“Unoffendable heart”

Unoffendable. Not really a word, but definitely should be. Feel through the offense, (work it out if you can), forgive and move on. I wonder what a world with “unoffendable hearts” would look like? Trying to raise my babies to understand this concept. Too many times I’ve allowed wounds to become bitterness. Instead of taking extra care, and letting it naturally heal. It’s almost like we constantly pick a scab. All consuming bitterness and lack of forgiveness can wound others but it actually deeply wounds those carrying them more. Even in the form of physical ailments!

Letting it go is so freeing for YOU, holding on is poison to your body.

P.S. “letting it go” doesn’t mean it makes what others have done to you right, it just means you’re no longer carrying that junk anymore! Perhaps one of the best places to start with #toxinfreeliving.

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