Emotional Support

IMG_2362We have this beautiful ability to f e e l.
To have emotional responses which help us process whatever comes our way.
Here’s the thing though, even if we don’t acknowledge our emotions, or our stressors/anxieties, our body {still} has to process it and adapt to it.
Meaning our nervous system still has to acknowledge the stressors whether we acknowledge them or not.
Our brain is {constantly} analyzing everything we take in. Every single sensory input from smell, hearing, sight, tasting, etc – the body takes it in, analyzes it, and decides what is good or bad. If it goes to our brain and feels like it’s under attack it goes into flight or fight mode. We all react physically to stress differently – head tension, mood swings, overworked adrenals, discomfort throughout the body, digestive issues, etc.
The Limbic region in our brain – specifically the Amygdala – houses emotions and memories. It is responsible for how we experience emotions. Research has shown the Amygdala is activated through the sense of smell. Essential oils are small enough to pass through the blood barrier of the brain and activate the parts of the brain that are otherwise unreachable.
WHAT I LOVE – oils help to release stored emotions that may be negatively affecting your health. The Hippocampus plays an essential role in the formation of new memories of past experiences. I believe “renewing our minds” is so much deeper than we actually imagine. We can literally release, heal and recreate new pathways in our brains.

If you’ve experienced something traumatic in your life then you likely know, you can physically change due to the trauma – even if it wasn’t a physical trauma. Your body is affected overall- on a cellular level – physically from those things.

I diffuse this blue guy overnight due to this. I actually can’t diffuse it during the day – it WRECKS me (it’s good but painful- it helps but MY WORD) so I diffuse it overnight. I’m almost through it in just a few months.

I hope to use oils to help me in the future with things I feel God has put on my heart for years regarding people who’ve suffered horrific trauma. Counseling (processing) and Jesus and PLANTS guy! I get literal chills thinking about the effects of these things colliding. I know the effects personally and it brings me to tears. Go gift your mind/emotions this oil!

Have you “listened” to your body? What does stress do to you? What ways do you deal with stress? 



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