in the “lower 48” as Alaskan’s would say. It was interesting flying over the Rockies after seeing such massive snow tipped mountains in Alaksa. I’m not saying the Rockies aren’t beautiful for I know they are, but once you have seen such great beauty it’s hard not to compare.

The biggest shock to me was how flat our land is here. I guess I’ve always thought it was pretty hilly and mountainous, but really it’s not at all. Here you have to drive a few hours to reach such great heights, in Alaska they are in your backyard. I love Colorado, please don’t get me wrong, I just really love the beauty of Alaska too.

One thing I really enjoy about being home is the sun! We only had 2 maybe three sun moments in Alaska (I saw moments because there wasn’t a full day of sun)!

Hope you enjoyed the photos of Alaska, and I may post more later!

Travels by Foot, Train, and Sea.

Watch the photo below first…glacier calving!

I was SO excited to get this on camera !

Ted was here for most of the boat ride, he was so sick. I woke him to see the glacier.


this area was called God’s view or something

The rainy summer made beautiful waterfalls.

The first views of this massive glacier

Those are mountains surrounding this glacier. Which means, yes, this glacier is HUGE!

I was in awe of icebergs. I’ve never seen anything like that before.

The blue hues are scattered back when light deeply penetrates frozen glaciers… i thought that was a really cool fact!

Ted’s parents bought us an 8 hour cruise!

Kenai Star, the boat we took out.

taking photos was extremely wet and cold, but worth it.

Rainy view from our table, that’s why I was outside for most. (oh and there is supposed to be an eagle on the top of this rock, but you can’t even tell.)

Ted and his dad. The lakes are aqua from the glaciers.


Ted and I took a 4 hour train ride through the alaskan mountains!

This is one of my favourites. Check out the mountain reflection behind.

This is what you wear to a spontaneous hike. I was freezing.

Everything is blurred except the tunnel, i like it.

Side view of the train.

Pickin’ blueberries… very very sour.

Look at the vibrant colours – from our hike.

Takin’ some video for the fam. (YAY!)

Ted’s a smarty.

This ain’t no smokey the bear…

Salmon spawning… Ted was excited to show me the size of the fish here

Otter Lake on Fort Rich army post (where ted lived for 6 years)

The beginning of our hiking trip, we spotted moose!

They were so close, Anisa (Ted’s mom) and I were frightened.

Ted’s dad Ted (see how close we are!)

One Step Beyond.

Please pray for Ted and I as we are dealing with a few situations where we need to rely on God’s peace and put in His armor.

God has really been emphasizing peace in Ted and I lately. In areas where we usually would react or shrink back, He is calling us to push forward and pursue peace.
Alaska is the perfect place to pursue peace. It’s beautiful, stunning really. And where we are located is extremely peaceful.
I know God is on control, and He will take what the enemy has planned for evil and make it good, but the part where I need to trust Him and wait…well it’s a little easier said than done. Remember the unconditional trust lesson… yeah still working on this.
Also, while we are up here Ted is getting his dental work taken care of. He is in need of a root canal and can get it cheaper up here, so we are waiting for an open appointment. The past three mornings we’ve been up around 6 am to drive to the dentist and wait for an open appointment, this will continue next week until we hopefully get an appointment! ‘
Pray this opens up so he can get everything taken care of!
Thanks for your prayers! We love you guys!
Jami (& Ted whose snoozing on the couch)
photo above: a street sign here in AK

Moose Siting!

I get excited about little things in life, as you can see.

My first moose siting, here in Alaska. (We think we saw one in the mountains in wyoming last year too.)

I was on the phone talking with friends I know (and soon will see!!), and I had told her that I haven’t seen a moose yet. I then turned around on the road I was standing on, out front of Ted’s house, and there stood a female moose!! I pretty much freaked out, well I did.
It was a great exciting moment. Hopefully next I’ll be writing about a bear, well… one not so close to me.

Pursuit of Peace.

Day 2:

Ted and I went for a long drive through the lovely mountains here. I am not kidding when I say we are surrounded by beauty. It is absolutely breathtaking.
We decided as we drove, to make it a time to worship God, so we did just that. It was incredibly peaceful which I needed today. We are calling this Alaskan vacation our pursuit for peace.

Our Alaska Travels

(Photos of our flight out of cloudy Denver. The clouds looked like an ocean of cotton balls. Ted and I were in awe. The best part of flying it the beauty above!)
Day One:
We awoke early this morning to head out and travel the road to see Alaska! Because our flight was late last night, I wasn’t able to see the beauty of Alaska until this morning. The view from Ted’s front window of the home he grew up in is absolutely phenomenal. A huge mountain covered in the many shades of fall. The we walk to the backdoor and I find that they actually live in a valley! They are surrounded by beauty! After checking out the yard, Ted wanted to take me for a drive in his old firebird. It’s a really old, very nice beautiful red firebird, it’s just too bad that we can’t bring it home to Denver. It would just be a terribly long, expensive drive!!
We then took off on the road, and began our day travels. And let me tell you, Ted is in his element! He has been pointing out places he used to hang out, the place he was baptized, the places he worked, his first church, places he went to school, etc. Although most of the time, I was unable to actually see the places, due to the enormous and countless trees everywhere! There are so many! We then drove to a river to see salmon, and let me tell you they were huge!  Ted told me that those weren’t even the largest, the king salmon I guess are huge!
I’ll just wrap it up to say, we are already enjoying our time here. More pictures to come!