“Body in motion”

The song “Body in Motion” by John Mark McMillan about Newton’s First Law of Motion got Ted and I really talking today. It talks about when you’re headed in this one way, it would take an action or a force of energy to move you in another direction. What does it take for real change to occur? MOTION. Okay, maybe that seems so obvious but hear me out. But, how intentional are we? Every. thing. we. do. will either put us on a path of orientation or disorientation. img_1051

This got us thinking about our life, our journey and where we hope to be, too. But hoping doesn’t really get you far. It’s the DOING that does. Intentional living. Things that can seem overwhelming actually feel a lot less so when you apply this theory of motion. And instead of JUST thinking big picture, we narrow it down.

Recognizing that ONE tiny turn, one small step, can change your trajectory over time.

ONE little thing today. One thing this week, even though it may be tiny, it will make a difference 6 months or years from now.

For example, if you are wanting to run a 10k but you maybe haven’t ran in years. You’d start small and work your way up to 6.2 miles. Right? What if we did this with other areas in our lives? Start one small motion in the right direction.

If you’re wanting to eat better it could be as simple as picking the brain of a friend who you know eats well. Getting a handful of meal ideas from them and just starting small.

If you’re wanting to find more significance in your spiritual life, it could begin with spending small moments of time in your day reflecting on it.

If you don’t know how food affects you but you want to know, cut ONE area (i.e. dairy) out for a time and then reintroduce it.

If you’re wanting a degree (maybe even your Masters), taking ONE class a semester and working your way up.

If you’re wanting to begin a toxin-free journey, you could start reading labels and getting rid of one toxic thing at a time.

What if we JUST BEGAN. And we learned to celebrate the small acts that change the course. Learning to take joy in the small victories. And after a while, we look back and to see the ground which we’ve covered. And recognize how far we’ve actually come. Inspiring us to keep going, even one small change a day or a week or a month.

Our bodies, our minds get USED to the motions, to things that actually aren’t good for us. We may not be reacting negatively enough to notice we need the change. Or maybe our bodies/minds have actually hit a breaking point. Either way, it’s time to wake up. To be more intentional about the motions we ARE taking whether we recognize them or not.

I look back at a year ago and remember where we were. I now see how far we have come and while it hasn’t been easy or quick or all magical, IT HAS BEEN WORTH IT. Wellness is a journey that I’m finding doesn’t have to be so overwhelming.

One small change/step daily. Consistently.

Keep going, Friends.

One motion at a time, in the right direction, can drastically change your trajectory for the better.

(collaboration by Jami AND Ted this time ;))

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