365 Grateful – March recap.

Playing a little catch up!tumblr_mjkw78Lc8p1s8r54eo1_500For my Love, making us an amazing dinner because I didn’t feel well (rare headache).

72606_10151370875371989_553111885_nFor figuring out a new way to store our juicing gear and fruit! (Thanks IKEA!)tumblr_mjor9wBkD91s8r54eo1_5003.5 years of cosleeping. Not a lot of room in bed. Sometimes an awful lot of nursing, but I wouldn’t trade it in for anything personally. Each momma’s is unique but I’ve gotta say for me personally, I adore this.

tumblr_mjm9y1fdhw1s8r54eo1_500For downtime to read, write and catch up on Hulu (when all 3 kiddos napped at once!)tumblr_mjmfkqLX5R1s8r54eo1_500The day my barely-eating boy, asked me for salad!! He’s grown so much in the past few months (not just physically but in many ways!)

tumblr_mjoa7hpXO21s8r54eo1_500For a friend who loves and cares for my children so deeply. They adore her!

tumblr_mjomi40Ch41s8r54eo1_500For new ideas that help my momma-life be a little less crazy :) Basket from Target to gather the kids toys that end up in the living room each day.
600196_10151375805331989_1773432497_nFor a surprise birthday party that blessed me to tears! My friends area amazing!tumblr_mjthhv15TS1s8r54eo1_500For an AMAZING surprise birthday weekend away (well, downtown Denver) with my Love!


Reuniting with these boys! (My first weekend  really away from both of them – besides Chase and my time of bed rest in the hospital) tumblr_mjq0h689fm1s8r54eo1_500

For finally being brave enough to get this boy a “big boy” haircut and even better… a great experience that he loved!


For these moments: He says, “Momma mil” and brings me his boopy. Here he was 16-months which is 8 months longer than I had nursed Chase (because I was pregnant.) so this was new for me, it’s pretty cute to see how he told me he was hungry.


For a trip to the mountains to find Chey and Anthony’s ceremony site (we found a BEAUTIFUL spot!)


Sweet moments like this, watching as my baby boy turns into a little gentlemen. Here he was picking out bright flowers for Auntie Chey because she was sick. All on his own!


For a rare Saturday morning that Ted had off.  PBS cartoons + reading. Ted reading on his kindle besides me as I read Abba’s Child.


For learning to find healing in my every day moments (this is often my place to cry/heal/pray/vent/etc)


For Ted who makes our boy’s lives so much more fun. Here he had made Chase a tent to nap in.


For these sweet moments.


For fun new memouries made. Chase’s first ever snow angel.

tumblr_mkfnwwyu481s8r54eo1_500For photos like this to show him when he’s older. PB&J pillow!tumblr_mkc6qxknUd1s8r54eo1_500

For finally making it a priority to get hubby’s tooth fixed (4 1/2 years later!)

tumblr_mkaj235sma1s8r54eo1_500For a spontaneous date with my boys – where we unintentionally matched! Haha.

tumblr_mkcd1mkOAR1s8r54eo1_500For my tender-hearted sweetie. tumblr_mkcadaaOUr1s8r54eo1_500

For PURGING to help lead us towards our dreams. We got rid of SO much!!


That this is my life.


For a new day, with new mercies.


For fun memouries with my family. (A family first)

365 grateful {week 4 & 5}


For time with my dear friend, Chey. We went wedding dress shopping and found her dress on this day! I am so blessed to call this girl friend (more like my sister) and I am {beyond} ecstatic for her to be married this summer to an amazing man and also, friend of Ted :)


At the time I took this photo and was grateful that my boys were better. They had both caught a stomach bug. Unfortunetely Shailo’s lasted for over a week. Throwing up and then a fever (sometimes 103.2) for a week straight (which is apparently okay! Did you know this?! Crazy!) Broke my heart!

485897_10151254567471989_1962110312_nFor a few days with my beautiful, Aussie friend, Alanna. The last time I saw her I was overdue with Chase. She left just a week before he was born. It was so incredible to introduce her to our boys and to spend time with her!

196312_10151256784431989_2055762599_nFor precious time with our friends Alanna and Josh – visiting the zoo, but of course ;)


For a day of painting, crafting, laughter and Downton Abbey.


For this messy little one even when it’s really hard. Chocolate popsicle (hey, it’s homemade and healthy ;)) and an empty medicine bottle he dug out of the recycle. Momma of the year today during this week (jokes, seriously)
 For Ted helping me be strong when I feel helpless and weak. My heart was aching. One full week of my sweet shai being sick (viral crap & teething.) He was a little better but wanted to be held literally ALL day. And only by me. I am thankful for a husband who helped encourage me while we let him “cry it out”. My first time ever doing that as a momma. Totally not my thing but it was this or my sanity. My heart felt so torn as I listened to him cry. Bah…
62336_10151263579956989_802508135_nFor a skype sesh with our dear friends that moved away. Here is a photo of our boys playing snakes  “together” from afar. At one point they even said, “I love you.” on their own accord! So thankful for Skype and amazing friends.
For the ability to dream again. I am in the process of writing a blog about this. I haven’t really dreamt much since we’ve lost Eisley. In fact, I had thought I’d lost that ability. I was wrong. So very thankful for dreams and the ability to keep dreaming (of future plans, what we hope for our family, etc)…
For time with my Madre and for her help and calming spirit that was able to put my clingy, sick son to sleep. Oh so thankful.
Ted pulled out our juicer and juiced for the first time (for him.) I couldn’t be more thankful and excited that Ted’s now on board with me in learning what it means to be healthy! (I’ve been praying for this, shhh ;))

For beautiful weather, fresh air …46694_10151269556736989_1817490193_n…and tons of chalk dust and laughter. :)


For the opportunity to attend To Write Love On Her Arms (TWOLHA) Heavy & Light Tour. Truly an amazing ministry that in the past, spoke to me and my sisters hearts. I absolutely loved this night with my baby sis Abie and Ted. Moved to tears multiple times.


For this boy and his fun imagination. He’s truly a {joy}! He and Shailo were my little Super Bowl Sunday crew. We had our own little fun “party” which ended with me muting the game and browsing through our Thailand photos, researching the cost of living in Thailand and sharing our stories and dreams with Chase! 5 years ago we watched the Super Bowl while in Thailand! I ache for Thailand lately… oh so much!

What’s something you’re grateful today?

365 grateful {week 1}

This year I decided I am going to really focus on a more thankful heart (i need it) and to document one thing a day that I am grateful for. I already take one photo a day and document a lot of our lives, but this time I wanted more of a focus of things I am thankful for.

I thought this was an original idea to do 365 Grateful. I was wrong ;) I used the hashtag #365Grateful and quickly realized it wasn’t the only one who thought of this. Which is kind of wonderful, if ya think about it!

It has already proven to be a really good challenge for me!


Day 1: For the little reminders that even on the roughest, most terrible-horrible-no-good-very-bad-day (parenting) days…They are here: blessings and breathing. For that I am beyond thankful, even on the bad days. 399982_10151222827171989_1787098207_n

Day 2: For time to play pirates with them. 249860_10151219810606989_1399339288_n

Day 3: For priceless moments like this one with Grandma Anisa.74366_10151224650856989_2043778841_nDay 4: For this little loud one.


Day 5: For a spontaneous homemade lunch with a dear friend.64903_10151226767956989_1899895055_n

Day 6: For insurance for an idiotic mistake I made yesterday :)

Wanna join me? Phone or camera lens. (I’m using IG) #365Grateful