‘Not me Monday’ #5

Today I am a little more optimistic about waiting for the baby to come. I’m not as antsy or anxious, well at least not yet. Here is to hoping, right?

I haven’t done a ‘not me monday’ for a while, so enjoy…

This blog carnival was created by mkmama. A ‘Not me Monday’ is a funny way to ‘fess up some embarrassing things you’ve done that week… by pretending you totally did not actually do them. Here we go again!
Ted planned a movie date for us, which was supposed to happen Saturday morning. We were going to see My Sisters Keeper, because for once a preview for a movie looked worth seeing in theatre (I am more of a wait and rent it kinda girl). I did not cancel the movie date with my husband in exchange for garage saleing because I was afraid I would sob just as bad and hysterically as I did watching P.S. I love you for the 4th time the other night. Nope, not me!
I did not begin sobbing while watching P.S. I love you before the part of the movie that I cry the most at came on. I did not make my 16 year old sister incredibly uncomfortable and left to comfort her 22 year old “adult” sister ;) Nope not me!

I did not just delete the ‘not me’ paragraph that was just where I am typing now because I realized it was a tad inappropriate! Nope, not me!
After leaving the hospital incredibly disappointed yesterday (read below blog), I did not ask Ted to stop and get me a decaffeinated star bucks, hoping that would cheer me up. And as we waited in the drive thru line for our drinks, the lady at the window did not notice our hospital bags in the back and ask if we were headed to the hospital. I told her we had a false alarm and we were headed home. She did not then decide that this was the perfect time to share two birth stories with me (remember we’re in the drive thru with cars behind us). She also did not encourage me to push every time I have a braxton hicks contraction, which is what she said she did to put herself into labor with her first son! As we drove away, Ted did not look at me with excitement and say, “You should try that!” I did not roll my eyes and say “Yeah, that sounds fun and completely natural!” all the while deep inside, I did not even consider this ;) Nope, not me!

Saturday evening I did not order a medium Gourmet Chicken Garlic pizza from Papa Murphys (my fav). I did not eat the entire pizza (minus 3 pieces, but only cuz Ted asked me to save him some) all by myself in a matter of a few hours. Nope, not me!
Ted just (literally) got out of the shower and came to give me a kiss and said, okay I’m going to go put some clothes on, I did not say “Go to work naked today!” thinking I am incredibly funny and I did not begin laughing hysterically. In fact, I am not still laughing. I love my pregnancy emotions! Nope, not me!

I did not chew my beautiful finger nails down to nothing in the past week due to anxiousness. Nope, not me!

I do not have toes that look like mini sausages and feet that look as bloated as a dead cow (a dead cow was the only thing that came to mind…) Nope, not me!

I do not avoid looking at full length mirrors if I can help it.
I did not eat 1.35 a scoop Chinese 4 times within the past two weeks and I definitely didn’t order 4 egg rolls each time and eat them all by myself. Nope, not me!
I obviously do not have a problem with food. Nope, not me!

I have not had extreme bouts of tears the past 3 days, nope, not me!

I do not constantly forget things and in fact forget what kind of ‘not me’ things I have done in the past 2 weeks of not updating. I know there are more but this will have to do :)

False Alarm, Really?!

This morning as we were about to leave for Ted to lead worship at church I felt a gush of something down below. I was talking and stopped mid sentence in awe, leaving the guys of the house wondering…

“I think my water just broke… or I peed myself. I don’t know”
Ted remembered them saying the fluid wouldn’t smell like urine but sweeter (which makes me laugh now) so I ran to the bathroom and sure enough, my underwear and my gouchos were wet. So I checked it out (…) and it wasn’t urine, that’s for sure! I changed quickly into new bottoms which I also wet by the time we got into the car. Before we made it to the hospital I felt 4 “gushes”.
We did called our doctor, who sent us to the hospital because I have GBS and if my water had been broken, I needed antibiotics immediately. As we grabbed our hospital bags, took off and got to the hospital I felt the an array of emotions (and Ted did too). This could be it! We might meet our baby today!
We got checked into a labor and delivery room, did a urine sample for them, stripped down and put a gown on, then waited at they monitored the baby and my contractions. The baby HATES being monitored. He/she kept moving like crazy inside. Poor baby.
I was having contractions, but that’s pretty normal right now. The baby’s heartbeat was great and the only worry was my blood pressure. It was the first time in pregnancy that it was high, but she told me she thought it was because I was anxious, nervous, etc. and told me to lay back and try and calm down. It was hard, but my blood pressure went back to normal after 45 minutes. I was going crazy inside!
Anyways, she checked out the fluid inside and shocked Ted and I both by telling us my water had not broken. The look on Ted’s face still makes me want to cry. We were so sure that it had. We had heard that it could come in trickles, gushes or full blown and yet nothing for us.
I wanted to cry right then, but felt like I couldn’t in front of the nurse. I felt so disappointed and somewhat like an idiot. I know it was best for us to be safe than sorry, but this was so shocking!
She went on to tell us that my cervix was soft and ready, but that it hadn’t released anything yet. She told me that the gushes “were a good sign that the baby is coming soon”, which honestly at that point didn’t comfort me at all. I had already gotten my hopes up for today.
We were monitored for another 30 minutes, which seemed like 3 hours because we just wanted to get out of the hospital. Once we were released, we both agreed that we didn’t want to go home yet, so we stopped at starbucks where a lady told me two of her birth stories (which happens all the time now) and then we went to a thrift store to take out mind off things. It didn’t help really.
Ted told me he just wishes it wasn’t so complicated, wondering “is this it?”. We both realized more and more that this is not going to happen like it does in the movies. You know, where the woman’s water breaks in a huge gush, they rush to the hospital, and bam there’s a baby. Most of the time this is not the case.
I prayed and asked God to let it be really obvious to us, cause today was so disappointing. I’ve heard many women say, “Oh you’ll know when you’re in labor.” Maybe for some this is true, but obviously not yet for me.
I know the baby will come in the right timing. And honestly, once he/she does arrive we will have forgotten this disappointment, but right now it’s hard! Please pray for us in this final stretch!

Our Baby Names (Hints)!

This morning I spent at the base working on the few projects they needed done and then I just chilled with Alanna at my side! I had a lot of fun watching her try and guess our boy’s name.
I absolutely adore our baby names that we have decided.
Our girl’s first name begins with an E and is totally me and it’s also unique. I decided I wanted this name when I was 16 and thankfully Ted really fell in love with it. It means Strong. It only recently made the baby name website and still isn’t on a few of them. Her middle name is a place inside of a country we love and means break of day. Ted and I were searching and as soon as Ted spoke the name, I knew it was perfect. Combined, it’s truly beautiful.
Our boy’s name took a while to find. We like the literal meaning of his first name rather than the meaning they have for it on baby name sites. So scratch that meaning, once you hear “it’s a boy” (if we have a boy). I can’t actually share the meaning of the first name because it would give it away. The middle name is something we’ve had for a while and it’s meaning would give it away as well. The combination of the first and middle name is what makes his name so literal. And very Ted and Jami- if you know us even the littlest bit. Basically, I’ve given close to nothing away about our boy’s name. Sorry, but I don’t know how to describe it without giving it away!
I am bias about our names of course, but sometimes I have this incredible fear of man and what people might say. Then I realize, our names are very Ted and I and they are meaningful to us both. That is what matters. Sometimes when I here a baby’s name, I initially may not like it but when you put a face to the name, or you know the parents well to know it’s totally them, or you hear why they’ve chosen the names and you fall in love!! You can’t be too quick to judge!

My Baby will wear Baby Roos!

My balloon belly just keeps getting bigger!

A gift from my sweet Aussie friend Alanna. So cute huh?!

Aussie booties! Baby Roos!

I have to have the baby before July 7th because my Aussie friend Alanna is visiting and leaving on that day and two other friends are also leaving on the same day! Yikes, talk about pressure!
I’ve been trying to post new videos for a week now and every time they never upload! It’s more of the baby moving around, hiccuping, and then one of me waking the baby by lifting my Buddha belly :) Pretty funny and hopefully coming soon!

A Teeny Update (longer one to come)!

Hey Loves,

Two quick things;
We celebrated our 2nd anniversary yesterday. It’s hard to believe it’s already been 2 years. If you want to read a bit of our story, I posted a condensed version http://suchprettyrain.blogspot.com/
Also, our baby is due to arrive in 14 days or “any day now”! Exciting! Please pray for us as we are about to embark on another journey, becoming new parents!
I will hopefully write an update as soon as Ted and I talk! It’s exciting news coming your way!

I dream of what I cannot fathom.

I dream of what I cannot fathom.

(Written May 11 on my suchprettyrain.blogspot.com )
I dream of that moment when I first hold you in my arms

And whisper my love to you and cry
I dream of your little eyes starting into mine
Already glowing because you know how much I love you
For I know you will!
I dream of singing “You are my sunshine”
As you lay beside me in bed and your little hand holds tightly to my finger
I dream of the moments where you lay between momma and daddy
And we watch in awe at our creation- You, our precious baby.
I dream of times during worship, where daddy will hold you against his chest
And I will probably cry because it will be the most beautiful sight
I dream of what you might look like
And you always leave me wondering, will you be dark like momma or light like daddy?
I dream of your first little smiles, your first tiny giggles, your first words…
You always leave me wondering what your personality will be!
Will you be shy like momma or bold and courageous like daddy?
Either way I know that your little smile while capture everyone!
I dream of you cuddling against me and falling asleep as I hold you closely
Those moments I will adore.
I dream of watching your daddy talk baby talk to you and you smiling and giggling in return.
I dream of our new little family beginning with excitement and joy!
I dream of who you will become and you finding who you are in Christ!
You are so precious to me, my sweet baby.
You have already taken apart of my heart and I will never ask for it back,
For you, my baby, I love and will always adore.
I dream of the first moment that I see you and they place you on my chest,
I cannot even fathom the love that I will feel in that moment.
I love you my little sunshine and can’t wait to meet you face to face in a few weeks!

Week 38; Anxiously Waiting.

See the stretch marks?

38 weeks!
Baby is really plumping up. He/she could weigh about 6.8 pounds and be over 19 1/2 inches long. He/she has a firm grasp and his/her organs have matured and are ready for life outside the womb.

Lately our baby has really loved what I call “launching” off my belly. He/she extends his legs full out and pushes with all it’s little might (which is shocking to see). He/she’s done this before but now it’s really intense and funny to watch if you can catch it.

We had another appointment this week and still nothing. In fact my cervix is still hard… bummer. I am still 2 weeks out and Ted and I are preparing ourselves for the possibility that the baby might camp out until the last second. When measuring my uterus while I was laying down today, my Doctor said to me, “Wow, we’re up to 37 cm.” (14.5 in) I asked if that was a bad thing and he replied, “With how small you are, we’d prefer a small baby, wouldn’t we?” I was like, uh oh!

Now, that too doesn’t necessarily mean anything. I’ve realized more and more lately, that sometimes things mean everything and sometimes things mean nothing at all. What am I talking about? Let me try to explain.

What I mean is some women carry way out (like me) and have 6/7 lb babies, some women carry side to side and have 8/9 lb babies, some women dilate early and some women begin dilating the day the baby arrives, some women have can have a hard as a rock cervix one day and the next be in labor, some women can have a cervix that’s thinning out and still go to their due date, some women have their water break as a sign of labor, some (most) don’t until a later stage of labor, etc. This is what I am talking about.

I’ve heard a lot of stories since being pregnant and most everyone has been completely different from the other. Wonder what our story will be? We shall see soon.

I’ve truly enjoyed being pregnant and have been really blessed with a wonderful pregnancy, but I can honestly say I have now reached that point where I am ready to have my baby and have him/her in my arms.

This is my mind when I crawl into bed (or anytime that I am alone for too long):

I wonder what day our baby will come? Maybe tonight my water will break! I wonder if Ted hinted the sex to me today and I missed it. I’m definitely having a girl, no I am definitely having a boy. I wonder if I’m actually carrying twins and they missed one? My belly is so huge! Or maybe I’m carrying an 8/9 lb baby! What if it’s only 6 lbs? I’ll be shocked! I wonder what
he/she looks like? Bright blond like Ted? Probably dark hair like me. I wonder if he/she has my features, Ted or both? Definitely my nose from the looks of the ultrasound. Wow- that contraction was strong… could this be it? I don’t want to start timing again and then be disappointed so let’s wait this out. I wonder if my water will break someplace weird? I hope it does break right off the bat as a sign of labor. Then I wouldn’t be left wondering “Am i really in labor?” I really need to sleep, maybe another hot shower will help or maybe it will help cause labor? I wonder if that really works? I heard it speeds things up…

That is my mind. That is annoying, huh?

This can now happen any day now or next week or a few days after our due date, and that is hard to wrap my mind around. The last big life event for me, was our wedding day (2 years ago tomorrow!) and that came with a set date. I planned, prepared and knew the date which I would marry the love of my life. I am now 9 months prego and waiting for our baby to decide when I should meet him/her!

I’ve recently had some great advice come my way. I am trying to busy my days with projects, friends, creating things, etc. Yesterday actually went by pretty quickly because I made projects and had things to do. I’m also planning dates with friends and especially my love, before the baby decides to come. Tomorrow is our 2nd anniversary, which is hard to believe! I didn’t really want our baby to come on that day because I want him/her to have their own special day! Kids love their birthdays :)

So here we go, I am going to try to thoroughly enjoy these last few weeks and make the most of them!
Some cute onesies. It’s hard to believe how teeny these are and they are 3 months!!
Here is the sling my momma made for me and Baby E/C!
Today our ‘sleepy wrap’ came http://www.sleepywrap.com/, which made me super excited!
My friend Chey modeled the Sleepy wrap, cause I’m just too big to model it!

I’ve had 3 friends recommend this (well, similar kinds). If you’re prego, seriously consider saving up and buying one!

Well, thanks for reading this novel.

The Hardest Stretch.

In the very beginning of this pregnancy I was thrilled to stand and have Ted take a photo or to take one myself. Well, as of last week, I now really disliked having my picture taken. Everything is swollen on me and enlarged! I also knew that if I did not take a photo per week, I would regret it. So far throughout this pregnancy we’ve taken at least one shot a week, except last week (36) because I didn’t want it. I regret that now!

So here I am. I can’t believe how huge my belly is and how far it’s stretching. At the end of week 36 we started noticing, as our baby drops lower, I have begun to get tiny stretch marks on mostly one side of my tummy! I’ve been saying, “They’re coming, I can feel it!” And here they’ve officially arrived at 37 weeks and only 3ish weeks out. My mom and Ted think they look like veins right now, so we’ll see what they really are!
They’re pretty small right now. I think the only one you can really see in this picture is the one on my hip. I really had to think about what part of my body it is, because you can’t tell it’s a hip. Haha!
Baby can come any day now. I’m still hoping he/she holds out til next week and Ted and I both think the baby is going to wait to come til the last second. Exciting times though!!
Oh and baby #4 of the 5 of us due around the same time, is arriving as we speak. Well, I mean she’s in labor! I am almost officially the largest and most prego on site :)
This is by far the HARDEST stretch and have been the longest weeks. Well, since last week. The final part; waiting til our sweet Baby E/C arrives!

Week 37: Full Term!

Can you believe it’s been 4 days since my last update? Yeah, I’m a little shocked myself ;)

Well, here we are at 37 weeks and full term! Baby can now safely arrive any day!!
Baby E/C:

If Baby arrives now his/her lungs should be fully mature and ready to adjust to life outside the womb. Baby could weighs 6 1/3 pounds and could measure a bit over 19 inches, head to heel. Many babies have a full head of hair at birth, with locks from 1/2 inch to 1 1/2 inches long- which makes me wonder, what colour?! Although baby’s hair and eye colour can and most of the time do change not long after birth. The baby is moving lower and lower inside of me and because of this I can breathe a lot better, but he/she is SO scrunched! My stomach is always rock solid, because it just can’t stretch any further! At all times I can see where his/her bum is.

Yesterday we had our check up and our Doctor checked Baby’s heartbeat and then once the baby started moving like crazy (which always happens right after the checkup) and Dr. Hill said, “This little one wants out now.” I was like, I wouldn’t mind that.

Every evening before going to bed, we talk and sing then pray for the baby and Ted is always praying for the baby to come now. I love it and I want that too, so very much. We’ll see. I am waiting for a friend of mine to go into labor first cause she’s due next Friday and she’d be so devastated if she was last out of the 5 of us here (well now 2 pregos). Anyways, still nothing for me down below, which kind of surprised us because I get pretty frequent contractions. I still think baby E/C is going to hold out til 40 weeks or more, but I can hope!

I am about to write how I am doing – but I’m not complaining, I feel great for 37 weeks prego! It’s just for memouries sake and because some of it is just funny. Sleeping is still hard to come by, but it’s not too bad, I mean I still sleep some :) My back is beginning to ache more and my legs feel numb or like dead weights still as the baby moves lower and lower (ODD feeling). Basically I can’t sit too long and I can’t stand too long, so I mix it up as much as possible. My 5’1 frame can not take any more weight or pressure, or so I think. I was glad to know I’ve only gained a pound since last week and 1/2 pound is baby. I’ve now hit 33 pounds and am no longer fitting into my size 5 capris that I was just a month ago! YIKES! I dream of what it would be like to go running- let’s hope this desire stays inside me til after the baby arrives!

I am SO anxious lately. I’ve been trying to do things to make my mind not constantly be focused on the “when is baby coming”. It’s so odd that baby can come at any given time. I can either go weeks with contractions until I dilate slowly, or wake up one day/night and bam OR baby could wait ’til the due date and even then the baby could still wait! I don’t know which category I fall under, which is odd. I love surprises too and this is just eating me up. I want to meet our baby, know if he/she is a E or a C!!

I am what is called a “freak show”. Meaning, everywhere I go, people just stare at me and how huge my belly is. My mom just heard a story about a petite girl, 5’2, who was prego and her baby went straight out too and even with how huge her belly got- she still only had a 6 pound baby! That’s probably going to be me too. CRAZY!

Okay, pics to come – even though I’m at the point where I do not want a photo taken, I know I would regret not taking this weeks photo. So I will!! Our camera is still out, pray for it to come FAST because it could still be another 6 weeks… which is so sad. We love taking photos and now we’re about to have the most exciting day happen and no camera! Our friend is letting us borrow his nice camera for those moments, so that is good.

Sorry this is long,