Due Date: Baby Update

Okay so…

We had another appointment this morning and our baby is still backed out of my pelvis but is head down, just not engaged. My cervix has been posterior and still is, which basically means it’s really high. With the baby’s help, it needs to be pushed farther down before we can begin labor.

Our doctor told us today, that if we were to go into labor right now, we would most likely need a cesarean. He told us we need to wait this weekend out and hope that the baby moves back down and begins his/her descent to help everything get ready, eh down there.

I have two options if I have a cesarean, both of which I do not like! One is general anethesia, which would put me under and I wouldn’t be awake to witness our baby’s birth and the moment where they say “its a…”. That would be such a hard thing. The 2nd option is an epidural which I really do not want, but I would be able to be awake for the delivery, just unable to hold our baby until everything was finished.

My reason for not wanting an epidural in the first place does not apply during this c-section. Our baby wouldn’t be affected by the epidural in anyway, because the procedure is speedy for delivering him/her. Just mommy would be affected and that is okay with me.

Please pray with us that our baby moves down this weekend and everything begins naturally! It’s my heart’s desire to have an all natural labor and delivery and to have that precious moment when they place the baby on me.

We are hoping and praying for the best! Obviously our greatest desire is our baby’s safety and we will do whatever it takes for that. Please join with us and pray!

*side note edit 4:31pm: I am having a really hard time and I’m actually really struggling with understanding why all of this is happening. I might write a blog tomorrow telling how I am honestly feeling, because right now due to tears, I’m afraid I wouldn’t make a whole lot of sense.

Prayer Request.

Our Doctor is asking us to come tomorrow to see if things are progressing and to talk about what is next if nothing is happening.

Please, please pray that our baby decides to come on his/her own! Ted and I never really expected to be talking about induction and it’s just hard that the baby has pushed itself back out of where he/she needs to be.
Since our baby is measuring “8lbs” which they said at least expect 7 1/2 lbs, I would like to have him/her soon so the baby doesn’t get any bigger. They aren’t worried right now about my height and frame being able to deliver naturally, but if the baby gets any bigger, than maybe.
Please pray for us to make the right decision! We are really seeking God in this and we are hoping for the baby to naturally on his/her own, to come today, tonight or before tomorrow’s 10:20 appointment.
Thank you!

"Fairly Quickly"

Today was our 40 week check up and I left kind of confused but encouraged.

When our Doctor did the check up, he told me the reason I hadn’t gone into labor yet was because our baby decided to move back OUT of my pelvis! Which meant all of those “launches” I have been feeling, was actually the baby backing out of where he/she needed to be. I was bummed to hear that and the fact that I still wasn’t dilated. I mean, can you believe that?!
I almost cried when he told me that, but then he said we were going to check the baby’s measurements to see if we were measuring right on, or early or late. That cheered me up, because I knew it meant we would get to SEE our baby for the first time since I was 24 weeks.
He measured the baby and me and we’re measuring right on. In fact, baby is measuring in at 8 lbs! I was shocked when I heard this! 8 lbs? I was only 6 lbs, but Ted was 9 lbs! If that makes any difference. Probably not.
He told me once our baby engages in the pelvis again, then we should go into labor and quickly. He left us saying “I expect you to go into labor fairly quickly here” which I totally couldn’t help but to take to heart… even without the dilation and the baby being head down but not low enough.
I asked Ted if I was holding on too tightly to what Dr. Hill told us, and he said no because he was too :) Hopefully soon I’ll be introducing you to our little chubby baby!

277 Days!

My cousin Lori showed me this website for a book she recommended called ‘The First 8 Days’. I saw this picture of an array of words and thought, oh my word that is my mind right now! I mean I would have probably added about 1,000 more words.

Tomorrow is our doctor’s appointment. I am nervous to hear that nothing is happening, but I realized today during worship, I need to relax and just let it happen when it happens.
It’s all in baby and God’s timing and I’m really trying to remember that! :)

I am now 39 weeks and 4 days and have been pregnant for 277 days!

3 Days Away!

Please pray for us as we could be (hopefully) having our baby this week! Our due date is 3 days away!

We would love your prayers as we’re about to become parents! Oh and pray for the birth part, when I think about it too often, I get a little nervous!
Love ya and hopefully soon we will be introducing our baby to you soon!

Infant/Baby Travel Bed.

Baby Bjorn travel bed $235

Bumble Ride carry cot $99

Peapod infant travel bed $52

Eddie Bauer infant travel bed $30

We’ve put off purchasing an infant/baby travel bed because we’re kind of wondering what is the best option! You see we rarely travel in states, just to my parents house, which is only an hour away. We travel more overseas and sometimes when we lead outreaches we travel many times in one country. Basically we need something light, easy to set up and tear down, and preferably inexpensive.
Do you have any ideas? Anything that has worked or hasn’t worked for you? We need to purchase one in the next few weeks because we will be traveling for a week or two at the end of this month and beginning of August to Oklahoma and Missouri. We will also (most likely) be traveling overseas in October – November and would need something then as well. We’d like to purchase just one that would work for in states and overseas. Do you have any suggestions?
I’ve heard the best things about the Baby Bjorn carrier but can’t believe how expensive it is! I would have to save for a while!

What I’ve loved & What I am looking forward to.

(I am dressed here :)
What I’ve loved about pregnancy:
  • The moment when Ted and I saw the positive pregnancy test.
  • Knowing that I am carrying and taking care of someone so precious. A human being!
  • Watching in amazement, our first ultrasound of our 10 week old baby squirming around.
  • Watching my belly grow with each new week.
  • The first time I felt the baby’s movements at 13 weeks. No words could describe.
  • Feeling my baby growing and his/her movements from within.
  • Watching my stomach as he/she moved around.
  • Watching my belly bounce up and down as he/she hiccuped.
  • Spending a few minutes right before bed talking, singing and praying for our baby.
  • Watching Ted kiss my belly and speak to the baby.
  • Watching the baby respond to Ted’s voice!
  • Feeling the baby move when he/she heard me speak for the first time that morning.
  • Preparing for our baby!
  • The anticipation of not knowing when he/she will arrive and for me, not knowing the sex!
  • How this has brought Ted and I even closer.
I will miss most of the above, so I’ve heard!
What I am looking forward to (with Baby):
  • Holding my baby for the first time and many times after that.
  • Snuggles with him/her.
  • Singing to him/her face to face!
  • Knowing if it’s a him or a her!!
  • Introducing our baby to the world.
  • Watching as he/she grows.
  • Documenting every little thing (you know me…)
  • Baby’s “first…” everything.
  • Watching his/her personality develop.
  • Watching him/her look more like mommy or daddy.
  • Lying in bed with baby in between us.
  • Spending time together as a family going for walks, picnics, outings…
  • Introducing our baby to different cultures.
It’s hard to narrow these down. Many more to come after the baby arrives, I’m sure!
What I am looking forward to personally:
  • Sleeping on my tummy.
  • Getting my figure back.
  • Going for runs/walks with baby in the jogger.
  • Having a bit of caffeine here and there. Dr. Pepper, ahhh.
  • Eating sushi.
  • Doing the early morning stretch without getting a charlie horse!
  • Not having people stare at me like I am a traveling circus wherever I go.
  • Seeing my bones again. Not having balloon hands, feet and face.
  • Wearing my converse for the first time since March.
  • Fitting back into the clothes that I now love so much. It’s like Christmas!
  • Being able to do things on my own again- the simplest things I need help with right now.
I could probably right a lot more in each category but this would be a novel! I wanted to write a blog like this before baby came and since baby is deciding to camp out a bit longer, why not write today?

Dreams, Dreams, Dreams.

Last night I had another boy dream, which now makes it 2 “it’s a girl” dreams and 5 (maybe more now) “it’s a boy” dreams. I specifically asked God to not tell me through a dream or a word and so far He’s had a bit of fun messing with my mind, like Ted since they both know the sex.

So, I don’t think the dreams mean anything, unless I’m having twins. Surprise! haha.
I dreamt that I went into labor and within an hour or two delivered a healthy 9 1/2 pound baby boy with blond hair and blue eyes. He came out with rolls and the mannerisms of a two month old. I remember the delivery was so fast that I wasn’t able to get ahold of my mom in time and she missed it and was very upset. I had my family over and everyone was shocked at his size and how he already acted like a 2 month old or older. He could also already mimic people! I remember I was halling him around on my hip and thinking, when he is 6 months I won’t be able to carry him! The funny thing was, when I woke up I realized the dream dissapointed me and I felt like I had missed out on the entire newborn stage. And then the dream made me incredibly emotional because I just want to HOLD my baby and not just in my dreams!
On friday morning worship, two of my friends came to me with dreams they had.
One of them said they dreamt they were hanging out with me and my water broke and I went into labor and delivered a healthy baby boy. Blond hair, blue eyes and ears that stuck out a bit!
The other friend told me that she dreamt I went into labor and forgot to call her (she is going to be in the delivery room). She said that I had a baby girl with dark hair!
See what I mean, God is messing with my mind. Two friends with two completely opposite dreams ;)
Do you remember the post about last sundays false alarm? That same morning, Ted had a friend of ours, who didn’t know we had gone to the hospital, say that she dreamt I was going to have the baby on that day! I wish that were true!
All of this to say, I’d rather have the baby than the dreams, but I guess the dreams are making the anticipation even better. With Ted and I being complete opposites in looks…What on earth does our baby look like? I am thinking a girl with dark hair and dark eyes like me.

We shall see soon! I needed to write because of my anxious and wondering mind.
And the picture… what the heck right? A friend of mine tagged me in this photo on facebook. It made my day and I thought I would share. Plus since I am doing a ‘dreams’ blog, I thought it fit pretty well seeing I am definitely not on the cover of a Vogue magazine in real life ;)

Week 39: Progress!

Bags packed and ready to go!

Me & Baby @ 39 weeks


He/she continues to build a layer of fat to help control his body temperature after birth, but it’s likely he/she already measures about 20 inches and weighs a bit over 7 pounds! The outer layers of his/her skin are sloughing off as new skin forms underneath.

Still pretty active inside and definitely getting lower and lower with each day. Some days I feel as though he/she is going to fall out!
I’ve had a few new ailments this week, which is a good sign! Beginning on Wednesday morning I’ve had cramping off and on along with pretty strong but irregular contractions. I know this sounds terrible, but for me it makes me feel like we are getting closer! I am also extremely exhausted by the time afternoon hits. The past month I wasn’t napping regularly because my mind would not rest and so I didn’t even try to nap. Now it’s a must! I can’t function unless I nap some days!
Part of that could be that I’ve overworked myself this week, more than I have in a while. My mom was in town from Tuesday – yesterday and we did so much deep cleaning in our house to finish everything I wanted done!

Thank you Mom, you’re such a blessing. You’re amazing!
Oh and my swelling has gone up a level! Since Tuesday I’ve only really seen my ankle bones occasionally. I’ve never seen my feet and ankles like this. I officially have kankles by evening :)
I’ve been pretty impatient since the #4 of the 5 of us had her baby. I was just a tad anxious. The past few days I’ve calmed down a bit. I’ve been trying to find ways to naturally get our baby to come a few days early (mostly because I have 3 friends leaving town on Tuesday and one of them is from Australia). I’ve been walking a lot. This morning Ted really pushed me to do 3 laps at the park’s trail next to our house. He is pretty anxious too!
Baby will be coming soon, and with every cramp, ache and strong contraction I know we are getting closer! 6 more days until the actual due date. It’s hard to believe!
p.s we arranged our room and moved our crib! I finally gave in after feeling so claustrophobic and it’s great and spacious now!

Belly Cast!

After Sunday’s “fire drill” ;) my cousin Lori recommended doing a belly cast. I still had a chance! I had briefly thought about doing this, but having someone tell me how to do it, where to buy the things and how inexpensive it was, I was ready and all for it!
So here’s the process & some photos;
01:: Hobby lobby run for plaster fabric strips $9
02:: Warm water, strips, vaseline & scissors
03:: Dress for a mess
04:: Have someone dip the strips and place them strategically over the baby bump
05:: Get completely plastered (sounds pretty awful but it’s not)
06:: Let sit for 20-25 minutes (while you stand)
07:: Peel off (that part kind of hurt, but not bad)
08:: Let the belly cast dry out
09:: Paint/decorate belly cast

Mom and I in awe of this big baby bump!

All done!

This was a lot of fun and when I’m prego with our second baby (am I really talking about a 2nd, and I’m 9 months prego, YES!) it will be interesting to see the difference in how I carried. Great advice Lori!! Thank you madre!!

And WHOOOOA it’s July 1st!! 8(ish) more days and hoping for less!!