If you’ve ever been in Colorado during the winter season, you know that it can snow one day and melt the next. In fact, it often snows and melts in the same day. True story. And also why I love Colorado: It may snow, but the sun isn’t too far behind. However, with that sunshine means quickly melted sledding hills!  Chase has been wanting to go, but I haven’t had the energy to get out on those days snowy enough to sled. Last week, we finally got out, even though the hill near our home was already melting! We made it work, and the kiddos had a blast!

This day was exactly what our family needed. A little bit of sunshine and fun. As you may have read in my most recent post, it has been an incredibly difficult season for our family. More so than I want to share (at least for now).

This day was a deliberate decision to get out and do something that would impact our family in a healthy way… yes, even something as simple as sledding. I am determined to make many more decisions that are healthy for our family, despite being so “busy” or down in this funk that this momma has been in.

This is our year of breakthrough. I believe it. And this day, I felt it. Here’s to many more…SleddingCollage_1


SleddingCollage_4Everly’s first time sledding :)

SleddingCollage_2SleddingCollage_6Sledding and snowball fights, but of course! SleddingCollage_5

Please note the boys’ faces behind me sledding! (above)


It was such a memorable time! Thanks photographer hubby for some fab pics of that day.


We are about to enter the “snowiest” time of our year until spring, so hopefully that means more times sledding!

Bug Museum

We visited a bug museum with Chase’s homeschool co-op just last week. It was incredible and slightly creepy :) The boys loved it. Here are some photos from that day!

Chase’s classmates and teacher Miss Isabel 




Obviously the butterflies caught my eye the most. I could have taken pictures of every display though, they were honestly so amazing! IMG_3236

If you know me at all, posting this photo is such a big deal :) Reminds me of my time in a Thai village!  Notice how close Chaseyboy’s hand is… EEEEEP!IMG_3237

My fave of the day. IMG_3146

The exhibits were truly beautiful! We were blessed to be able to tag along! Even miss Ever hung out, literally in the Ergo, during the field trip.

If you happen to be local, or in colorado and looking for some unique, fun and reasonable things to do with your kiddos, check out the  This link to the May Museum!

Christmas Eve 2014

Christmas has become my favorite holiday since we’ve had kiddos.

It just seems so much more magical and joyous seeing Christmas through their eyes.

I also have loved creating traditions as a new and growing family and even carrying on traditions from our own upbringings.

This December I decided to lay aside a few traditions and we did the traditions that felt effortless and fun, but not an ounce overwhelming. In years past, I found myself to caught up and overwhelmed by too many activities. My deciding factor was the moment I found myself upset, even annoyed, with my kids because of an activity advent calendar we set up that wasn’t going as “planned”. And if we didn’t do one days’ activity, I felt like I was failing.

It was ridiculous. I may pick it back up as they grow older, or maybe not.

More than anything, I want the holidays to be filled with joyous memories, not memories of momma flippin’ out (I already do enough of that :))

One of those we did keep this year was our Christmas Eve tradition of new jammies, a new book and a new game. We get dressed, drive around to see christmas lights, and then come back home for our new story, game and hot cocoa! Here are photos from that evening:

Christmas2014Collage_2 What made this Christmas especially exciting was the pink jammy’d girly pictured. Ever’s first Christmas!
Christmas2014Collage_Christmas2014Collage_3Reality struck as quickly as the camera clicks. :) christmasjammiescollage

Looking back over the years… I am in awe of Chase’s lankiness now and how quickly Shailo’s baby-boy look turned big-boy.

And my oh my, please note how {adored} Ev is by her brothers!

Super 5! (A Super Hero Birthday Party)

Chase’s ‘Calling All Superheroes’ birthday party was a blast! We asked his friends to dress up as some kind of hero and we had everything from Mr. Incredible to Ninja Turtles, Bat Girls, Super Men, Etc..

Each year I plan the party based upon what the birthday kiddo is interested in (with the exception of their first birthday). Two years ago when I asked Chase what kind of birthday party he would like, he chose Disney-Pixar’s Cars. I remember being momentarily tempted to sway him towards Superheroes so I could throw him a Super Hero birthday party. I’m so thankful I didn’t because this happened naturally this year and it made it that much more fun (because in case you haven’t noticed, he’s REALLY into superheroes and heroes in general.) Normally we are on a limited budget for parties, this time was actually even more tight than ever before so I had to be especially thrifty. I’ll put little notes with pictures for those interested in doing a superhero party in the future :) Here are some pictures from the day.

SuperHeroBirthdayCollage_2 Confession of a party-planning-lovin’ momma: When it comes to parties – I LOVE THEM. I love planning them, picking out games, colour schemes, etc. I just have a lot of fun putting parties together, However, a little secret, when it comes to the food part – I really don’t like any part of it. I get SUPER lazy. I get overwhelmed thinking about baking the day before or of the party. So I don’t. I usually either ask my friend Chey to bake and decorate a cake for me, OR I go to the grocery and pick up pre-made cupcakes (remember the Jake party last year) or pre-made cake and add my own decorations. SuperHeroBirthdayCollage_3SuperHeroBirthdayCollage_1

You can find TONS of super hero style printables online! I just went on pinterest and picked out those that matched our Comic style Super Hero party. I saved boxes over the past couple months and covered them with $4 black wrapping paper. I cut out little “windows” from yellow construction paper and taped them on.
SuperHeroBirthdayCollage_20(iphone pics – thank you Teri for capturing the one of Everly … and for holding her!)

I found this awesome polkadot tissue paper at walmart for almost $2 and used that to decorate as well. I also found superheroes, like Thor here, online here. SuperHeroBirthdayCollage_4

(Chase requested I dress like Wonder Woman. So I did. Even though the juniors shirt arrived and was WAY too tight. LOVE YA KIDDO! hehe)

One of the funnest parts of parties are the games. We made a superhero obstacle course that if the kiddos completed, they earned a certificate and a medal (free printable I found online and I got the medals in a pack from the Dollar Tree!)

SuperHeroBirthdayCollage_6“Hulk Smash” station – I went to purchase Hulk hands online and I just couldn’t handle the $20 price rag. I was SO thankful when I found inflatable Hulk hands at The Dollar Tree!! I spend $2 instead of $20+. Hooray! (They also have A LOT of superhero themed things at The Dollar Tree. I really could have gone out of control. Check it out if you have little Superheroes running around)
SuperHeroBirthdayCollage_8The “bricks” are also boxes we had that i wrapped in $4 red wrapping paper and drew on with a sharpie marker. You could use tissue paper but I think the wrapping paper is more sturdy for the little Hulks that plow through the boxes. SuperHeroBirthdayCollage_16 SuperHeroBirthdayCollage_9SuperHeroBirthdayCollage_19

The kiddos then had to run to The Superman Speed Practice and put on a cap and mask as fast as they could (I think this ended up being difficult for most of the kids so they just had them spin around 3 times with the mask on :))
SuperHeroBirthdayCollage_5The kids would then enter a tunnel on the Gotham side …SuperHeroBirthdayCollage_11and come out the other on the “Spiderman” side. SuperHeroBirthdayCollage_22They would then grab this “Spider Web” spray (also from the Dollar Tree and with a free printable from pinterest) and spray toy villains we had lined up for them. SuperHeroBirthdayCollage_18

Finally, the kids had to complete a “Flash Dash” where they ran as fast as they could through cones we had set up.
SuperHeroBirthdayCollage_7Once they finished they received their Official Superhero certificate and medal :)SuperHeroBirthdayCollage_10We also played a game where the kids had to free the superheroes from ice. I froze 4 figures just the night before (in tupperware) and pulled them out just before the game. (I ran them under hot water to free the ice cube from the tupperware)SuperHeroBirthdayCollage_12SuperHeroBirthdayCollage_21(above: iphone pics)

 I filled spray bottles with hot/warm water and let the kids “save them”. It was a hit!SuperHeroBirthdayCollage_14Batman Chaseyboy opening gifts. SuperHeroBirthdayCollage_15Cannot believe my boy is 5! SuperHeroBirthday-0001-3

A letter to 5-year-old Chaseyboy.

10389079_10152282702636989_4637574268146977703_nChaseyboy, our firstborn, it is hard to believe but you are FIVE! I could write and write about the cutest things you’ve said in the past 5 years, one of my most favourite ones was when you were asked what your first and last name and you said “Chasey Boy.” Or the most recent adorable quote where you thought your tball coach was telling you to literally run home and you packed up your hat and glove and headed my way. :) :) :) I could go on and on.

You are a true gift to our family. I am so thankful for who you are. Here is a bit about you currently. 10458081_10152314854131989_5099868355570851270_nYou have a love for learning. And though you can be hesitant to try new things, when you do try them, you give it your all and excel! You also enjoy teaching your brother things, even deep things about life, about God, about the way things work, etc. 10347472_10152293026266989_4506189929693023940_n

You adore your sister, your heart to protect her is already so moving (though at this stage in life you mostly try to protect her from your less-than-gentle little brother Shai) I pray your heart to protect others – not with physical force but with words, will carry far into your adult years.

1507750_10152094207216989_3037894511505048651_nIt’s adorable, but for the past couple of years you’ve said “When I grow up to be a daddy I’ll…” and share the things YOU will do when YOU are a daddy, Like being a daddy is the greatest thing in the world (which you have the best dad, so of course you think that!) I adore it and hope you always feel that way :)10525844_10152262681506989_6889496046084937090_nYou love the outdoors (unless it’s thundering because unfortunately momma has put an unhealthy fear of lightening in you), most moments of your day you’d prefer to spend swinging or playing around the yard, (Above: Here they are “cooking”)


You are amazing at using your imagination to the fullest and exploring the world with creativity. If momma is doing a project, you want to participate in any way possible! You just LOVE to create.


5 years in and you still need solitude at some point throughout the day. You enjoy “quiet times” where you usually play or create in your room or Everly’s while brother naps. (You also REALLY love puzzles and legos right now)


You so desire things to be done “the right way” and when they aren’t, it upset your greatly. While that’s sometimes quite difficult, it’s also amazing to see how much you desire right from wrong and are so willing to pursue the right path (most of the time :))


Oh how I wanna keep you little, My Chaseyboy. All of you – from your blonde little faux hawk and cute little squinty-eye smile, to the innocent look I see in your eyes, Or the way your giggle when you’re so excited, The way you call “Mom, what super hero am I?” from down the hallway each night.

I know I can’t keep you little, and that you are growing far faster than I had imagined…

My prayer for you is that as you grow you’ll know that you are loved always, that grace abounds and you are forgiven when needed, that you know how to truly loves others and let go of all the rest (hatred, bitterness, anger, etc), that you learn what you are passionate about and pursue that with all of your heart. I pray that you’ll come to understand who you are in Christ, what He’s placed within you and how you can live the fullest, love selflessly, and impact the word greatly.


My Chaseyboy. I already see incredible things within you, shining through more and more as you grow. I can’t wait to see the Man you’re becoming! (Well, actually, I’m okay with you slowly down JUST A TAD PLEASE!)

Chaseyboy’s 4th Birthday Parrrrrty!

I’m trying to play some major catch up with our life. Here are photos from Chase’s 4th Birthday!ChaseyboyBirthday4-3

photo 4

“Friend Anthem” helped his momma make Chase this pirate map that we used as decor!


ChaseyboyBirthday4-7Chase4thBirthdayCollage9 I found this free printable from online and cut them to my liking for cupcake use. (I didn’t do all the folds and such, just simply cut around the characters.)ChaseyboyBirthday4-52above: my favourite photo of the day! photo 2photo 3Chase4thBirthdayCollage7Brave little souls, walkin’ the plank, over dolphin shark infested waters.
Chase4thBirthdayCollage2Chase4thBirthdayCollage6 If they made it safely across they got a tattoo.Chase4thBirthdayCollage5

since we are moving, we asked for things like traveling books and activities or itunes cards :)photo 5Chase4thBirthdayCollage4ChaseyboyBirthday4-8Watermelon boat “cake”ChaseyboyBirthday4-17 Chase4thBirthdayCollage3 Cannot believe my first baby is FOUR. What?!Chase4thBirthdayCollage

It was a super fun and adventurous birthday for my firstborn little love, ahem, pirate.

He didn’t want to get a photo with just momma, too many friends and fun things to do and see I suppose :)

But we did get one great one as a family.


Pirate Davis clan :)

Can’t wait for many more years with our sweet Chase Journey!

triggered trauma + declarations



The past few weeks have been pretty trying for our family. “When it rains, it pours” describes it best, I think.

So many things that were out of my control. Chase and Shailo somehow caught Whooping cough (Pertussis) … like an actual documented case. This was after learning Shailo had Pneumonia two days before (a result of the whooping cough). I had a sinus infection – not a big deal, just tiresome and annoying on top of everything else. Ted just had sinus surgery yesterday, which thankfully he’s recovery wonderfully.

Just a lot at once. And all of it, totally out of my control.

Since we’ve lost Eisley, I’ve really struggled with things being out of my control. Sometimes even more than one should. I used to take pride in being adaptable and adventurous and after September 14, 2010 – I felt as though those parts of me vanished.

My adventurous spirit is slowly rising up again, I can feel it. (Even my dad recently commented on seeing a bit of it again) I remember the exact day that I felt I dreamt again. I was at a little coffee shop with my friend Chey, late February. We were talking of future plans and I just felt excited, for the first time since Eisley’s passing, about a particular piece of our dreams that I thought I’d lost. Since then, I have felt even more adventure and courage rise up in me. I am moved to tears even now, with gratefulness.

But it’s also a struggle when things like the past few weeks come flooding in like they sometimes do.

I’ve struggle a lot in the past year. June of 2012 I started on anti-depressants. I’ve since had an on again, off again relationship with my meds. I hate that I need to take them to keep on moving, but I do. When I don’t, it’s really, really rough and dark. For me and for my entire family. I don’t like putting them through hell every time I’m not well, so I’m back on them.

And, yes, here I am sharing publicly… well, within the “privacy” of my blog and those who want to read it.

Monday, I sat in front of my counselor with this incredible weight on my chest. Tears wanted to burst through but again, I felt I needed to keep it together, be strong.

He said the words, affirmed what I feel deep down, but rarely affirmed. What we went through was horrific and traumatic and it’s okay that I (still) feel the way I do inside.

I told him I often feel crazy. I know deep inside that what we went through with the loss of Eisley was awful. I know this, if I let myself, I feel this. I’ve struggled feeling like I am crazy, because it’s not spoken of, most often it’s been ignored or I have been ignored. I get it, it’s very awkward, but I feel like it’s so much more than that.

I’m not crazy. I’m hurting. I’m still broken in many ways.

Trauma is triggered in moments like the past few weeks, when things are so difficult and out of my control. Obviously on a scale of 1-10 the things recently barely registered compared to the things we’ve walked through with Eisley. But my brain doesn’t know any different. It just triggers my trauma and I flip out, or shut down.

Friday May 31st, I sat in Shailo’s ER room, my hand on his little sleeping body and my head on the bed, tears pouring out my face. I knew he wasn’t in a life or death situation, but it all felt so scary. And to make matters worse, we were in the same hospital I lost Eisley in. Normally, I fet a little bit of time to prepare my mind for walking back in that hospital, but this evening there wasn’t time to “prepare” my mind and heart. A few different moments, it all felt too overwhelming. I just wanted to leave, but if you’ve ever been to the ER you know, it’s not a quick in and out experience.

I sought His peace but also felt so hurt and somewhat betrayed. I know He never leaves us or forsakes us, but there is still struggle and heartache.

That morning, before I realized how sick Shai was, I woke around 4am cramping and bleeding. The worst part was that we had just learned – 5 days before – that we were pregnant again. They were faint lines, but lines nonetheless. It all felt to odd, because if I’m being honest, initially I cried. But then wanted to be strong because the reality is that we didn’t really even have a confirmed ultrasound pregnancy – so it wasn’t a big deal, right? I had convinced my mind that it wasn’t a big deal, but my heart was so burdened and sad. Just days before we were talking about having our first February Baby and then here we were.

A friend helped guide me to truth and validation; we had a chemical pregnancy – which basically means I only knew via tests that we were pregnant. I guess it’s pretty common but most of the time woman think it’s their period starting late. I almost wish I hadn’t known I was pregnant, but then another part of me is glad I did know.

Talking with my counselor about it, I found myself choking up, tears filling my eyes, ” I’m so sorry, I don’t know why I’m crying.”

“Of course you would cry. Why wouldn’t you? You lost a baby. I would be worried if this didn’t affect you.”

Hearing that, the walls broke and so did I. Validation.

It’s not even been 3 years since we’ve lost Eisley and I just cannot keep living, denying my feelings and grief and the trauma anymore. The trauma is too much to bury and if I do, I wouldn’t be myself. I’ve seen it. If I continue to face this grief and trauma (in counseling like I have), perhaps I will continue to find peace and healing – and maybe even the pieces of me that I felt I’d lost will come back slowly. I know that I am forever changed by the loss of our Eisley-girl but I am not crazy. I am a broken, hurting, traumatized, emotional momma. But I am not crazy.

Declaring it. Standing firm in it. Choosing to walk in truth and face what needs to be faced.

Declaring that I will trust Him.

I wasn’t going to share about our little “Glory Baby”  – but within the “safety” of my blog – I know the people are read are ones whom I know what to hear what I have to say. Thank you so much for stopping by and listening to my ramblings.


When my broken world caves in
And the darkness covers over
With a love, love, love that heals

You come, You make us one
So, Jesus, stay with my heart, stay beside me
You are hope for my soul, You complete me
You make us one
You make us one
When Your tenderness surrounds
And Your gentle whisper finds me
With a love, love, love that fills
You come, You make us one
When the beautiful unfolds
And my longing touches heaven
With a love, love, love that fills
You come, You make us one
You are love, You are grace
You are kindness and compassion
You are love, You are grace
You are God

-Stay Beside Me by Future of Forestry


I will bring praise, I will bring praise!
No weapon formed against me shall remain!

I will rejoice, I will declare; God is my victory and He is here!

All of my life, in every season, You are still God. I have a reason to sing, I have a reason to worship!

-Desert Song


And if our God is for us, then who could ever stop us.
And if our God is with us, then what could stand against.
What could stand against?

-Our God by Chris Tomlin


oh these boys…


silly little spirits20130529-070414.jpg

occasionally sweet with each other, mostly rough and all boyish. lots and lots of wrestling and running and screaming and sword fighting and pirate playin’…

20130529-070542.jpgyou’d think the eldest beautiful boy, with model-like hair (seriously SO JEALOUS), would be the ring leader. the mastermind. while, sometimes that’s true… most cases, his little brother is the mastermind. the one who pushes the limits. Chaseyboy, though he can be mischievous at times, he is mostly a follow the rules kinda kid. he does argue an awful lot and want everything to be explained well ;) but he isn’t typically the rule breaker of the two.


yes indeed, this squishy little Shai is the most mischievous one. what he lacks in size (he’s pretty small for his age) he makes up for in dramatics and bravery.  he is truly MAJOR drama and fearless.20130529-070434.jpg


they are both joys and sunshines – they’ll brighten your spirit in a heartbeat!20130529-070455.jpg

also, models. I’m super bias but SERIOUSLY they are beautiful! ;)


and finally, my fave of the little mini iPhone photoshoot we did (while waiting for daddy after church last Sunday)


Beloved “Klo Klo”

kloeSummer 2010 a tiny little Morkie (Yorkie + Maltese) with cute, pointy little ears, entered our family. At the time, we were living with my grandparents. It was the same summer I was bedridden in my pregnancy with Eisley. My grandma named her Kloe and soon she was being called “Klo Klo” by 12-month-old Chaseyboy. She quickly became his best buddy, in fact during our 2 year stay in Fort Collins, she was his only friend. In fall 2010 my grandparents bought an even smaller Morkie named Ginger or “Gin Gin” according to Chase. The two pups brought so much joy and excitement to our lives, especially Chase’s! When we moved from my grandparents’s home into our own March of 2011, Chase was pretty dissapointed. He would wander the house calling out for “Klo Klo”, we even got him a stuffed animal puppy which he slept with for a while. We visited them often and each time since, Kloe and Chase run around the house, playing and wearing each other out.

KloeCollage_2Above: Chase’s first time meeting her and a two of him playing outside with her that fall 2010.KloeCollage_3KloeCollage_1April 16th we received a surprising call from my Grandma, telling us that Kloe had died. I have never in my life felt so emotional about an animal until that moment. Perhaps it was hearing my grandma cry as she shared or  my grandpa crying in the background or knowing that I had to tell Chaseyboy. It was all so quick too; Kloe had puppies just 3 weeks before. She had collapsed and by the time they took her in, they told my grandparents it was too late. She died of calcium deficiency and often there are no signs for it until it’s too late. They were devestated. Kloe and Ginger go everywhere with my grandparents… and I mean everywhere. Kloe was especially fond of my Grandparents; she was always the first into the car when she knew my Grandma was leaving or she would follow my Grandpa Willard around as though she was his shadow. At ball games, Kloe and Ginger would hop up into my Grandpa’s lap and fall asleep in his arms. Needless to say, she is dearly missed.

20130501-195751.jpg(Above: Chase and one of Kloe’s puppies)

Telling Chase was painful. I knew I needed to tell him because we were heading up to Fort Collins for a family garage sale we do, just one week after she passed away. I shared with him how Kloe had gotten sick and she passed away and went to be with Jesus (I don’t know if that is “correct” or right, but I sure hope she is!) His eyes actually filled with tears and he wiped them away embarrassed. I said, “It’s okay to cry, buddy…” and he responded with, “I’m not crying… water is falling out of my eyes!” I explained that it was tears and it was okay and natural to cry because he felt sad. We’ve had  A LOT of conversations about Kloe and her passing since. He brings it up often and most of the time ends with “Can we just not talk about this anymore?” Which is difficult and sad. I know it is his first real loss he has felt and I know his age also makes this difficult as well. He recently said to me, “Eisley and Klo Klo are with Jesus?” “Yes.” “But I don’t want her to be with Jesus!”  I didn’t really know what to say, but went with what I felt and said, “I don’t either, buddy.”



(Above: Klo Klo’s puppies)

After she passed away, my grandparents scrambled trying to figure out how to save her pups. Thankfully Kloe had given them a good start. My grandparents described that first week of teaching them to bottle feed as though they had 4 infants waking them 2-3 times a night for feedings and waking early again for more. Thankfully they were able to bottle feed and save Kloe’s puppies.


20130502-123117.jpg20130501-205226.jpg20130501-195833.jpg20130501-195751.jpg20130501-195715.jpgJust a little post to document a bit of our journey with Kloe and how she impacted our lives. We sure miss Klo Klo and are so very thankful for the time we had with her. Thankful for her little “friendship” with Chaseyboy and how she helped teach him to be kind and sweet to animals :)

And of course, we are so thankful for her little pups.(This little guy pictured above was my favourite and I was thrilled to hear a friend of ours had bought him! What a perfect fit! I would have kept this little guy if it weren’t for our landlord not allowing pets – barely allowed our fish! And the fact that we’ve got a pretty big move happening in our near future – how’s that for vague and secret ;) More “soon”… )20130515-132101.jpg

My grandma sent me this photo and shared that they are keeping this little guy. A little piece of Kloe. New adventures with Samson and two little boys await :)

Chaseyboy: swim & soccer lessons.

This year has already proven to mess with my momma-heart… my firstborn is growing up before my eyes. I mean, there is just no way that he is already the age to play sports and surely he isn’t going to be FOUR this summer?! It’s so true that you feel as though you’ve blinked and they grow up. My heart is both super proud and a bit emo as I post this blog about Chaseyboy and his first real interaction with sports!


Chase has always loved water. However, he HATES even a drop of water on his face. It makes for interesting bath times with a baby brother who loves to splash or when the time comes to wash his hair. With that being said, swim lessons was one we knew would be difficult for him, but also really challenge him. I was so proud of him, facing his fear -aquaphobia isn’t the right word –  what’s the name for a fear of water on your face only? ;)20130501-151240.jpg

He took a while to warm up but with each lesson (2x weekly) I watched him grow more and more comfortable. He even put the water up to his mouth which is a HUGE deal. His teacher was a sweetheart and was willing to work with him through his fear and discomfort. 20130424-203037.jpg

He didn’t actually pass his Tadpoles and does have to redo it, but we are SO proud of him! And also, kind of think it’s hilarious. He’s a quirky one, this boy! And will be doing swim lessons again this summer.


20130501-151332.jpgThe cute blur in the orange shorts is our cutie.


Now, SOCCER… is more this boy’s element than swimming was :)
20130501-151312.jpgYou can imagine how long this lasts… Shailo…sitting and watching, while brother plays and runs around :) We bring a few balls for Shailo to kick around while we wait. 20130501-151350.jpg20130501-151302.jpg

I found myself in a really interesting place as I watched him during his lessons. I don’t really have a competitive bone in my body, so I knew that part wouldn’t bother me when it came to my children and “competing” in sports, etc. However, I never expected this perfectionism to rise up in me when it came to my almost-4-year-old! I found myself, the first swim lesson, telling Chast afterwards that he did good BUT… this and this and this is what he needed to work on. As soon as the words came out of my mouth I felt horrible. So the next swim lesson we started a new thing and that was any time he felt nervous or uncomfortable and I could see that as he’d look up to find my eyes, I’d give him a thumbs up. It’s proven to be an AMAZING little gesture to help encourage him. It makes me tear up even now as I write this. He’s so precious…

A gift that I often take for granted. So very thankful for this quirky, sweet, cautious yet curious boy. He’s a true joy.

I am interested to see what sports/hobbies he will decide is for himself over the years.

We shall see!